All You Need to Know to Buy the Best Custom KeyChain

Before you buy a keychain it is important that you learn a few things. For example, you need to know how to get the best custom keychains on the market.

When you gain this knowledge, it becomes easier to order wholesale personal keychain to represent your brand. In this post, we will provide you all of this information and lots more.wholesale personal keychain

Our Keychain Buying Guide

Keychains (know more) are among the most-overlooked accessories existing today. This is probably because they are small in size but when you consider their function, you know they are important. A keychain goes beyond being a fashion accessory, it performs quite a number of functions.

It is quite difficult to buy a keychain considering the number of fancy keychains we have on the market. However, you can pick out the best custom keychains by following the guide in this post. Before we show you factors to look out for before ordering a wholesale personal keychain, here are some details.

What is a keychain?

From the name, you should be able to guess what a keychain is. It is a simple small chain created for the purpose of holding keys. These chains can be made from metal or plastic so you have the opportunity to decide which one you want. 

For many people, the best keychain you can buy is one that is big enough for easy access to keys. The original purpose of keychains was to allow users to have easier access to keys. Also, it was to ensure that people didn’t lose their keys easily. 

Over the years, we have seen these small items become very important fashion accessories. 

Why invest in a good keychain?

If you are caught between buying a keychain or not, this is one question you really want to answer. Why should you buy a keychain? Not just any keychain, but a good keychain. 

The first thing is to be sure what a good keychain is. There are so many keychains that claim to be the best custom keychains. However, we will define a good keychain as one that provides you with additional functions beyond holding keys.

If you are ready to search, it isn’t so difficult to find a quality wholesale personal keychain. The market is filled with a plethora of sizes, materials, colors, and styles of keychains. Then you can look out for those that provide you several extra functions.

Some of these include keychains with flashlights, USB drives, knives, or a combination of functions. These keychains are really useful and save you the stress of carrying too many items with you. wholesale personal keychain

Choosing the right keychain

We cannot really label a particular brand of the keychain as the best on the market. Choosing the best is totally up to an individual’s preferences. This is why you need to ask yourself this question, what I need a keychain for, before buying one.

As you ponder on that, we have put together a few factors to help you narrow down your choices. Check out the factors below:

Fashion or function

The obvious function of a keychain is ensuring that your keys are secure and you have quick access to them. That’s great so if you want a simple keychain, you can simply buy one that performs this sole function. 

These days, keychains have evolved, not just in style, style, and colors. They have evolved in function as well. Nowadays, your keychain can double as a USB drive, bottle opener, pocket knife, or flashlight. Depending on which of these functions is important for you, you can buy a keychain with special functions.

On the other hand, not everyone buys a keychain for function some people buy them for fashion purposes. Truth be told, the styles and colors of keychains these days give you a variety of options to match your style. 

With this, you will agree with us that the decision on the best custom keychains is completely up to you. If it suits your purposes in terms of function or fashion, then it is the best for you.

Keychain size

Whether you choose a wholesale personal keychain for fashion or function, you must consider its size. If it is too big or too small, then it is likely not to satisfy the purpose for which you made the investment. 

It is imperative that you spend a bit of time checking the size of the keychain you want to buy. You have to be double sure whether the size of the keychain suits your purposes. 

If you have thick keys or a large number of keys, you should get a big keychain. This will ensure that your keys are secure in one place. It will also ensure that you have quick access to your keys.

On the other hand, if you have maybe one or two keys, a keychain with a small ring will suffice. 


Thinking about the theme of your keychain is one of the best ways to narrow down your options. If you are a lover of sports, then it is only logical to pick a keychain with that theme. You can even pick one that represents your favorite team.

There are so many themes to pick from. Just like it is with the other factors, finding the best custom keychains in this regard is up to you.wholesale personal keychain

Types of keychains

There are so many types of keychains on the market. In this section, we will discuss the most popular types:

Traditional keychain

This type of keychain is basic in design as it consists of a simple ring that holds your keys together. In some cases, some keychains feature more than one keyring. 

Carabiner keychain

These were designed originally to hold mountain climbing gear. Today, they have become more popular as keychains. Due to the original design, the keychain comes with a separate keyring. This keyring is where you place your keys.

You can attach carabiner keychains to lanyards, belt loops, and bags. 


With these tips, you should find it easier to buy a keychain. If you have any questions about buying a wholesale custom key chains, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.