Guide to Design Promotional Notes

custom branded notebooks

Is there any specific recipe for designing custom branded notebooks (know more) for promoting your business? The answer is a resounding NO. Every business has its own formula for designing these custom printed notebooks. If this is your first time designing your own custom printed notebooks, we want...

Using Notebooks for Business

mini pocket notebook

One aspect of our lives that are becoming extinct is the mini pocket notebook (know more). They seem to be old school yet they bear so much importance. If you know how to carry a pocket notebook or use it, your whole life could change for good. If you can learn how to use a notebook effectively then...

All About Plastic Bags

garbage bag

When you buy things at a grocery store, you are asked to choose between paper and plastic grocery bags (know more). This is a regular occurrence at the counter and most people tend to prefer wholesale reusable plastic bags. This is because these wholesale plastic bags come with several advantages, o...

Creating Stickers for Your Business

cool stickers for laptop

One of the fastest, cheapest, and most versatile ways to advertise your business is through cheap custom stickers (know more). You must have seen these custom vinyl stickers on almost everything. From cars to doors to other household products. Did you know you can get these custom stickers online? I...

Preparing a Notebook for Work


If you run an office and find it difficult to organize your work, you should try using custom notebooks (know more). You are bound to receive some of these cheap printed custom notebooks when you attend conferences. They are great promotional items but beyond that, these cheap printed notebooks are ...

The Pros of Canvas Tote Bags for Promotions

branded tote bags

One of the most popular vehicles for business promotions these days is wholesale canvas tote bags (know more). These bulk tote bags are not just trendy, they are functional. Added to these qualities, you can use wholesale tote bags to show that your business is eco-friendly. In this post, we want to...

Things to Consider for a Packaging Bag

bulk paper bags

It important for a company to have designed the perfect bulk paper reusable bag. As important as this is, the quality of the branded packaging bag (know more) is even more important. You don’t want a situation that the seemingly quality bags will fail at the first time of asking. For this reason, yo...

How to Market With Gift Boxes for Clients

gift box ideas

It is safe to say that gift box advertising is a resurrection of an old practice. Remember seeing your grand mum’s old wooden box  (know more) that played home to lots of items? Well, these promotional gift boxes ideas are back and they are taking the business world by storm. These boxes come with a...

Business Options in Printed Tote Bags

promotional eco bags

One item that has made its way into almost every home, car, or office these days is printed tote bags (know more). These branded tote bags seem to be everywhere carrying different things. Asides being the ideal idea for eco-friendly individuals, promotional eco bags are perfect for saving money. To ...

Different Types of Brand That Need Promotional Items

brand promotional items

For us to effectively discuss promotional brand management (know more), we need to know what branding is. Finding the meaning of branding is not rocket science, it is all over the internet.  Where the question lies is what brands require these branding marketing items? We will consider the different...

10 Tips for Buying Promotion Gifts

purchase promotional merchandise

We all know what promotional branded merchandise gifts are and what they are used for. As a matter of fact, if you take a look at your belongings you should find some promotional gift merchandise (know more). Purchase promotional merchandise comes with specific messages representing a brand or produ...

Sustainable Branding & Keeping the Environment Safe

buy plastic carrier bags

Branding your products is a way of communicating several important details about your business. This is why you need to seek great green branding examples. The world is experiencing a green revolution and you have to show that your business is in support. How important are sustainable branding &...

Cool Custom Tote Bag Ideas


Don’t we all just love our cool tote bags (know more)? These bags are perfect to carry anything you want. From books to food, these custom wholesale bags are so versatile.  Since they are so useful, how can you channel them to boosting your publicity campaign? Here are some amazing tote bag ideas. C...

Distributing Your Custom Plastic Bags

buy plastic carrier bags

The importance of custom plastic bags cannot be overemphasized. It has never been a question of how effective these plastic grocery bags (know more) are. Rather, what everyone wants to know is how to distribute these wholesale bulk bags. In this post, we will take a look at how you can distribute yo...

Why Companies Make Use of Stickers for Marketing Strategy

cheap custom stickers4

Many top companies have made use of sticker marketing strategy or review campaign for so many decades. As a matter of fact, when you compare them to many other strategies, they are old school. So why should you use successful sticker business campaigns? We will be going through a few reasons in this...

Corporate Promotional Products Effect on Brand Recognition

corporate promotional products

One of the most profound methods of boosting your business image is through corporate promotional products (know more). With branded promotional merchandise, you can achieve loads of impressions on your marketing campaigns. This is why the internet has provided us several ways to check the effective...

