Making Your Notebook Stand Out

Notebooks (know more) are a great part of starting a new term, in fact probably the most important part. The need for a lot of homework and classwork makes it so. All students of all grades are in this category, which brings about the use of exercise book making kit to personalize.

Do You want your custom printed notebooks to stand out from the plethora of books in a class? This article is going to help making exercise book even cooler.

The kit you need to make a unique book

  • Washi tape

Washi tapes are an easy DIY tape that you can use to decorate your cheap printed notebooks. They come in a variety of colors, width, patterns, and textures. It is very flexible and durable and exactly what you need to create your own unique notebook.request quote from zigpac

The patterns available include unicorns, mermaid, angels and many more. They can also be used for pens and pencils.

  • Sticker in a book making kit

Stickers are another very good way to exercise book personalize. They also come in different patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes. Very easy to stick on, they are the easiest DIY instrument there is. Like you the washi tape you can choose between different themes.

You can also personalize your theme by printing yours. Yes, you can print yours! Again a very good and beautiful way to personalize your notebook and you don’t even need a book making kit. They don’t only work for notebooks, you can also use them for pencils and pens.

exercise book personalize

  • Labels

You could create so many patterns of labels and ribbons using a label printing machine. With this machine, you can create a lot of different patterns. You could showcase your individuality through different frames, emoticons, and symbols. The machine prints are very durable, just what you need.

  • Cover with fabricrequest quote from zigpac

This is another do it yourself technique to exercise book personalize. You can choose any fabric of your liking and with a gum cover your notebook. With this simple process, you just created your unique notebook.

  • Protect your hard work

Use a book cover to protect your book from being marked. You could choose a plain one or a shining one. Any of these will add beauty to making exercise book while protecting it.

  • Create a woody effect using paraphernalia from a bookmaking kit

With vinyl faux wood you can create a woody effect on your notebooks. You can do this by sticking self-adhesive ones to the back of your note. It might even be confused for real wood if viewed from a distance.

exercise book personalize

  • Paint your notebooks

With your book making kit, you can paint your notebook with nice designs. This will work well if you are artistic, you can create very beautiful designs which will be completely personal.

You can use crayons and pencils but if you are experienced in painting it gets better. You can also use watercolors and acrylic paint. These will create very beautiful designs.request quote from zigpac

  • Use ribbons and scrapbooks in your book making kit

Another way to make your notebooks look unique is the use of scrapbook leftovers and ribbons. This is very simple, all you is to use adhesives to attach the scraps. Also, use the ribbon to make pen holders.

  • Make zentangles

This is just a simple process of repeating the same patterns in the notebook until your book is covered. You need to use a thin-lined pencil. This is so easy and anyone could achieve it. Even the least artistic person.

It could include a repetition of matching flowers, doodle arts rows, stamp feathers, paper strips and many more.

exercise book personalize

  • Terrazzo pattern

Terrazzo has been used since the 15th century to decorate walls and floors. Composed of granite marble, glass and quartz this all comes together to create a unique effect. You can also mimic this pattern in exercise book personalize making use of your book making kit.

  • X and O patternrequest quote from zigpac

This is also a perfect way of making exercise books to be unique. It is probably the simplest pattern you have made yet.

All you need do is draw out the X and O game pattern on notebooks. You can also print it out. Exercise book personalize just got easier.

  • Embroidery in book making kit

From your book making kit, you will find a needle and thread very handy. To showcase your needlework skills, you could embroider a pattern of your choice on your book cover.

This will always come out unique and very beautiful. You can never get missed up in a crowd of books.

book making kit

  • Create a band on the edge of your book

With the use of a sticker or washi tape create a small pattern on the back of your book. This way you will always recognize your book in a crowd of books.

  • Monogramsrequest quote from zigpac

You can cut out monogram patterns and stick them to the back of your book. It could be the first letter of your name or a pattern you love.

  • Stitch bordered heart shape

Cut out a beautiful heart shape patterns with any material of your choosing. Glue it to your book cover and with a needle and thread create a beautiful border. This just made making exercise book easier.

  • Customize each subject using items from book making kit

Decorate your book by customizing each subject’s name on the back of each book. You can add other designs with tapes and ribbons. You can also use glittery paper for the spine and your book does not only stand out it also glamorous.

exercise book personalize

  • Alter the shape of the book

Your book can look even more unique when you change the shape. All you need do is cut off a little off the edges and it is no longer your regular rectangular shaped book. Exercise book personalize is even better with this style.

  • Leather cover with book making kitrequest quote from zigpac

Covering your notebooks with leather can make it stand out. All you need to do is choose a unique leather and cut out a rectangle. Glue it to your book and there you have your unique book.


Creating unique notebooks is always fun and creating one for yourself is even more fun. With your book making kit, the number of designs you can achieve is endless.

Making exercise book is not limited to kids going to resume school. You can also make them gifts to be presented to family and friends. Enjoy your bookmaking activity and stand out in the crowd. If you have any demand for custom personalized notebooks, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.