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Creating Stickers for Your Business

One of the fastest, cheapest, and most versatile ways to advertise your business is through cheap custom stickers (know more). You must have seen these custom vinyl stickers on almost everything. From cars to doors to other household products. Did you know you can get these custom stickers online?

In this guide, we will teach you how to make brand stickers for your business.

Making your own custom stickers from online instructions

There are a few things you should consider before you even begin the process of making stickers. One point we have established so far about these stickers is that they are cheap. Well, you should also know that they are also very easy to make, you could make yours from home.

What should you consider when making cheap custom stickers?request quote from zigpac

  • Paper

Before you print, it is wise to figure out the medium upon which you would print your graphics. The most common media used are vinyl and paper. Let’s help you understand the difference between them so you can easily make a choice.

  • Vinyl – Using vinyl to make stickers gives you access to a material that is useful for about everything. To help you achieve waterproof stickers, you can use a clear coat or simply laminate the stickers. This way, they can be used outdoors unlike paper labels.

The only challenge with custom vinyl stickers made at home is fading. They are likely to fade faster than those printed professionally because of the ink used.

  • Paper – Stickers printed on paper are easy to make and very cheap too. They are perfect for a lot of creative ideas even though they are best used indoors.

To make your paper stickers at home you have the luxury of choosing from an array of pre-cut labels. There are also whole papers if you are more comfortable with cutting your paper yourself.

We advise that you consider paper stickers for indoor use alone as most of them are not weatherproof. You can either make them at home or order custom stickers online, whichever you prefer.

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  • Decals – You must have heard about these at some point if you are savvy with stickers. These are made for outdoor use alone and would hardly come off because they possess adhesive.

There is a marked difference between decals and stickers. Stickers have a waxy paper backing that is removed before they are placed on a surface. Decals, on the other hand, are transferred directly to surfaces before the backing is removed.

Both can be printed from home, but decals may be a bit more tedious.request quote from zigpac

  • Printer

Another question you have to answer before you attempt printing your cheap custom stickers is about your printer. Do you have access to the right printer?

For simple custom vinyl stickers, any 4-color inkjet that has a resolution of 1200 dpi is perfect. However, if your design requires more color, then a 6-cartridge printer is what you need.

There are so many printers that fit these requirements. But if you feel you cannot go through the stress, simply order your custom stickers online.

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Printing your custom stickers online

Now that you understand the kind of paper to use as well as the printers, let’s get to the process. There are lots of software that you can use to create your designs. You can also avail yourself of the different sticker design ideas on the internet.

There’s something you have to keep in mind about printing stickers at home. It is important that you figure out the process before you try. Definitely, it is cheaper to print them yourself at home. Yet, you could end up spending a lot if you don’t get a grasp of the idea properly.

We have put together a few tips in this section to help you avoid unnecessary costs when printing your stickers.request quote from zigpac

  • Color match for custom stickers online

It is the print process that determines how accurate the colors of your custom vinyl stickers are. The most common setting for home printing is CMYK. This involves laying the colored ink in a dotted manner until the desired color is achieved.

Almost every printer you can use at home makes use of this method. In fact, commercial printers also do, the only difference is the more superior diversity in ink color. In a nutshell, CMYK is a cheap and efficient option of attaining the right colors for your cheap custom stickers.

A more efficient but less famous method is using Pantone colors. This is way better for stickers that have a larger solid color area. Pantone gives you almost the exact colors you see on your computer screen on the actual print.

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  • Permanence

Not all custom stickers online will last forever, a few properties will determine whether they will or not. Some of these factors include the ink used, the printing process, and the kind of paper. This is why you have to take the time to find out about the materials you want to use.

It will be a waste if your brand invests in stickers that end up fading or peeling in a month or two. Of course, not all stickers have to last long, neither do they all have to be weatherproof. What we suggest is that you figure out the purpose of the stickers then you will know what materials to custom stickers

  • Die-cutting

One way to emphasize the design of your stickers is through the shape of the stickers. The easiest and fastest way of achieving perfect shapes for your custom vinyl stickers is die-cutting.

When you order your stickers from a professional press, you enjoy this option. This doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the same at home. By using a laser cutter, you will achieve perfect shapes for your stickers.

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  • Best quality settings

As you attempt to print your stickers, your print driver will give you the option of the best quality. This comes with several other print options. To get high-quality stickers, it is wise to choose the best quality mode. The printing process will be longer but the output will be far better.

Conclusioncheap custom stickers

With these tips, you should find it easy to make your cheap custom stickers at home. If you feel this will be too stressful or time-consuming, you can easily choose the custom stickers online option at Zigpac.

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