Why Get Fridge Magnets?

Fridge magnets (know more) are usually fanciful ornaments used to post items on the door of the fridge. These items could be shopping lists, to-do lists, children's art, and so on. Custom promotional DIY fridge magnets could be popular souvenirs that come in different shapes and sizes.request quote from zigpac

Furthermore, a promotional fridge magnet is a fridge magnet you can use to gain more exposure for your business. This functional promotional tool is an inexpensive giveaway that hardly gets thrown away. With these fridge magnets, you can enjoy free advertising for a long time.


Therefore, you can have simple, classic fridge magnets custom made for your business. In essence, an eye-catching promotional fridge magnet will make a great marketing tool.


Why Should You Get Promotional Fridge Magnets?

Every business seeks to enhance awareness and promote its services to generate sales. Therefore, of all the advertising tools, promotional fridge magnet is one of the most useful. So, here are some reasons why fridge magnets custom made will be great promotional items:


Many households use promotional fridge magnetsrequest quote from zigpac

It is a simple fact that most households own a fridge and make use of fridge magnets. With colorful and adorable fridge magnets, your fridge door will not look so dull and staid. People use them to stick up school timetables, emergency phone numbers, among others.


Hence, these fridge magnets have constant visibility that makes them effective marketing tools. Since constant visibility impacts the subconscious mind, these magnets are ideal tools. They can increase people's familiarity with your product and offer free advertising.


They are easy to distribute

The average fridge magnets custom size is portable and small. You can easily carry them around to hand them over to your targeted audience. This saves logistics cost as you do not need special means of transportation.


Mailing them out is also easy because they are lightweight and portable in nature.

promotional fridge magnet

Your contact details will be on display all the time

You can use these magnets to display your contact information in a way that is very visible. This non-intrusive form of advertising could make people more interested in your brand. More so, people will not have to rummage through bags or drawers in search of your business details.


Promotional fridge magnets offer a low cost for advertising for each impression

In marketing, fridge magnets offer very low advertising cost for each impression. Furthermore, averagely, a person can open a fridge up to 10 times a day. Therefore, this low budget marketing tool is great for small businesses.request quote from zigpac


They are functional, durable, and very visible

Fridge magnets are very functional, highly visible promotional items. They can serve as fridge decorations or they can help to hold notes in place. The service lifespan of these magnets is longer since they do not get damaged easily.


Promotional fridge magnets offer more options for customization

One of the major advantages of using promotional fridge magnet is easy customization. Since every business has its unique logo, colors, and designs, you can design yours to stand out from the rest. There are adorable business card magnets and other designs that will show off your brand.


There is a wide assortment of shapes your fridge magnet can come in, instead of the conventional ones. You may use starts, telephones, hearts, houses, and other creative shapes. These shapes will make your magnet stand out even on a crowded fridge door.

fridge magnets custom

DIY Promotional Fridge Magnets


A promotional fridge magnet is an easy and fun item to make. As, with a magnet and a little glue, you can have your simple fridge magnets DIY. In addition, small business owners can include their business name and contact details on them.


Here are the few steps you can take to make your fridge magnets DIY.request quote from zigpac


Materials Needed:


  • A small object with a flat back
  • A small print-out of your business name and contact information
  • A round button magnet
  • Hot glue (you may also use industrial-strength glue)



Look for a small object that has a flat back

This object should be lightweight and between an inch or two in size. There are a couple of objects you can use, such as:

  • small stones
  • brooches
  • small-sized plastic animals
  • big rhinestones
  • embellishments for scrapbooks
  • plastic business logo

fridge magnets diy

Get a magnet that will fit the chosen object

Do not use a big magnet that is visible from the back of your object. You can resize a magnet into a small round button. You could also cut out a small rectangle from a thin sheet of the magnet.


  • Thicker the promotional fridge magnet, the stronger the magnetic force. This means that flat magnets gotten from the magnetic sheet are weaker than thicker ones. These weaker magnets are more appropriate for lighter objects.
  • Larger objects can use two small button magnets glued together to the back. Also, you will have to place one magnet at the top, and the other at the bottom.


You may want to clean the object's back with rubbing alcohol.

  • Glue does not stick well to dirty objects. So, to ensure that your object is clean, get it cleaned. Then, soak a ball of cotton in rubbing alcohol, and use this cotton to wipe the object's back.request quote from zigpac


Coat the magnet's top surface with glue.

  • Firstly, you may use hot glue for items made of wood, paper, lightweight plastic, and even foam.
  • For heavier objects, use industrial-strength glue. They are also suitable for objects made of plastic, glass, or metal.
  • Also, use a swirl of glue on magnets that come with sticky backs. This is because the adhesives used on these magnets are not durable or long-lasting.

fridge magnets diy

Press down the back of the object into the glue.

  • If you press it down too firmly, the glue may gush out and mess the surface up. Press it firm enough so the item sticks well to the glue.


Allow the glue to set before using your magnet.request quote from zigpac

  • It takes a couple of minutes for hot glue to set.
  • So, you may want to check the label of the industrial-strength glue to know the time required for drying and curing.
  • You can use your promotional fridge magnets DIY as soon as they are completely dry.