Designing a Fridge Calendar

There are a lot of things with different levels of importance you can place on the door of your fridge. Firstly, one of the most useful of these is the dry erase monthly magnetic fridge calendar in 2019. This calendar offers a lot of uses to different families and is almost indispensable to the proper running of households.

These fridge calendars (know more) can be used to mark out household chores, plan summer holidays, set project goals, and plan meals. Also, they keep you very organized and help you to never forget to run those errands or weekly lists again. More so, they can be sold or given out as gifts or promotional items to family, friends, and customers.

Secrets of Designing Custom Magnetic Fridge Calendars

According to statistics, fridge calendars top the list of the best way you can be useful to your customers while advertising your brand. In fact, custom magnet calendars help get your foot in your target customer’s door, and on their fridge.

Zigpac offers these fridge calendars with the perfect design, to easily and quickly grab attention and boost your company’s image. Also, they can serve as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reference points as long as they are on the fridge door.request quote from zigpac

With these being said, the way your fridge calendars are designed will either promote your brand or devalue it.

Here are some of the well-kept secrets you should know when designing your magnetic calendars:

Message Clarity of the Magnetic Fridge Calendar

The main goal of these calendars being magnetized to your fridge is to promote your brand. Hence, you do not need to write details of your brand’s evolution and success stories on the calendar. In addition, this could end up boring your targeted audience and divert attention away from the details you want them to see.

Therefore, only information relating to your brand’s products, services, and contact details are to be written clearly and legibly on the magnetic fridge calendar. Moreover, you can add some suspense and thrill to your advertising by withholding some details from your prospective customers. This could tempt them to visit your store in order to know more about the deals you are offering.

dry erase monthly calendar fridge magnetic

Keep it Simple

There is beauty in simplicity. Therefore, you should concentrate on creating a design that will not overwhelm people with too many texts and images. Since it is a magnetic fridge calendar, the most prominent thing on it should be the calendar.

So, a message that is short and crisp can be included in this calendar to easily get your potential customer interested. Moreso, any image included in the calendar should be appropriate and relate to the products or services you offer.  You can watermark your company logo and name on it in a way that will still make the dates legible.request quote from zigpac

Basically, to draw desired attention to your business, this fridge calendar should have more images than written texts.

Use Shapes to Draw Attention to the Magnetic Fridge Calendar

There is another way your magnetic fridge calendar can draw attention to whosoever enters your kitchen or dining area. This is by making sure they come in different shapes instead of the regular rectangular or square shapes. You could make them out in a shape that relates to the kind of product or services you provide.

At Zigpac, there are magnetic fridge calendars in the shape of a house, and some have edges carved from cartoon characters. Also available at their stores are calendars in animal shapes, heart-shaped calendars, and lots of other shapes to choose from. They can also be custom-made to your desired shape that will pass your message across without you saying a word.

magnetic fridge timetable

Ensure that the colors used are in Harmony

Ensure that the colors you use for the backdrop of the magnetic fridge calendar correspond to the imprinted information. You can decide to use your business colors or any other color you consider appropriate when customizing your fridge calendars. Whatever color you choose, try to make sure that your texts are legible at first glance.

The colors should be beautiful, howbeit dramatic, and should appeal to the eyes. There is also the possibility of going with themes like nature, Christmas, summer, country flags, cartoons, and other themes. You can decide to keep it simple with the background in black and/or white, and one or two other colors.magnetic fridge calendar 2019

When picking colors, remember that the user may use markers or stickers to mark certain dates on the calendar. There are a lot of color samples to choose from at Zigpac stores. You can consult a professional graphic designer to advise you on what will work best for your brand.

Include More Features on the Magnetic Fridge Calendar

You can customize your fridge calendar to be handier for the users while increasing the facetime for your brand. For instance, your dry erase monthly calendar fridge magnetic can include the events your company has planned for the year 2019.

Sports schedules, yearly holidays, and religious festivals can be boldly circled or marked out on these fridge calendars. By doing this, your audience will see your brand name whenever they check the calendar for these schedules.

magnetic fridge timetable

Make the Magnetic Fridge Calendar Easier to Personalize

Your fridge calendars should not be for just promoting your brand, but should also add value to the users. It is wrong to bombard these calendars with just details of your company and then make the calendar itself indecipherable. By so doing, you make it useless to your audience, and some will not bother placing it on their fridges.

When designing your custom magnetic calendars for fridges, create space for the users to mark out important dates. This is easier when you design these calendars in a monthly format.request quote from zigpac

For instance, the dry erase monthly calendar fridge magnet offered by Zigpac allows easy personalization with enough writing space. Everything on these calendars can be customized as blank spaces are left for months and days to be filled out. While filling these calendars out, at least monthly, the users will be consciously or sub-consciously reminded of your brand.

The users will love having a fridge calendar that keeps them organized with a design they can take charge of. This can even make them come back to your store regularly to get this calendar for family members or friends.


Now that you know the top secrets for designing custom magnetic fridge calendars, you can strategically promote your brand. If you are still not sure of how best to customize your dry erase monthly calendar fridge magnetic 2019, contact Zigpac.

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