Buy cheap printed plastic carrier bags

Whenever you visit a supermarket, buy cheap printed plastic carrier bags for protection of items purchased. These bags have handles on them for easy carrying.request quote from zigpac

Polyethylene shopping bags (know more) also known as plastic bags have popularity due to their durability and water resistance nature. These plastic carrier bags mostly transparent making it easy to check out purchased products before leaving a store. This is to ensure that what you bought is complete.

Buy cheap printed plastic carrier bags to make carrying items from the supermarket or store to your home easier. As a way of advertising your brand, you can customize these bags with your business name and logo at Zigpac.

Features of a Bag from Plastic

Plastic carrier bags come with handles, different designs, and colors, to appeal to different customers.

These plastic grocery bags have features of cost-effectiveness and convenience. They are easier and quicker to open, pack, and double-up than other forms of shopping bags. More so, they weigh very little, are less prone to wear and tear, and basically, resistant to harsh weather conditions.request quote from zigpac

PE shopping bags have used in different places such as medicine stores, supermarkets, open markets, boutiques, and antique shops.

Most businesses buy cheap printed plastic carrier bags wholesale to print their logos on them. This helps to boost sales and popularity. The bags have varied worldwide use for product packaging.

While preparing to go shopping in an open market in some countries, shoppers usually go with a shopping bag that can contain many goods.

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Other Features of cheap printed plastic carrier bags

PE shopping bags are mostly non-biodegradable but recyclable. Recycling shopping bags repeatedly instead of dumping them for disposal, helps to reduce environmental degradation. Research shows that these plastic bags are harmful to the environment if not recycled because they do not decay.

Due to their sturdiness, PE shopping bags can pack very light and slightly heavy goods. It is best to keep lighter wares above heavier ones in order to avoid spoilage or destruction of goods purchased.

These beautifully designed, customized bags possess far longer handles than plain designed bags. When returning from shopping, people can easily read the store’s brand or its specialty to know where you shopped. making it possible to achieve your marketing.

Recycling and Reusing Plastic Carrier Bagsrequest quote from zigpac

Plastic carrier bags are 100% recyclable. The aim of recycling these cheap printed carrier plastic bags is to reduce wastes in the environment. Because they are cheap and available, most people tend to throw it around, which may pose some environmental problems. However, if they are recycled and reused, there will be a reduction in these plastic bags at waste sites.

When you buy plastic carrier bags, you can recycle them through the following ways:


  • There are places like major retail chains and grocery stores, that recycle plastic carrier bags. You can take your shopping bags there so they will be recycled into new plastic bags or different products entirely.
  • One of the best ways of reusing these bags is by using them for grocery shopping over and over again. Some shops also collect these bags to reuse them.
  • You can use them in your kitchen to store halves of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and other items. All you need to do is tie these items up in one of these bags and set aside. The bags will protect them from germs and dirt.
  • You can use these bags to keep your hands clean while you grease baking pans. Simply wrap your hands when scooping butter or another item from a tub.
  • A small corner of this plastic bag can be cut off to make a piping bag or makeshift funnel.
  • Another great idea is to put all the remaining slivers from your bar soaps into the plastic bag. When you have filled the bag up, melt the soap pieces together and use this to create a new soap. This is more effective if you do not use different types of soaps.
  • In the garden, you can use these bags to make starter pots for your plants. Simply poke some holes at the bottom of the bags, fill them up with soil, then plant your seeds.
  • You can also tie this plastic bag to your lawnmower as you mow your lawn. In this bag, you can store toys, pine cones, litter, and other items you do not want lying around.

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Other Ways

  • Wrap outdoor padlocks in a plastic bag in the winter. This will help prevent the padlocks from freezing and becoming unusable.
  • Plastic carrier bags also serve as great liners for trash cans. They are sturdy enough to hold shopping items, so they can also hold your wastes. Their handles are very convenient and make it easy to remove the bags from the can to dispose of the wastes.
  • Keep your receipts in a plastic bag and place in the glove compartment of your car. This can help to keep the receipts organized.request quote from zigpac
  • Items like envelopes, stamps, stationery, pens, small first aid, and other items you want handy can be placed in it.
  • Neatly tie to the back of your car’s headrest to serve as a temporary trash can.
  • In the rainy season, you can always have these bags handy so you cover your muddy shoes in them. This should be done before you enter a car to avoid dirtying the car’s interior.
  • A couple of carrier bags can be used to line your car’s trunk when buying items like plants. This will help keep the floor clean.
  • Dirty shoes, clothes, and underwear can also be stored in these bags, especially when you are not at home.
  • When your plastic carrier bags get dirty, you can use them to pick up your dog’s dropping or cat litter. You can even go as far as lining your litter box with plastic bags. If you do not own any pet, you can donate your plastic bags to families, friends, and animal shelters.

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Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

There are so many benefits of using plastic carrier bags. After enjoying the benefits of these beautiful shopping bags, you need to find a way to reuse and recycle them. The best place to buy cheap printed plastic carrier bags and customize them is at Zigpac.