Packing boxes used for promotional and seasonal gifts are produced of hard paperboard or corrugated paper.  Custom box printing (Like custom shipping boxes,  custom shoes box, custom gift box ) with dedicated appearance requires us to seriously control each step of the procedure, otherwise, it would be difficult to reach effect as expected, meanwhile, it also will make some waste to increase production cost, and this will prevent you to get cheapest shipping boxes or other custom boxes with logo. For custom shipping boxes wholesale, let’s talk about how we start work here.

The Procedure of Custom Box Packaging

First of all, we need to create a printing template to confirm the size and design of the colored shipping boxes. Normally, there are more than 4 basic CMYK colors, like panton gold and silver and another special ink color, like neon color.

Secondly, picking up the correct type of paper as a material of the surface layer. We usually use double glossy coated paper or one side glossy coated paper at a thickness of 128gsm, 105gsm or 157gsm. It’s hardly seen that printing companies will manufacture any surface wrap paper more than 200gsm, as that causes lots of bubbles on the box skin and looks dull. We can combine that layer with other thicker paperboard or corrugated paper for the cardboard shipping boxes or corrugated shipping boxes.

Thirdly, add surface effect on custom printed shipping boxes, like glossy,  matte, spot UV, embossing, foil stamping, and other texture disposals.

Fourthly, exact die-cutting made on the custom shipping boxes with logo is very important, cause it will impact another subsequent process.

Fifthly, combination with surface paper and base paper of customized shipping boxes or cheap packing boxes. Most printed products do this step only before die-cutting, and the only custom printed shipping boxes do this after it.

Lastly, the stapling or gluing process depends on the method of how to close and finish these custom boxes for shipping.

The Introduction of Zigpac

Zigpac was established in late 2009 year and is a professional company that wholesale shipping boxes for many years, you can get all shipping boxes sizes from zigpac, it’s the best place to buy shipping boxes. Besides, you also can order from us for stickers, notebooks, other gift boxes, gift & shopping bags, plastic bags, wrapping paper, cards, books, promotional gifts, and other printing & packaging products. Equipped with much-advanced printing and packaging machine, we have more than 50 skillful workers and 2000sqm production area, also have ISO certificates and pass SGS tests for EU and US standards. If you still wonder where to buy boxes for shipping and where to get packing boxes, zigpac will be one of the options you can consider. We accept OEM for custom service, also we can wholesale products which are in stock.

We also create the most healthy relationship with other reliable factories in China, working together with them on the different process of production for some items mentioned above.

The Feature of Custom Box

1. The custom box structure can meet most requirements of the box quality.
Paper boxes can be configured with their structure and materials to achieve their functional requirements. Representative shapes for cartons include roof box structure cartons, square cartons, and other configurations of cartons.
2. Regenerative
The cardboard used for these packages is made by extrusion molding of polyethylene on the front and back sides of the cardboard by an extruder. Since paper and polyethylene are relatively easily peeled off or separated in an alkali solution, regeneration of paper components is easily achieved. The recycling of the packaging can be realized. In addition to the above-mentioned factors that the paper component is easy to regenerate, there is also a reason that only the original pulp is used to produce the paperboard jam.
3. Various barrier performance
Oxygen, water vapor, and light are the causes of deterioration in the contents of the package. One of the methods to add the relevant barrier properties to the custom box is to compound it with aluminum foil. According to this method, the carton can be provided with a function of blocking oxygen, water vapor and light. The aluminum foil composite carton has long-term preservation of the contents.
4. Paper edge protection structure
Printing is performed on the surface of the paper jam for the custom box which is formed by lamination of the extruder by a printing method suitable for the customer’s needs. The main printing methods include gravure and offset printing, gravure printing in large quantities, and offset printing in small batches, but sometimes the printing method is selected to meet the design requirements. The printed cardboard is die-cut into the desired unfolded shape, and then passed through a flame sealing device, and the gas flame is used to melt the polyethylene on the paper edge portion of the front and back sides of the jam, and the edges of the front and back of the jam are jammed. They are bonded to each other to form a carton.
5. Environmental protection
The main emphasis in the carton packaging industry is environmental protection or carton packaging that can be recycled and used again. Therefore, it has certain requirements in terms of environmental protection, which not only requires the environmental pollution to be reduced but also has certain requirements on the waste of materials. Effectively realize the important development of the whole society in terms of sustainability. The custom carton packaging has the following two major requirements and designs in environmental protection.

Our Quality Guarantee

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