Eco-Friendly Promo Gifts for Your Business

cheap promotional items

One way to show that your business cares about the environment is giving green promotional products. You are able to achieve two things when you giveaway these eco-friendly promo gifts (know more). First, you show that you have a heart for your clients and prospects. Second, you express an effort to...

How to Create the Perfect Brand Bag

plastic bag design

As an entrepreneur, one of the things always on your mind is selling your brand. One way to achieve this is by using an attractive plastic bag design. These bags (know more) are very important to our everyday lives.  You might not know it yet but great shopping poly bag design ideas will help sell y...

The Ultimate Notebooks Guide

luxury leather notebooks

It doesn’t take being a student to own and use a notebook (know more). Today, many professionals use different types of luxury leather notebooks or guide to notebooks for everyday use whether it is to jot down their thoughts or take notes on their latest business meeting. Having a journal near...

Plastic Bags Pollution Prevention: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

shopping bags supply

Plastic bags pollution (know more) is increasing with each passing year. Estimates show that the average 4-person family uses up to 60 plastic bags for every four trips they make to the grocery store. While that may seem like nothing, because these individuals do not know how to reduce plastic bags ...

Product Packaging Design to Improve Brand Awareness

product packaging design (1)

A lot of things go into the creation of a brand name. Therefore, businesses can no longer get away with substandard products and their product package branding (know more). As a result, more companies are becoming conscious of their product packaging design. To improve brand awareness with packaging...

30 Fun Ways to Use a Notebook

ways to use custom printed notepads

Having brand-new custom printed notepads is one of the most exciting feelings you can experience. With a small spiral notebook, there is so much potential at your disposal, it can become intimidating for people who aren’t used to it. From the feeling of the front cover of a notebook to the very smel...

Custom cheap canvas tote bags

custom canvas tote bags

Tote bags (know more) are large bags that come with parallel handles emerging from both sides of the pocket. Also, these bags can be used repeatedly and have fast replaced plastic bags. Custom cheap canvas shipping Tote bags can be made with a lot of fabrics like jute, nylon, cotton, and canvas. ...

Cheap paper gift bags wholesale

kraft paper bags

Cheap paper gift bags (know more) have been a popular wholesale item for bagging since their development in 1852. It is the favorite choice for shoppers and grocers due to their durability and environmental friendliness. Since their humble beginnings, these bags have continuously increased in durabi...

How to Get into Key Chain Collecting

custom key chains

Custom key chains (know more) are small chains that are usually made using plastic or metal. The main work of a key chain is to connect small items to a cool custom key chains holder. If your cool key chain is long, it will be easier to use the item, instead of connecting directly to the key ring. C...

Laminated Packaging Bag’s Perfect Using At Conferences

gift bag design

All year round, conferences are held in different parts of the world. One thing you will notice at such events is a laminated packaging bag.  Every conference is an opportunity for business if you can take advantage. Online packaging gift bag designs can be a way to take advantage of these opportuni...

How to Preserve a Notebook

notebooks for work

Up there among the greatest inventions of all time are a writer’s spiral notebooks. No matter how sophisticated the world becomes, most people still want to keep exercise books. All the great inventors had notebooks and it is obvious that they help to organize our lives. This is why many entrepreneu...

Corporate Events Goodie Bags for Your Branding

gift bag organizer

You may be asking yourself, “How can using Corporate events goodie bags help build the brand of my company?” Goodie bags (know more) aren’t just for birthday parties or weddings. Corporate goodie bags have their place in the business world too. Not only is it a great way to help engage those ...

Notebook Set Personalization: 4 Ways to Achieve It


Hello there, lovers of art! We understand the weight of importance notebook sets have in our lives. As a matter of fact, they can be regarded as that one staple you must-have regardless of the stage of life you find yourself. From being a toddler, adolescent to an adult, every journal or notebook yo...

Brand Stickers Used to Boost Local Business

car stickers

Brand stickers (know more) are one of the most underrated strategies that business owners tend to forget. On the other hand, marketers and branding experts have long been researching the power of brands. One essential thing business owners must do build a positive brand image that is easy to remembe...

Best ECommerce Packaging: How to Boost Customer Patronage

boost customer patronage

The ultimate goal of an online business is making money. Every type of business strives for the best eCommerce packaging or gift box ideas  (know more) for income increase and boost customer patronage. However, in eCommerce, the goal slightly shifts from just making money. The goal is to incr...

Designing a Fridge Calendar


There are a lot of things with different levels of importance you can place on the door of your fridge. Firstly, one of the most useful of these is the dry erase monthly magnetic fridge calendar in 2019. This calendar offers a lot of uses to different families and is almost indispensable to the prop...

