Cool Custom Tote Bag Ideas

Don’t we all just love our cool tote bags (know more)? These bags are perfect to carry anything you want. From books to food, these custom wholesale bags are so versatile.  Since they are so useful, how can you channel them to boosting your publicity campaign? Here are some amazing tote bag ideas.custom wholesale bags

Cool tote bag ideas

Now you have moved past whether these custom wholesale bags are perfect for your adverts. What you want to know is how you can employ them properly to get as many impressions as possible.

With these tote bag ideas, your cool tote bags should catch the attention of anyone that comes across them.

  • Idea 1: An easy to store cool tote bag as an idea

No one wants a bag that will consume so much storage space. Imagine a student who has very little locker space. That student wants a tote bag that can fit into that space. There’ll still be a wish for enough room to store a few other things.

Generally, totes can fit into almost any storage space, plus they are foldable too. Yet, there’s more you can do with these bags. You can put in a few bottles or some food for your next picnic or party.custom wholesale bags

There are so many colors to pick from. It is best you pick one that represents your business, this way you have the perfect advert vehicle.

  • Idea 2: Book Bags

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear book bags is a student who needs to convey books around. As true as this is, it is a limited version of what these cool custom wholesale tote bags can do with books.

If you run a bookstore, regardless of the kind of books, these bags are perfect for your customers. Asides being so useful, they aren’t too costly so they make for the perfect promotional gift.

To make them stronger, you can add a gusset at the base. Now they can carry heavier load and you don’t have the fear of them falling apart. It is always better to order these bags in bulk so you can enjoy the economy of scale.

cool tote bags

  • Idea 3: Gift Baskets

Put yourself in the position of a customer who frequents a store. How would you feel when you walk in one day and you got a tote bag filled with gift items? If you said overwhelmed, then we are on the same page.

There’s no one that wouldn’t love some caramel, wine, nut brittle, etc. The trick is that you don’t need to pack the world into a bag. If you use a small jute tote, your customers will still appreciate it. In fact, it will be cuter.custom wholesale bags

This is one way to share the love with your esteemed clients without breaking the bank.

  • Idea 4: Cool Welcome Tote Bag Idea

This is one of our favorite cool tote bag ideas and here’s why. If you run a hotel or some other hospitality establishment, you would like this too. When a new guest or client walks in, a good first impression is all they need to stay.

What impression beats a bag filled with goodies on your first visit? You can take it a notch higher for hotel guests. Drop the bag in their room when they are due to arrive. Put in a note that tells them what they are to leave behind and what they can take home.

This will not only create an impression that you care about them. It will show them how organized you are at your establishment. Now they can trust you to handle bigger business.

cool tote bags

  • Idea 5: Recyclable Copy Bags

Remember those bags that you get when you visit a photocopy shop? They are so thin like they were made from tissue paper. After a single-use, they tear and lose value. The worst part is they cause adverse effects on the environment.

Instead of these, why not get cool tote bags that can carry paper around and can be used several times? They don’t hold papers alone, they hold other flat supplies that are quite fragile. Added to this, since these custom wholesale bags carry your name and logo, they will always advertise for you.custom wholesale bags

  • Idea 6: Spa Goodies

Most times, when a person wants to visit the spa, they book ahead of time. If you run a spa, why not give these guests a treat with your tote bags?

Once you have the heads up that a client is coming make arrangements to fill one of these bags. Put in a few healthy snacks, vitamin water, a sleep mask, and some magazines. Of course, you can present these without the bags, but where’s the fun in that?

This is one of the amazing cool tote bag ideas that bring your clients back many times over. Plus the advantage of publicizing your business everywhere they go.

cool tote bags

  • Idea 7: Totes for Retail Clothing

With the perfect tote bag, a first-time customer can switch loyalty to your store. This means that even if you have quality wears, you must match this quality with the bags used in packaging. What better bags can you think of than cool tote bags?

Ensure that the bags have your business name and logo, as well as some extra pieces of contact info. This way, while the client feels satisfied, your advert money works for you over time. There are several colors so you can play with them to get the perfect blend.request quote from zigpac

  • Idea 8: Grocery Bag

If we didn’t mention this idea, then our list would be flawed. Where else would anyone want tote bags more than a grocery store? It seems the first time they were made, they were intended for this purpose.

Regardless of what you sell, these bags are the perfect vehicles for your customers. They are strong, durable, and reliable. You can either sell them or add them as promotional gifts for your clients.

They’d be more than grateful for the gesture.

cool tote bags

Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

Cool tote bags are almost indispensable when it comes to running promotions. These cool tote bag ideas are just a few from the hundreds available. Simply order custom wholesale bags and use them to propagate your business in the best way possible.