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How to Organize Gift Bags for Storage

Giving out gifts in gift bags makes your gift look even better. Gift bags can really be the expensive reason why you wouldn’t want to dispose of a bag that is still good. Gift or wrapping bag storage ideas (know more) can be elusive sometimes, so getting a gift bag organizer becomes a necessity.

In order to help you organize your gift bags, we have put together great ideas in this article. After you read this article you will no longer stress over storing your numerous gift bags.request quote from zigpac

What are gift bags or wrappings?

This is the act of putting gifts in a fancy enclosure. They include boxing, wrapping or bagging. It comes in different shape and sizes. You can get one for specific occasions and they can be very expensive.

Save yourself the cost of buying you can get a DIY idea on how to make your gift bags online. This article, however, has come with an even better idea, storing your gift bags.

If you are used to receiving a gift at occasions such as Christmas, thanksgiving, new year, anniversary and so on. You will find out you don’t need to buy or make your own gift bags. By the end of every season, you should have more than enough to use fo the next season.

When reusing gift bags make sure you are not using a person’s gift bag for them. You might find it hard to store these gift bags, we have come with great suggestions to solve that problem. As you go on in this post we believe you will find a useful idea.

gift bag organizer


When doing any form of organization the first step you should take is decluttering. This also goes for storing gift bags. Even though keeping the gift bags or Storage bag wrapping is a great idea, keeping too many becomes a clutter.  To declutter your lot you should first bring out all the bags you have in your possession. Next, you sort out the good ones (re-usable) from the bad ones (torn or damaged).

Now that you have sorted the good ones, you should arrange them in accordance with the occasions they stand for. For instance Christmas bags, thanksgiving bags and so on. Now make up your mind on how many bags you will need on each occasion and do away with the rest. You shouldn’t save for more than a year has you will replace them every year.request quote from zigpac

How to get rid of your leftovers

Throwing good gift bags away is definitely out of the question, they are too expensive and useful to throw away. You have two options and they include:

  1. Using them to save items that you do not need anymore and later donate both to charity or second-hand shop. Hypothetically you just killed two beds with one stone.
  2. You could also just give it out to neighbors or friends who need them.

Now that we are done with the clutter, time to start with the organizing. To start any of the following steps will suffice but first, you need to decide on a location.

What part of the house do you want to keep them? Your closet, on shelve, storage room or in the attic. Anywhere you choose you will find your perfect option below.

storage bag wrapping

Gift bag storage idea: Put bags in larger bags

Flatten all the large bags to save space and arrange in accordance with size. That way it is easy to sort when you need to use it. This way it feels more like a filing system. Now if you don’t want bags on the floor you could just put them on cloth hangers. Now hang them on the wall or in your closet. Also, it is easy to bring down and sort through.request quote from zigpac

Use larger plastic containers to file gift bags

If you have a large collection of gift bags and you are looking for Gift bag storage ideas, here is one. You can get a plastic bag to create dividers and arrange bags in their different categories. This way you can easily get to the one you need without stress.

If you have a smaller collection, a file folder will help you achieve the same thing. You could store other things like your tissue paper alongside the bags.  Your only downside with this kind of storage is that you need space to place them. Unlike the previous one, they can’t be hung.

Gift bag storage idea: Make use of gift bag organizing hanger.

This option is one of the easiest. You can hang it a door, on the wall or even in a closet. It helps you to organize your bags better and gives you easier access. Again you can always order for it in an online store or get one from a gift shop.

They also come in different sizes so you can choose the one that is appropriate for you. This method, unlike the previous one, also keeps the bags tidy and perfect. No damage whatsoever just the way you put them there in the first place.

gift bag storage ideas

Use transparent purse rack over the door

You can also use over the door purse rack as a gift bag organizer. Organize gift bag into categories put them into transparent rack purses and hang on the door. Could be the closet door or the store door. This makes finding the one to use when needed very easy.

The downside to this organization though is it can become clutter on its own. A pain to the eyes if you have too many of it hanging down the door. If you have just a few though it’s not a bad idea. You can also use for Storage bag wrapping.

Gift bag storage idea: Using coat hanger hang them in closet organizing into events or categories

For easier accesses hang your bags in their separate categories in a free closet using coat hangers. With this method, you will have a better organization. If you are one who doesn’t like your clusters been visible, this is the perfect option for you.request quote from zigpac

When using any hanger make sure to use strong ones and also avoid having too many bags on one hanger. Too many bags will be heavy and may break or bend the hanger.

Store gift bags on shelves in baskets

You will likely find a woven shelve at a yard sale and beautiful baskets to go with it. You store your gift bags in these baskets and shelve them. Even though it might consume space it is always a beautiful sight to behold. Especially when they are well organized in colors or occasion.

With the shelving storage, you will not only be storing your bags you will be adding aesthetics to your house.

gift bag storage ideas

Homemade gift bag storage hanger

You can arrange a DIY hanger. For instance, using chicken wire and bulletin board, you make a hanger that can hold your gift bags. It will give your house a beautiful ambiance and life is easier. Storage and usage become really easy.

You should know though, this will only work if your collection is small and cute. Large and too many bags will create the opposite of beautiful ambiance.request quote from zigpac

Gift bag storage idea: Get a drawer

You probably have a desk with many drawers that you are not making use of. Now you could convert that into storage for your gift bags and bag wrappings. If you don’t have a drawer and you don’t mind getting one, you can build or pick one up.

Yard sales are always your best bet to get one because you will always find them at an affordable price. Organizing your gift bags and bag wrappings just became a lot easier.

You can organize them according to size or occasion. Also, you can have a label for indicating what you have in each drawer on it. Now you don’t have to stress yourself searching for too long. If you have it, this is probably the most perfect way to store your gift bag and bag wrappings.

Store in plastic box and place in the attic

If you have a lot of them and you wouldn’t want them littering everywhere. You can store them in rubber totes or plastic box and place them in the attic. This you do after they have been properly organized. You want to get to the one you need easily per time.

storage bag wrapping

How to store your bag wrapping

Now that you have got great ideas for your gift bag organizer, learning Storage bag wrapping won’t hurt. For your wrappers, you need to keep them neatly rolled in and stacked. You can either stack them on a shelve or in baskets alongside your gift bags.

To keep your bag wrappings from opening up and getting destroyed in the process, secure both ends with a rubber band before stacking. Finally, you have a well-arranged collection of gift bags and bag wrappings. How comforting is that?request quote from zigpac


Giving a gift is part of the human culture and presenting them in bags makes the gesture even better. Gift bags can be outrageously pricy, so why spend the money when you can save it. We hope these gift bag storage ideas listed above have been helpful.

If you have other ideas on how you store your own gift bags, please share in the comment session below.

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