Xmas Gift Ideas: Ways to Go About Gifting this Holidays

Experts reiterate that holiday gift packaging is more important that picking out the right gift. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, rather, you should ask yourself the question, what does poor packaging do to me? As you figure out your Xmas gift ideas and plan gifting for holidays, plan for the packaging too. In this post, we will show you why packaging is important and share a few packaging ideas with you.holiday gift packaging

Xmas gift ideas to try out this holiday

If you have picked out the perfect gift, we give you kudos, it’s a herculean task. However, there is something more to make gifting for holidays perfect. Do you know what that is? 

Exactly, holiday gift packaging. Many people take this for granted and focus more on Xmas gift ideas instead. Later on, the process fails and they wonder why, it is simple, poor packaging.

There is a way the packaging keeps the giftee in oblivion and builds up the excitement. It infuses the receiver with an extra dose of curiosity which makes the gift even more appreciated. 

It is always important to employ some extra fanfare when giving out gifts. There is an extra fun that accompanies the revealing of the contents of the package. At the end of the day, you will be putting together a memory that will last a lifetime.

Let’s take a look at some amazing gift packaging ideas to help you out this Christmas.

  • Deliver your idea of a perfect Xmas gift through an unexpected person

The truth is that there is a huge chance the recipient of your gift is already expecting something from you. After all, it is Christmas, a time to send out gifts. Despite the logical conclusion of your receiver, you can create a bit of confusion or diversion if you like.holiday gift packaging

The whole aim is to create a pleasant surprise that will make your recipient appreciate the gift more. Your best bet is a person the recipient wouldn’t suspect would be the carrier of a gift. You could pick a child, your child would work, or a pet that has proven to be obedient.

Another probable option would be one of your neighbors who is able to feign being lost with your mail. The idea is for the bearer of the gift to approach the recipient holding the gift in his or her hand. There is no need for too much talk, a simple “this is yours” will do.

Since the receiver is not ready to receive such a gift from that source, some of the curiosity is born. Add a little note inside the holiday gift packaging so they know who it is from in the end. Watch how one of your simple Xmas gift ideas becomes a huge surprise and success.

  • Fake-out packaging

A little amount of deceit wouldn’t hurt as you plan gifting for holidays. Being subtle and mischievous is not a crime, instead, it adds some spice to your gift. This is a very good option if all your previous attempts at surprising others have been failures.

You can begin by creating an impression of disappointment, in fact, you could even lead your recipient to outrage. It is all part of your meticulous plan to switch up your gifting game. 

Begin by placing a simple non-exciting item into an empty box (know more). Don’t even wrap it so it doesn’t look like you put in any effort. You are probably going to get a response like “didn’t expect you’d get this useless gift.”

Of course, that’s the reaction you are gunning for so you shouldn’t be scared. You can either place the real gift within that box or have a few gift boxes wholesale and put the real gift in one. This is the perfect Trojan horse gift method so it is important you play your charades like a pro.

Xmas gift ideas

  • Try out the idea of a scavenger hunt for a corporate gift

With this method of holiday gift packaging, there’s some extra work to be done. It works well anytime, whether in a group at a party or with your spouse. All you are doing is inviting the recipient to do some work leading them to the treasure.

It should be fun, especially if the person enjoys playing scavenger hunt. You would have decided on which of your Xmas gift ideas you are going with. Place the gift at a vintage location and write up a set of clues.

Envelope each clue and put the first clue in the hand of the recipient of the gift. Oh, how gifting for holidays could be fun with this idea. The person now has to follow the clues one after the other patiently until they finally get the gift.

Xmas gift ideas

  • Unexpected discovery

How do you feel when you stumble on something you weren’t even looking for? Great, right? Exactly why this is one of the best ways to package your gifts this Christmas. 

The gift doesn’t have to be wrapped. You can simply place it in a location you are sure the individual would pass by that day. Put your writing skills to work by adding a simple note by the side.

This method works better when you can fit the gift into the recipient’s regular routine. They wouldn’t know what’s coming. You also have to be careful not to conceal the gift too much because they aren’t even looking for it. 

Xmas gift ideas

  • Make use of your favorite place

If you plan to present a Xmas gift to your spouse or a very close friend, a good idea would be to try using your favorite place? What is that location that you both consider special to your relationship? This sort of location bears a lot of meaning to your relationship.

It will be great to add a bit of memory to that special place by presenting your gift here. You may have the gift hidden there before you both arrive or carry it with you.

The idea is to ensure that the gift is concealed until the appropriate time to present it. These sorts of gifts create long-lasting memories.

Conclusionholiday gift packaging

We are sure that your idea of holiday gift packaging has been altered. It is good to switch up your style as you package your Xmas gift ideas. Gifting for holidays this Christmas should be more fun with these ideas. If you have any demand for custom gift packaging, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.