How to Wrap a Gift

gift wrapping tutorial

It is not uncommon to find people searching for a gift wrapping tutorial online. As you know, finding the perfect gift is very different from packaging it well. Wrapping gift box is just as important as sharing the perfect gift. This is why we will be teaching you gift box packaging in this post. Th...

17 Unique Ways to Use Storage Bags

storage vacuum bags

There are several ways to use plastic storage vacuum bags (know more) asides packing clothes alone. The only way to discover these most times is to experiment with Ziploc bag crafts. When you do, you’ll figure out new ways to use plastic storage bags. We have done a bit of that and in this post, we ...

The Power of Keeping a Notebook


One cannot overemphasize the importance of expressing your thoughts and ideas. In your custom personalized notebook for the organization that you can record random observations and descriptions. There is power in keeping a notebook, regardless of who you are. As a company CEO, a student, a consultan...

Best Material for Shopping Bags

plastic carrier bags

If you are an ardent shopper, then you’ll prefer getting your shopping bags bulk. Due to the amount of wear and tear these bags go through, you need to figure which is the best. This will help you figure out why you should use recycled PET bags and reusable shopping bags. Which material is better? T...

Best liquid pouch with spout suppliers

spout pouch

Liquid pouch with spout suppliers is a kind of recent packaging with so many features that will benefit both production companies and customers. These pouches are superior to most packaging types. That is, in design, cost, environmental friendliness, flexibility. Also in durability, protectiveness, ...

Why Get Fridge Magnets?

promotional fridge magnet

Fridge magnets (know more) are usually fanciful ornaments used to post items on the door of the fridge. These items could be shopping lists, to-do lists, children’s art, and so on. Custom promotional DIY fridge magnets could be popular souvenirs that come in different shapes and sizes. Further...

Recipe to Create the Perfect Gift

cheap promotional items

These days, most businesses are looking to create custom promotional items. Why wouldn’t they considering how big the industry is. If you run a business, it is important that you seek the best cheap promotional gift items. In this post, we will consider the recipe for creating the best promotional g...

How to Re-purpose Old Calendars

wall and desk calendar

You must have had that wall and desk calendar (know more) that is outdated for a while now. Rather than leave it hanging, using up valuable space, or thrown away, that cute printable wall calendar can be recycled. There are several ways you can recycle that calendar printable. We will discuss a few ...

Organizing a Notebook for Work


Is a cute spiral paper edition notebook one of your major instruments for taking notes and planning projects in your workplace? Have you been in search of better ways to quickly organize information with ease? We intend to show how you can organize notebooks for work. The importance of paper edition...

How to Organize Gift Bags for Storage

gift bag organizer

Giving out gifts in gift bags makes your gift look even better. Gift bags can really be the expensive reason why you wouldn’t want to dispose of a bag that is still good. Gift or wrapping bag storage ideas (know more) can be elusive sometimes, so getting a gift bag organizer becomes a necessity. In ...

Why Book Printing Will Never Die

printed books

There has been a resurgence of printed books (know more) in recent years. At a time when everything is switching to digital, we still have people who love their custom book printing. The act of holding a book in your hand and flipping the pages remains unmatched by e-books.   The number of peop...

Top Promotional Gift Ideas to Have


To successfully promote your business, you need quality brand recognition strategies. There are many creative promotional product ideas (know more) you can use to make your brand stand out. With the best-branded gifts, your brand can get the attention it so deserves. Giving creative promotional prod...

Custom cool laptop stickers

laptop stickers

Laptops are undoubtedly one of the items that people cover the most with stickers. This is apart from the manufacturer’s stickers that come with the laptop like warranty seals and activation code stickers. A lot of people use custom cool laptop stickers as a way of personalizing their laptops. &nbsp...

Custom waterproof cool car stickers

custom car stickers

Car advertising using car stickers is seen as one of the most affordable and easiest ways of promoting a business. If you strategically use your custom cool car stickers, hundreds of people will see it in an hour. You can choose from the many styles of weather-resistant custom car stickers available...

Promotional Custom Stickers for Branding

custom vinyl stickers cheap

Brand promotion is designed to inform, move, pull, and remind customers to buy the goods advertised. For cheap custom vinyl stickers for cars, brand PR is a great way of knowing the products belonging to a particular seller. It is necessary for separating a particular product from rival products. &n...

Using Cool Laptop Stickers In Branding

cheap cool stickers

Just like their name implies, cheap cool stickers make your laptop look really cool. They add beauty to the surface of your laptop in the most adorable manner. You can personalize your laptop surface with these cool stickers for laptop. Let’s not forget how durable these cheap cool stickers are. Als...

