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How to Re-purpose Old Calendars

You must have had that wall and desk calendar (know more) that is outdated for a while now. Rather than leave it hanging, using up valuable space, or thrown away, that cute printable wall calendar can be recycled.

There are several ways you can recycle that calendar printable. We will discuss a few in this post.

How to recycle that old wall and desk calendar

Once the year is over, most people would rather dispose of their calendar because nothing else comes to mind. This is not strange at all, yet that old calendar can be very useful. There are so many things you can do with that outdated cute wall calendar.request quote from zigpac

Let’s take a look at a few ways to reuse or recycle an old calendar.

Frame artwork

Year in year out, you get these beautiful calendars and once the year is over they become waste. Some of these calendars have really beautiful artwork that will add beauty to your home or office.


Did you know that you could purchase some wooden frames from the store and create some nice artwork? If you are great with DIY, then you may decide to make your own frame.


Cut out some of the pictures from the calendar and put them into the frame. You can hang the frames in your home or office and they’ll change the outlook completely. This is a great way to change the ambiance around you and keep you inspired.

Illustrating school projects for your kids with the old wall and desk calendar

Some of the calendars you receive have pictures of wildlife and nature. Even though these might not be so useful to you, especially if you aren’t keen about such. You can still store them up for your kids and other kids around you.


These kids have lots of school projects yearly in different subjects. They can make use of these old calendars by cutting the pictures and adding them to their projects. Some of the pictures could even be destinations which would do well for a geography project.request quote from zigpac


Create a scrapbook

Not everyone likes to create scrapbooks. There are several reasons for this, the most common being lack of time to engage in such.

Therefore, if you fall into the category of people who like to create scrapbooks and you have the time, try this. Simply cut out pictures that fit into the theme of your scrapbook from your old wall and desk calendar.


Add them to your scrapbook to make up fun memories. If you are not into scrapbooks, you must have friends that do. Save up these old calendars and share them with your friends. They will love you for that, you take up a notch by cutting the pictures for them.

cute wall calendar

Create postcards with old wall and desk calendar

One of the ways to keep sharing the love with family members and friends far away is sending postcards. To add some spice, get creative with an old calendar to come up with a unique postcard.


Get the measurements of a regular postcard and cut the picture from the calendar to size. Cut a piece of cardboard to the same size and glue it behind the already cut picture. Voila, you have a unique postcard. Send this to any of your loved ones and see the amazing effect it will have.request quote from zigpac


Create a toddler photobook

Toddlers are in love with pictures. If you are close to them, you will see how their faces light up when they see pictures. This is because the colors are very attractive and the images are so bright.


Rather than throw away that old calendar, why not do something to make your toddler happy? Get plain sheet protectors and a binder and then cut your calendar pictures to size.


Put the pictures together using the binder and have the plain sheet protectors cover each page. These will keep the pages from damage and you can share some joy with your toddler.

cute wall calendar

Create your unique refrigerator magnet with an old wall and desk calendar

One of the ways to add some spice to your kitchen is by decorating your fridge with cute magnets. These magnets are sold at the store or can be ordered on the internet.


Also, did you know you could make your own unique refrigerator magnets? Very simple. Purchase magnet squares or sheets and cut your calendar printable to fit the adhesive surface.request quote from zigpac


Stick the cut picture over the adhesive surface and you’ve got yourself a new refrigerator magnet. Decorate your fridge with these pieces. The good thing with this is that there’s a lot of room for creativity.

Donate old calendars to schools

As we said earlier, children in schools will find old calendar very useful. Asides using the pictures from these wall and desk calendars for their projects, they could put them to other users.


A major example is the kiddies’ crafts. Furthermore, most schools will appreciate it if you donated your old calendars to their art department. Gather as many as you can from your home, friends, and neighbors and take them to a school. They will surely come in handy.

Create envelopes from old calendars

Even though we have the internet and email, the old-fashioned way of sending letters still works. If you are going to send a letter or another document via mail, you need an envelope.


Of course, envelopes are not so costly and you could purchase a dozen without batting an eyelid. The questions are this, “why to spend money buying envelopes when you could make yours?”


If you made yours from old calendars, they’ll look classier and more attractive. There are several tutorials online to help you recycle your old calendars as envelopes. In the end, they are more gorgeous and very easy to make.request quote from zigpac


Reuse the calendar for some other year

This is actually weird but it works. Many people find this really handy. There are certain months in a year that have about the same date combinations as those in the New Year.


The more probable to occur is when the calendar of one year works for another. It is just that the years may be far apart. For example, 2009 and 2015 have the same calendars. If you notice this, you can make use of the wall and desk calendar again.


If you like, you may decide to keep the calendar as a means of organizing your work and desk. This will work well if the calendar is still neat and you haven’t scribbled any writings in the boxes.

cute wall calendar

Make gift tags

It is a great thing to share gifts with loved ones. You could even send gifts to the less privileged at different times of the year. Rather than share the gifts bland, you can add some color with that old cute wall calendar printable.


All you need to do will be to cut the pictures into smaller meaningful sizes. This way, they look more like little pieces of artwork. Attach these pieces to your gifts before sending them out. They’ll turn out more beautiful and add more smiles to the faces of the receivers.

Design your unique jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are among the interesting ways to task your brain while having fun. Purchasing a new puzzle may be way off-limits for you but you can still have yours made at home.


You’re probably wondering how that is possible. Here’s a clue, your old calendar has so many pictures. Since you aren’t using it anymore, you can cut out one of the pictures. Cut this picture into smaller pieces and place them on a board.request quote from zigpac


Let your family and friends take turns trying to fit the pieces of your new customized puzzle together.

Use the old wall and desk calendar as gift wrappers


That old cute wall calendar can become your next gift wrapper. Since you send gifts out to loved ones at different times every year, you may as well get creative.


Rather than spend money buying new wrapping paper every time you want to send gifts, make yours. Your best bet is taking sheets from your old calendar and reusing them as wrapping paper.


Make sure you pick out the most beautiful sheets from the calendar. You can even decide to make use of the specific month in which you are sending out the gift. If you are really creative, you can even turn the calendar into a gift bag.

wall and desk calendar

Make notebook coversrequest quote from zigpac

You can customize your notebooks using your old calendar sheets.


Firstly, pick out the best pictures from your old calendar and use them as the covers for notebooks.

The sizes can vary based on the size of the calendar. You could even create a drawing book for your little one and a grocery notebook as well.


Decoupage furniture with old wall and desk calendar

You can always change the face of your old furniture with a few DIY tweaks. One of such tweaks is using pages from a cute printable calendar to decorate these pieces of furniture.

In addition, cut enough pieces to cover the space you want to cover and create a collage of pictures over the surface. The result will be a really cool new piece of furniture.


Your old cute printable wall and desk calendar is not utterly useless. With a few creative tweaks, you can come up with something really new and interesting. Finally, these are just a few ways to reuse and recycle your old calendars, there are several others.

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