Your Guide to the Best Promotional Items 2020

Each year, we are hit with new trends for just about anything, including promotional items (know more). It means that you need to be abreast of information about the best promotional items 2020. If you are, then it places you in a pole position to attract more clients, especially at trade shows and conferences.

So the question is, what are the top promotional items for 2020? In this post, we have put together a list of the best conference giveaways to help you this New Year.

Promotional Gift Ideas for 2020

Truth be told, there are so many corporate gift items you can hand out to your clients this year. The choice of items depends on what kind of customers you have, your business objectives, and your budget. You can go through our list to pick the items you think will suffice for your promotions this year.request quote from zigpac

Reusable Straws

Once upon a time, all the straws were made from plastic. However, with the fight against the use of plastic products straws have suddenly become very important. Plastic is dangerous to our environment and every product made from plastic is going into extinction.

Today, we have reusable straws made from different materials. From silicone to paper and stainless steel, these new straws are becoming very popular. This is why we put them on our list of best promotional items 2020.

You can make use of these straws to show your solidarity with the drive to save our environment. If you run a restaurant or a food-related business, this is one of the top promotional items for you. This will help to breed loyalty among your customers.

best promotional gift items 2020

Eco-friendly products

Asides reusable straws, there are so many other eco-friendly products. Simply because of the drive to save our environment, eco-friendly products are among the best conference giveaways for the year.

These products are focused on giving us a better environment which is what we all want. When you make use of these products, it shows that you care about the environment. You can check online for eco-friendly products that you can afford.request quote from zigpac

Marble-patterned products

Another idea that seems to be very popular these days is products designed with marble patterns. You will see these products almost everywhere you turn. At supermarkets, retail stores, online stores, etc.

This pattern is on almost every product, from bags to phone cases and wristwatch bands. Other products include pens, notepads, water bottles, phone wallets, and tumblers. You can check a catalog of products to decide on which marble-patterned products you want to invest in.

best promotional gift items 2020

Products made from cork

Let’s face the fact, products made from cork are becoming increasingly popular by the day. You can choose between products that are made from cork completely or those with cork accents. The choice lies in your hands.

You are probably wondering why we are suggesting cork since it is from trees. Well, here’s the gist. To get cork, you don’t have to fell trees, you only need to scrape the bark of an oak tree. This part of the tree grows very quickly so there really isn’t any negative impact on vegetation.

In fact, what you are doing is perfect eco-friendly practice. Besides this, it is a great way to promote your brand and its objectives. So many products today are made from cork including tote bags, tumblers, coffee mugs, hats, and journals.

best conference giveaways


We cannot talk about the best promotional items 2020 without mentioning stickers. If you are a staunch follower of top promotional items trends, you will agree that stickers are very popular. These items have been on the hot list of promotional items for several years.

The secret behind the popularity of these items is that you can use them on just about any surface. From water bottles to laptops, they are the perfect representation of your brand. Another reason why stickers are among the best conference giveaways is customization.

It is very easy to customize stickers and add a personal, inspirational, or funny message. It all depends on how creative you are.

best conference giveaways

Wireless phone chargers

More and more, we seem to not be able to do without our phones. As a result of this, people keep looking for better ways to charge these mobile devices. Wireless chargers are becoming increasingly popular these days. This is probably because no wires are involved, saving you the stress of the clutter of wires.

Even though wireless charging is slower than regular charging, the absence of wires makes them a great option. There are certain chargers that can charge more than one device at a time. When you hand this to your customers, they will love you all the more.

best conference giveaways

Products made from leather

There are tons of products made from leather on the market you can pick as promotional gifts. You also have a variety of leather to choose from. Examples include vegan leather, faux leather, PU leather, etc. However, none of these can compare to original leather.

Customers are constantly in search of quality. Since anything worth doing is worth doing well, your gifts must be of top-quality as well. One of the perks of leather is that it ages well like fine wine. 

There are several items to choose from such as koozies, key straps, cord organizers, and luggage tags. You don’t have to break the bank to get something of quality. Simply draw up a budget and work with your budget.

Campfire mugs

For a couple of years now, campfire mugs have grown in popularity as promotional gifts. As a matter of fact, many of the manufacturers of these items haven’t been able to match the demand.

This tells you that they are among the best conference giveaways on the planet today. You can make use of these items whether your conference is indoors or outdoors. Make use of retro designs to add a touch of nostalgia to your gifts.

best promotional gift items 2020


We could go on and on with the best promotional items 2020. What other top promotional items do you know? Share them with Zigpac in the comments section.request quote from zigpac