You might see a kind of phone case with a special, personalized style that not brought from any phone case shop but made by yourself. It is time to make your own phone case! For this reason, today we post this article to introduce how to make a cute phone case with paper.

To create your own custom phone case, a phone case sticker is necessary. Which types of stickers you used directly decide what is the style of your custom phone case.

There are two custom phone case solutions for you to consider.

Customizing Your Phone Case with A Theme of Stickers:

Every beautiful design must have its special style, so does the phone case. Choosing your favorite phone case theme is crucial to create a comfortable and personalized phone case. Every theme should involve 3 aspects:

Color Tone:

It is the first thing you decided about your phone case design because it decides the background color you select, and which kind of phone case sticker you will use.

Phone Case Stickers:

A phone case sticker is a good method of personalized phone case because it can be combined by yourself, and there is always various kind of phone case stickers for you to select. Though there are various styles of phone case stickers, it is difficult to combine them as an orderly beautiful pattern.

There are some common theme of phone case sticker for you to customize:

Travel Phone Case Sticker

Travel is always a popular theme. This series of phone case sticker involves cute sticker design and versatile usage. You will find the cut train, airplane, ship, and car stickers with this type of phone case sticker. Some famous buildings like Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, and the Imperial Palace can also be made as small cut phone case stickers.

With the help of travel phone case stickers, you can DIY your own special journal on your phone case. Besides, this kind of phone case sticker has little cute grasses, clods, and flowers to fill the blank area of your phone case.

Cute Animal Phone Case Sticker

You might have pets or very like animals, and the cute animal phone case sticker theme is designed for you! With the cut animal phone case sticker, you can create a special cute zoom on your phone case. It is very suitable for your children to create a personalized phone case with the cute animal phone case stickers. Design a phone case by children themself benefits the imagination of your kids.

Flowers Small Cute Phone Case Sticker

People always like beautiful things. We now have flowers small cute phone case stickers for you to make your own personalized phone case. We have existed pink and yellow cute small flower phone case stickers that can deliver after you creating the order immediately.

Daily Aesthetic Phone Case Sticker

Daily aesthetic phone case stickers help you record the aesthetic life of the phone case. With this kind of stickers, you can create your own unique aesthetic style phone case. We have different beautiful phone case templates and different sizes for you to make the custom phone case flexibly.

Customizing Your Own Phone Case with Our Customized Service

If you are talented to create your own phone case or want to have the phone case decorate with your baby’s drawing, or some memorized pictures, select our customized service is a good choice. We allow our customers to design their own phone case stickers. Just need to send your pictures, select the shape and size, you will get your own phone case stickers.

Our customized service can print different patterns on one roll. One roll with different patterns will reduce lots of cost.

We also have various phone case templates in our online shop to satisfy all your requirements for custom phone cases.

Our Customized Service:




Custom patterns

How to Customized An Unique Phone Case?

  • First, you need a blank phone case.

There may have various black phone cases that you can select. You can choose the phone case of transparent or colors; matte or glitter. All considerations are if the color is suitable for the theme of the phone case you select.

  • Second, select the theme of the phone case.
  • Third, decoration solution.

Now you have a blank phone case and custom phone case stickers, and the next question is how to combine them as a beautiful phone case. There are some ways to create a beautiful and elegant phone case. If you have no idea about how to combine them, these solutions are good references for you.

Random design: You can arrange the phone case sticker in a disordered way. The only thing you should pay attention to is that there must have one or two big, outstanding phone case stickers as the theme of the phone case.

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