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  • 1Contact Supplier Fill out the form with your custom request details.
  • 2Provide Customized Details Such as size, quantity, printing and other details to get fast quote.
  • 3Submit Form We will get back to you with our best professional service in 1-6hours.
  • 4Finish Negotiation Once we confirm price and other details, proforma invoice will be provided to proceed payment (By Paypal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Moneygram), so we can start production.
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What Is Statics Cling

The electrostatic sticker is made of PVC electrostatic film material, the material itself is not glued, and the sticker that relies on electrostatic adsorption to the bearing surface has strong adhesion to various smooth surfaces and can be peeled repeatedly. The usual thickness of electrostatic stickers is 0.15mm, with white and transparent specifications.


  1. Waterproof, temperature resistant, and reusable. The pattern is independent, no need to cut, just peel and stick, can be freely matched and used repeatedly. The pattern on both sides is transparent, and both sides can be attached. The veneer has no glue or any other adhesive agent, and it is adsorbed on the smooth surface by the principle of static electricity. It can be used repeatedly and will not leave any traces on the surface to be pasted after being torn off. It is highly environmentally friendly and can directly touch the real object.
  2. This type of product is a non-adhesive label, which relies on static electricity to stick on a smooth surface, mainly on electrical and electromechanical products. It is characterized by environmental protection and sanitation, and it can be peeled off and can be pasted on without loss of viscosity. , Most home appliance manufacturers use this material to replace self-adhesive labels.

Scope Of Application

It can be attached to windows, mirrors, computer monitors, glasses, refrigerators, car glass, etc. No glue, no back glue, gently place it on the surface you want to decorate and smooth it with your hands. Glue-free, environmentally friendly, convenient and easy, it is mainly used on car stickers, and car logo electrostatic stickers have become a must for all car owners.

How To Order 

You just need to provide the below information to get a fast quote in 1-6 hours.

  • Size of each design.
  • Quantity of each design.
  • Printing color, like 1 color or full-color requirement.
  • Other specific details if necessary. Like surface finish effect (Glossy / Matte / Holographic / Glitter / Spot UV / Dull polish / Foil stamping / Embossing), glue type, UV resistant strength.

We will finish your sticker order in 5-7days depends on the quantity and types of stickers, and they will be well packed and shipped by the most appropriate way (Yunexpress, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT), and shipment time will be 5-7days.

We also can customize individual packages, you can find below picture options for your reference.


0.1mm PVC+140gsm release paper


3" x 5" or customized size


each one well packed in polybag, standard export carton.

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Custom Windshield Decals | Custom Static Cling Stickers | Custom Window Clings
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