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Custom Thermometer Stickers

Thermometer sticker is also known as fever stickers. Like its name, this kind of sticker is used for thermometer test, especially for baby. With the cute outlook, children prefer thermometer stickers than common thermometer. Nowadays, most thermometer stickers have custom thermometer stickers service to provide more selections for the customer to choose their unique thermometer stickers.

Zigpac’s sticker shop has various thermometer stickers, such as thermometer sticker strip, forhead sticker thermometer, fever bug stickers, baby temperature stickers, etc. We also have a custom thermometer sticker service that allows customers to select the size, color, and style of fever stickers, or design their own thermometer stickers.

Nowadays, Zigpac provides thermometer sticker wholesale service and has a large discount for those customers who bought a number of thermometer stickers. We have a strict quality standard of products to ensure that there are no harmful components in the products, and protect the safe of custom utilization.