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Wholesale ID Hologram Overlay

Hologram stickers are exciting because they give the impression of 3D images. You can use our wholesale ID hologram overlay stickers for security purposes and to ensure the integrity of your products. Printing hologram stickers is difficult and can only be achieved with specialist equipment. ZigPac possesses these pieces of equipment and presents you with a wide range of hologram overlay designs to choose from.

Our wholesale ID hologram overlay stickers present you with a highly efficient and effective anti-piracy system. You can create colorful designs by picking from our store or working with our design team to come up with a unique design for your brand. Some of the possibilities you can achieve with these stickers include:

  • Logos.
  • Company Seals.
  • Consecutive serial numbers.

While these stickers are colorful and ensure adherence to quality standards, they’ll also enhance product packaging and increase brand awareness. Speak to a professional on our team today to get started with producing yours at a very affordable price.