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Eco-Friendly Promo Gifts for Your Business

One way to show that your business cares about the environment is giving green promotional products. You are able to achieve two things when you giveaway these eco-friendly promo gifts (know more).

First, you show that you have a heart for your clients and prospects. Second, you express an effort to save our world.

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Plastic is very harmful to our world. This is why there is a movement to avoid items made from this material. The plastic consumption of the US in a week could circulate the rest of the world five times.

Here’s another worrying statistic. For every plankton in the Pacific Ocean, there are six pieces of plastic in the same ocean. As if that wasn’t enough, have you heard of the garbage patch that floats on the Pacific?

This island of waste that floats on the Pacific is the same size as Europe, India, and Mexico put together. There’s also the problem of paper, over 300 million tons of which are produced per year. At the end of the day, they get dumped in storage houses, refuse dumps, or recycling centers.

These are the two most common materials for producing eco-friendly promo gifts or giveaway promo products. Frankly, they are not responsible options even though they look good.

eco-friendly promo gifts

The best eco-friendly promo gifts

Each year, so many trade shows and conferences hold. These events have a huge impact on businesses as they help create a network between producers and prospects. It is not strange to see vendors hand out promo items at these events as a way of publicizing their businesses.

Since we have ruled out paper and plastic materials, what are the best eco-friendly promo gifts? Here’s a list that you could work with when next you are planning a giveaway.

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First Set of Eco-Friendly Promo Gifts

  • Reusable Bags.

We don’t need to talk so much about bags as giveaway promo products, especially at events. People love these bags because they make life easy with respect to carrying things around. The challenge is that most bags are made using above-condemned materials, plastic, and paper.

To play your part in making our environment better, you can make the switch. Go green and order bags that are made of eco-friendly material. These reusable bags will still help users maintain their swag while keeping our earth healthy.

eco-friendly promo gifts

  • USB drives that are eco-friendly.

This may be the first time you are hearing about green USB drives. Now you know that they do exist. They are mostly covered on the outside with non-plastic or recyclable casings.

Employ them as green promotional products and see how they’ll attract customers and prospects. USB drives are very important to our daily lives as they help store data. Decide on the colors you want and personalize them to suit your business.

green promotional products

Add your business name and logo and share them at the next conference you attend.

  • Recyclable Pens.

Many people don’t even know these exist. In fact, they are more beautiful than regular pens because of the materials used in making them. Usually, the casing is designed with premium harvested cork or wood.

The ink cartridges are refillable so you can use these pens for a lifetime. Asides being cute and very useful, they help to preserve our earth. Don’t forget to brand these pens with your logo in the most conspicuous manner.

Each time a customer picks up this pen, he or she remembers your business.

eco-friendly promo gifts

Second Set of Eco-friendly Promo Gifts

  • Canvas Totes.

We cannot deny the effect these canvas totes create at every event. It seems they are the most-shared souvenirs and promo items at conferences and trade events. Why shouldn’t they?

green promotional products

They are not just beautiful, they stand the test of time and can be used for a variety of purposes. A couple of years down the line, these bags will still come in handy for camping trips and shopping.

The bag’s design uses biodegradable cotton. This implies that they are eco-friendly promo gifts. Added to this the look natural and might never bleach, they are an obvious winner. The fact that they provide a huge canvas for your advert and business logo endears them to the heart.

They also come in various sizes so you can pick one that suits your purposes. Fill the bags with a few other promo items and share them at events to publicize your business.

eco-friendly promo gifts

  • Tee-Shirts.

This is another promo item that is made using biodegradable cotton, just like totes. There are a million designs to choose from so ensure the one you pick speaks volumes about your business.

green promotional products

Add your logo to the design and anything you feel is important. It is best to seek professional help with the design so it isn’t clumsy.


  • Bottle Bag.

These are about the best giveaway promo products to handout at a wine or beverage conference. As prospects approach your booth to pick up a few samples of drinks, you hand them a bag. The essence of the bag is to assist them with the bottles they picked.

These bags will be useful after the conference and for months and years to come. Make sure to add your logo and pick out the appropriate color.

green promotional products

The advantage of promo gifts

A single bag could earn between 5,700 and 6,000 impressions before it gets bad. Pens exist for a lifetime and don’t forget the tee-shirts too. All of these items speak volumes for your business in places you may never get to.

giveaway promo products

They aren’t so costly so they are a perfect way to advertise your business. Sharing them at events even makes it better. This is why it is important to invest in these eco-friendly promo gifts.


Why not join the green revolution with your own green promotional products? We have given you a list of eco-friendly promo gifts, there are several more. It is great to publicize your business but it is more important to do that saving the planet.

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