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Custom Scratch and Sniff Stickers

Scratch and sniff sticker is a kind of special sticker that usually feature the same smell of the object the sticker printed. The interesting unique smell sticker is a good choice as a kind of child sticker. The strict safe standard for scratch and sniff stickers to ensure the safety of their customers when they are using scratch and sniff stickers.

Zigpac provides customer service for this kind of scented stickers. It allows customers to select the size, color, and style of scratch and sniff stickers without any toxic scratch and sniff printing material. We are responsible for custom scratch and sniff stickers manufacturers, and responsible for the safety of using this kind of smell sticker.

Nowadays, Zigpac provides custom scratch and sniff sticker wholesale service and has a large discount for those customers who ordered the number of custom scratch and sniff stickers. We have high-quality custom scratch and sniff stickers, advanced scratch and sniff technology, and on-time delivery, and are trying to create a more unique scratch and sniff sticker templates for our customers. You will find the appropriate one in our sticker shop online.