Custom best luxury rigid gift boxes

Custom rigid gift boxes are for people who are in need of stronger and tougher boxes to package items in. These rigid boxes have the capability of withstanding heavy weights because of the toughness of the paperboard used in making them.request quote from zigpac

Moreover, rigid gift boxes often use kraft paper as their main raw material. Kraft paper comes from the kraft pulping process which produces the strongest pulp for paperboard making.

Use of a Box from Rigid Cardboard

  • Manufacturing companies make effective use of custom rigid boxes to package, store and transport their products to their customers.
  • More so, the rigid box forms the packaging of home and office appliances. These appliances include televisions, laptops, refrigerators, air conditioners, generators, and other heavy machines.
  • In addition, The strength this rigid box possess enables high stacking without damaging the items inside them.
  • Furthermore, Producers make their company’s designs on the sides of these boxes. This in itself is a great way to advertise and promote their products.
  • Therefore, people can have knowledge about your products by merely having a glimpse of your well-designed boxes.request quote from zigpac
  • Rigid gift boxes have several other uses. Usage extends to local shops to display items for sale.
  • More so, their use also extends to dunnage to separate different goods which are stored in the same space.
  • In addition, other uses include to store and transport farm produce such as eggs, chicken, dried fishes, and their likes. If you want to know more info about the box, please click here.
  • Moreso, In some offices, stores, and homes where the money is not spent to purchase plastic dust bins, these rigid boxes are often used. That empty rigid cardboard box in your house also has multiple uses to store or carry clothes for laundry purposes.
  • Most excitingly, experiments and practical like the pin-hole-camera can only be done with the aid of a box. So there really is no need of throwing away empty rigid gift boxes when you can actually put them to good use.

custom rigid boxes

How to Make Your Own Custom Luxury Rigid Gift Box

Here are the few steps to take in order to make your own custom rigid boxes:

Supplies Needed:

  • A lined or unlined board (preferably 2mm thick)
  • Lining paper (if your board is not lined)
  • Covering paper of about 100gsm – 150gsm (you can use a high-quality wrapping paper)
  • Masking tape
  • Utility knife
  • Metal Ruler
  • Pen or pencil
  • Glue (spray or PVA)
  • Bone folder (or something similar)request quote from zigpac
  • Ribbons and/or other embellishments

Steps to Follow:

Prepare your materials

    • First of all, accurately measure out the item you intend to put in the rigid gift box. Make sure you determine all its inside dimensions: Length (L), Width (W), and Height (L).
    • Note that you may add 4mm to the length and width in order to get a snug fit.
    • A small lip can also be added at the top of the rigid box. For a gift package of Length=149mm, Width=80mm, Height=63mm, you can use Length=153mm, Width=84mm, Height=66mm for your internal dimensions.

Here is a formula for calculating the dimensions of the rigid box:

Base Board Length A = 2 x H + L

Base Board Width B = 2 x H + W

Lid Board Length C = 2 x H + L + 8

Lid Board Width D = 2 x H + W + 8

Spacer Length E = 2 x H + L + 40

Spacer Width F = H

Base Cover Length G = 2 x H + L + 40

Base Cover Width H = 2 x H + W + 40

Lid Cover Length I = 2 x H + L+ 8 + 40

Lid Cover Width J = 2 x H + W + 8 + 40

  • From the resulting dimensions, cut out some board that you will use for both the base (A x B) and the lid (C x D).
  • Then, cut another board piece to the resulting dimensions of E x F. This will serve as a spacer to will ensure all the sides are creased to have equal sizes.
  • Cut part of the cover paper to use for both the base (G x H) and the lid (I x J).
  • Moreover, if you are making use of the unlined board, you should cut some paper having these same dimensions. Stick this paper to the board’s inner side, press it down, and leave it to dry.request quote from zigpac

Cut out the board and the paper.

  • Firstly, turn the rigid box boards over and let the unlined side face upwards.
  • Place the lid board to align with the pacer that is along one edge. For more accuracy, but both of them up together against a flat surface and align them.
  • With a knife, score a line halfway through the board along the spacer’s opposite side. This will make the side easy to fold up. Do this for the 3 other sides.
  • Thereafter, with your knife, cut 4 corners out, and leave a net for the rigid box lid. Do this with the baseboard too.
  • Place some positioning marks on the cover. Draw a 20mm line from the 2 perpendicular sides on the lid cover paper’s reverse side. Align the lid board to the center using these.
  • Use a pencil or pen to trace lightly around the rigid box board’s corners. Do the same for the base cover.
  • Measure out 2mm from the box’s corner outwards towards the lid cover’s length. Then make a small mark.
  • From this mark, cut along the line to the paper’s edge. Cut out a wedge approximately 30 degrees from the first cut.
  • Create tabs by cutting out the corners. The tabs can be 20mm wide, but it depends on the size of the box you are making.

Tape the corners together

  • Break the rigid box board’s fibers by folding each side until it touches the center.
  • Thereafter, Fold two sides until the corners touch at 90 degrees.
  • In addition, Wrap a 1-inch or 3cm of masking tape around the corners, after pulling the corners tight together. For tall boxes, you can add another piece of masking tape towards the middle of request quote from zigpacthe side to increase rigidity.
  • Furthermore, Do these for all the 7 corners of the rigid box.
  • Check the lid to make sure it fits over the base.

Wrap the box

  • Firstly, apply any glue with a strong bond in a thin layer onto the back of the lid cover.
  • Thereafter, with the traced lines as a guide, place the box lid on the paper. Turn it over and rub down the paper on its surface.
  • After folding up the sides of the rigid box tightly and the tabs around, making sure there is no space for air pockets to develop.
  • Note that if this is done right, the result will be a corner of the rigid box that is neat and flat.

Add the finishing touches

  • Use a bone folder to smooth down the edges of the rigid box to prevent the formation of air bubbles.
  • In addition, you can place any embellishment you want like glitters, ribbons, stickers, or buttons to the rigid box.

rigid gift boxes


Final Thoughts

Having luxury and rigid gift boxes is essential for packaging your gift items. If you are looking to impress someone very special during a special occasion or season, make the gift box yourself. With the right materials, you can make some solid and stunning custom rigid gift boxes that ooze quality.request quote from zigpac

You can give your rigid box a snug fit for small gift items like jewelry or phones. With the addition of some tissue paper, you can also package items that have multiple parts or are awkwardly shaped. If you have any demand on custom personalized rigid gift boxes, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.