A plastic bag, polybag, or pouch is a type of parcel made of filmy, stretched plastic film. Custom plastic bags wholesale is used for carrying and moving goods such as foods ( like lots of red, pink or clear resealable bags for candy, goody snack, popcorn, potato and bread in retail shop ),  cosmetics, ice, brochures, chemicals, fertilizer, jewelry, custom poly mailers, Christmas party gift, garment ( like t shirt and other clothes ), woven clothing and garbage. It is a basic style of packaging. Most custom plastic shopping bags are heat-sealed at the joints, while some are connected with glue or are sewed.

Most countries already carry legislation to phase-out lightweight custom printed plastic bags, because lots of cheap custom plastic grocery bags never wholly break down, so we recommend people can buy a more biodegradable and affordable plastic bags for business sales. We thank you for your large support on environmental protection.

The Introduction of Zigpac

Zigpac is created in late 2009 in china and grow into a strong factory to produce a range of merchandise, like stickers, notebooks, recyclable gift & packaging boxes, recycled plastic shopping bags wholesale, plastic grocery bags wholesale, wholesale plastic bags, clear plastic bags wholesale, 1 or 2 gallon black roll trash bag, makeup bag, die cut t-shirt bag, shipping mailing bag, imprinted tote zip lock bag, bubble bag, self seal zipper bag, tshirt dry cleaning bag, mini plain paper bag, customized drawstring laundry bag, thick labeled frosted PVC shoe bag, custom printed poly mailers, custom poly mailers wholesale, personalized designed ziplock bag, net bag, wrapping paper, newspaper, colored cards, books, promotional gifts and others.

The Features of Custom Printed Plastic Bags Wholesale

Advantage of plastic bags:
1. Most plastic have strong corrosion resistance and do not react with acids and alkalis.
2. Plastic bag manufacturing costs are low.
3. Durable, waterproof and lightweight.
4. Easy to be molded into different shapes.
5. Is a good insulator.
6. Compostable Plastics can be used to prepare fuel oil and fuel gas, which can reduce crude oil consumption.

Disadvantages of custom plastic bags:
1. When recycling used plastics, classification is very difficult and uneconomical.
2. Plastics are easy to burn and produce toxic gases when burned. For example, when polystyrene is burned, toluene is produced. A small amount of this substance may cause blindness, inhalation and vomiting, etc. PVC burning may also generate hydrogen chloride toxic gas. In addition to burning, it is a high-temperature environment, which may cause the plastic to decompose toxic components, such as a benzene ring. Wait.
3. Plastics are made from petroleum refined products, and petroleum resources are limited.
4. Custom plastic bags cannot be naturally decomposed.
5. The heat resistance of plastics is poor and easy to age.

Finally, we suggest that people can use eco friendly grade plastic bags to reduce harm to our earth.

Our Quality Guarantee of Custom Plastic Bags Wholesale

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