Installing custom jeep stickers

jeep stickers

It can be challenging if you have no idea about how to install custom jeep stickers. Once you understand what to do, it becomes a walk in the park. In this post, we will discuss how you can install custom jeep stickers from Zigpac. Furthermore, at the end of this, you should be able to install your ...

Protective Laptop Branding Stickers

cute stickers for laptop

One of the best ways to make your laptop look attractive is by covering it with cheap cute stickers. These cute stickers for laptop are usually durable and make it easy to customize your laptop. Most people would rather go for cheap cute stickers because they want to change them frequently. Here’s a...

Making a Phone Case with Stickers

cute aesthetic stickers

There is a new rave about aesthetic clear phone cases. Did you know you could make yours at home by using cute printable aesthetic stickers? We will show you how in this tutorial post. The process of using aesthetic stickers Making your phone case using aesthetic stickers printable should be pretty ...

Using Skateboard Stickers for Business

skateboard stickers1

Skateboards are not left out of the quest by companies to create a lasting impression. This innovative and very cost-effective means of advertisement will attract attention. Branding of skateboards with stickers (know more) is a new way of brand endorsement. You can place as few as 3 cheap stickers ...

Branding With Water Bottle Stickers

custom water bottle stickers

Business owners have to come up with creative ways to promote their business. In-person contact is important as it helps you come face-to-face with potential customers. Hence, one sure way to remain in their memory is through giveaways like custom vinyl water bottle stickers.   In addition, cus...

Pros of Using Laptop Stickers in Advertising

stickers for laptops

Stickers have become part of many students’ culture. They are a good way of breaking down barriers and learning fun things about strangers. Custom vinyl stickers for laptops are vinyl-based self-adhesive stickers (know more). Any business can take advantage of this trend to reach out to prospective ...

Personalized Stickers as Tools for Business Marketing

personalized stickers cheap

Custom personalized stickers are one of the most underused tools for business promotion.  In addition, they appear to be a cheap way of advertising products without cheapening your brand. Investing in cheap personalized stickers can do a lot of god for your brand. Personalized stickers come in diffe...

Using Custom Stickers to Market

custom stickers cheap online

Custom stickers are a solid choice for people looking to reach a large audience. This simple but effective tool also helps in improving product awareness. It is a guarantee that investing a small amount in order online custom stickers cheap will boost sales. Generally, stickers (know more) generate ...

Eco-solvent Vinyl Die Cut Sticker Printing

custom sticker printing

Stickers (know more) are ultimately the best print products for labeling as well as fun branding projects. With the right online custom sticker printing services, you can create vinyl die-cut stickers in different shapes and sizes. These stickers can be stuck on car windows, skateboards, laptops, he...

Why Get Funny Car Stickers?

funny stickers

We all can use something funny in our lives. What better way to make it easier for your customers to use your stickers than by using funny stickers for cars? Companies can use funny stickers decals to promote their brand to attract customers.   Decals for cars are a very good way to brand your ...

Car Decals Use in Organizing Your Car Dealership

vinyl car decals

Car dealerships can be really disorganized which is a serious headache for owners. Custom car vinyl decals can be the answer to your organization problems. It is not uncommon to see desktops littered with papers, overloaded bookshelves, and unarranged boxes on floors. With this kind of clutter, your...

Should You Go for Die Cut Vinyl Stickers?

custom die cut vinyl car stickers

There is really no need to define custom made die cut vinyl car stickers. You probably have an idea of what they are because they have gained a lot of popularity these days. Regardless of what you want to achieve, you can make do with these stickers. Our favorite fact about these stickers is ...

The Making of Epoxy Logo Stickers

epoxy logo stickers

Square clear epoxy logo resin sticker (know more) is a type of resin that is superior to all other resins because it barely shrinks while curing. Also, it has so many uses industrially because it has more mechanical properties than other resin types. But, compared to other kinds of resins, they poss...

Making Canvas Drawstring Bags

how to make a drawstring bag

Zigpac is a manufacturer of a lot of products, among which is the drawstring bag. Also, different types of materials are used by Zigpac in making drawstring bags, among which are canvas (know more), cotton, tote, and polyester. Another important thing of note is that Canvas drawstring tote bags are ...

FAQs About Cotton Candy Bags

cotton candy bags bulk

Cotton candy (know more) also called fairy floss, spun sugar or spider webs comprise of sugar confectionery that is light and fluffy. Also, it looks like cotton wool and is popular at amusement parks, carnivals, and birthday parties in individual bags of cotton candy. Moreover, its fibrous texture m...

