Best chinese custom wall calendar printing

The primary reason for using a custom printing wall calendar is to help to organize activities. These activities could fall any day from the very first day of the year to the last, and even beyond. It helps to keep track of the day an event falls on, and when other special events will take place. If you have any request or question, feel free to contact Zigpac for help!

Some people use it to make religious holidays and festivals like Christmas and Easter holidays, whereas some use it to remind themselves of personal schedules like doctors’ appointment, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays. If you want to know more, please click here.

Other Ways to Use a Custom Wall Calendar

  • The custom wall calendar is a very cheap way of getting adverts almost at a free rate for an entire year. As a result of things like the company’s logo, name, products, messaging, etc. show on the calendar.request quote from zigpac


  • For marketing purpose, the calendar serves an essential purpose. The use also includes promoting awareness of the brand to intended customers. More so, as many, as will see the calendar they will patronize the company advertised.


  • It can also serve as a gift to appreciate customers who are loyal to the company. Friends and well-wishers who honored events organized by or linked to the company can also be gifted with this calendar. As they place it on the wall, it will continuously remind them of the company’s brand and product line up.


  • Wall calendar is also handy even in business. The use of the custom wall calendar extends to taking notes of when the next client meetings will hold or when to supply goods to customers.


  • Another beautiful thing about calendars is that they are works of art. A well and brilliantly designed calendar with good graphics reflect something about a person. Custom wall calendar could remind a person of his family, friends, pets they love so much, or even memories.

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How to Make a Custom Wall Calendar

Wall calendars are part of the must-have items for today’s busy man and woman. This is because there are more demands on your time than ever, and you have to schedule a lot. However, you do not have to purchase this calendar when you feel you need one.


With wall calendar printing, you can add as much graphics, texts, photos, and font styles you like. Custom designing your own calendar is a project that is both fun and easy.request quote from zigpac


Here are the steps you can take:


Choose a Theme

Basically, your wall calendar should reflect your personality. When deciding on what theme to use, think about things you love, your hobbies, family, and interests. The beauty of customizing your calendar is that you can try out different themes before picking one.

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Choose a Layout for your Custom Design

There are many basic layouts your calendar can follow, and you can also design one yourself. You can also go through the commercial calendars available to pick the one you like. Where will you like the photo to be, and how large do you want it to be?

What should be the color of the border, or its thickness? Decide where you will like to place the name for each month or how well it should stand out? The page for each month should be designed too. More so, whatever layout you choose should be simple yet comprehensive because of the decorative elements you will add later.

Create Sections for the Monthly Custom Wall Calendarrequest quote from zigpac

The easiest way to create a calendar is by using one of the numerous templates available on the internet. When you get a good template, you can easily customize different features on it before you print it out. However, you can create your own calendar using a very good software program or by hand.

The size of the wall calendar printing blocks you choose should be large so that the calendar will be functional and beautiful. Meanwhile, the calendar sections can be printed out on thick paper. They can also be printed on plain paper and then mounted on sections of poster board.

Whichever method you choose will depend on the overall design you chose so everything will blend beautifully. More so, each section of the calendar should be a half-page instead of full-page irrespective of the method. After binding, the back of one section will flip over and up in order to form the page’s top half.

In addition, you can print the calendar on white or colored paper, although white is often preferred for its clarity. If, however, you decide to use colored paper, use colors that work well without making your writing illegible.

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Get Pictures and Other Things for Personalization of your Custom Wall Calendar

You will have to use cover art for each month and art for the back of your calendar. Additionally, you will need one drawing or photo for each month, and other decorative pieces selected while designing the layout. The section for each month should be balanced, harmonious, and logical.request quote from zigpac

If you chose to use plain paper, you may want to adhere the colored paper to each calendar section’s back. This colored paper attachment uses glue, then it can serve as the backdrop to all the decorative materials. Whatever you choose should be placed upside down so it will be right side up when each page is flipped.

Then attach your pictures and other decorative elements upside-down relative to the section of the calendar on the other side. Also, remember to create cover pieces. Customize the pictures to match the selected design layout before printing out the pages and mounting on the calendar.

Put together the Finished Calendar

When you gain satisfaction with each page of the wall calendar printing, the next step involves assembling the finished calendar. Bind the pages together using either a binding comb or individual metal rings.request quote from zigpac

Final Thoughts

A wall calendar serves as more than just an organizational tool. Since modern technology is not always reliable, It proves its handiness as a physical copy.

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