Custom Puffy Sticker Manufacturers Buying Guide

puffy stickers wholesale

Puffy stickers are very fascinating stickers that often have a puffed-up, dome-like appearance. Making your own set can be quite easy once you have custom puffy stickers manufacturers. Heart puffy sticker makers are machines used for creating stickers that are either plain or decorated. Puffy...

Creating Stickers with a Puffy Sticker Maker

puffy sticker maker

All You Need to Know Before Making a Puffy Sticker A puffy sticker maker, also called domed decal manufacture, is a sticker that puffs up attractively when placed on a surface. And it has a crystal-clear view and can be carved into different shapes and styles using an emoji puffy sticker she...

10 Reasons to Get Canvas Bags

canvas tote bags wholesale

Canvas tote bags are large reusable bags made with canvas material and are often left unfastened. These wholesale bulk canvas tote bags (know more) have parallel handles and side pouches in most cases. Also, the versatility and affordability of the wholesale canvas tote bags China have made them qui...

Box Packaging Material to Inspire Your Next Product Marketing


The packaging is one of the most important aspects of marketing, which is why most businesses like yours take box packaging material types seriously. Cast your mind back to how you feel when you see an iPhone pack, you couldn’t help stopping for a moment right? That is what good but not big cardboar...

How to Make a Notebook

school notebook ideas

Everybody uses or buys a cheap custom composition notebook at some point in life. This writing tool has been around for a very long time and is still very loved by all age groups. These stock-bound books, which traditionally come with a black and white cover and horizontally lined sheets, som...

Magnetic Vent Covers as Powerful Marketing Tools

magnetic vent covers

Custom magnetic vent covers are very common in modern homes and are among the household products you should not be living without. As a matter of fact, every home uses at least one of air conditioning vents, bathroom vents or heating vents. Also, these vents are necessary in order to keep the air in...

School Notebook Ideas: Review of Zigpac Exercise Books

school notebook ideas

For students, Zigpac offers a wide range of cute school notebook in different colors and sizes. One of the most common formats is the school notebook a4, which is a standard notebook size. Zigpac has great school notebook ideas of the best quality with different specifications to meet your every nee...

Finding and Working with a China Manufacturer

Chinese market distirbutor

You probably have come across this term “private label foods” at some point while surfing the net. Well, if you have and it struck you the first time or this is your first time, we’ve got you. Then, this post will shed some light on the idea of private label food manufacturers products wholesale and...

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA: The Ultimate 2019 Guide

shipping from China

As a manufacturer, once you are done producing, the next thing to worry about is shipping from China to the Amazon FBA storehouses. Questions like “cheapest method of shipping,” “how to ship from China” and “how to clear customs” also come up. In this article, we take an in-depth look at all ...

China Wholesale Market: 7 Principles to Find Reliable Suppliers

Chinese market distirbutor

The fact that Business A sells match sticks and Business B also has the same product does not make them the same. The approach to the China wholesale market and their business models alongside other things contribute to this difference. When choosing a Chinese market distributor or products from onl...

Private Labeling Methods of Branding Through 11 Solutions

private labeling methods

Need help on how to design a brand label, package and use private labeling methods on your business products? You are in the right place! In this article, we will not be focusing on the pros that come with brand labeling samples. We will be focusing instead on the “how-to aspect.” We d...

9 Industrial Printing Methods to Know

industrial printing method

Did you know that different types of industrial printing methods exist? A lot of individuals are aware of the term “printing.” However, the methods associated with such are not common knowledge. In this article, we will be covering the different types of printing methods and the b...

10 Shipping & Packaging Tips

shipping and packaging tips

While many of us don’t take much consideration with the packing and shipping supplies wholesale we give away for business purposes, it is one important aspect every business owner should think about. From custom product packaging to how much you spend on shipping, we want to give you our top 10 reco...

Use of Christmas Puffy Stickers

japanese puffy stickers

Puffy glitter Christmas stickers are very beautiful stickers (know more) with a puffed-up appearance that is eye-catching and often crystal-clear. These Japanese puffy stickers can be made in different shapes, colors, and sizes to suit any purpose. The domed x-mas labels are great for brand promotio...

Plastic Grocery Bags Recycling With These 21 Tips


In the average household, you are bound to come across plastic grocery bags being used for several reasons. The same creative ways to recycle plastic bags (know more) apply to the local supermarket, grocery shop, etc. These recycled plastic bags are now a part of our daily lives seeing as they make ...