Custom best scratch and sniff stickers

Custom scratch and sniff technologies comprise of stickers or items made from cardboard pre-treated with a coating of fragrance. When scratched, this coating releases a fragrance that often relates to the image displayed under it. Development of this technology was in 1965 through a process called microencapsulation for carbonless copy paper.

The unique custom best scratch and sniff stickers technology has a lot to do with nasal information. It is popular in children’s books and magazines advertising perfume strips. These scratch and sniff stickers aim to use the sense of smell to illustrate how something smells properly.request quote from zigpac

Apart from being used on stickers, scratch and sniff technology have been used on the following objects:

  • Discs
  • Pieces of art
  • Cards for different games, like the CyberSniff 2000 and the 1986 Infocom game
  • Album covers
  • Cards for movies
  • Storybooks
  • Magazines

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Use of Scratch and Sniff Stickers

Since they gained popularity in the late 1970s, scratch and sniff stickers have served a variety of purposes:

  • In the olden days, its use was for the diagnosis of anosmia.
  • Most school teachers use it as a gift item to reward their children for their hard work. They place these stickers in storybooks and hand them out to children as a way of motivating them.
  • Utility companies enclosed these stickers in their bills to help the public recognize the smell of methane gas leak. This was a way of sensitizing people and avoiding home accidents.
  • These scented stickers have used in sealing letters, party decorations, grading papers. For this purpose, fruity scents, flowery or plant scents, and other pleasant miscellaneous scents suffice. They replace the ordinary and boring labels.
  • You can even use these custom scratch and sniff stickers to make a sticker album. For instance, albums that have to do with oceans can go with an ocean-scented sticker that fans will love.
  • These stickers help to add detail to product labels, especially for promotional purposes. This makes request quote from zigpacit easier to win new customers when used in advertising products like perfumes.
  • Mix and match two or more scents on one sticker to create unique scents.

How Do Scratch and Sniff Stickers Work?

How do these stickers work? Why do scratch and sniff old magazines and books still work even after 20 years?

These stickers capture the chemicals that generate aroma in very small plastic spheres or gelatin.

Here is a step-by-step process of how the best scratch and sniff stickers work:

  • Firstly, mix scented oil with water solution and water-soluble polymer in a big vat referred to as a reactor.
  • Then blend the mixture with a rotary blade at a very high speed. While the oil mixes with the polymer solution, the oil will break into tiny droplets. After blending for about 12 hours, the droplets will become invisible to the eye with a size about 20-30 microns.
  • The blending is stopped when the droplets are about the right size, then a chemical catalyst will be added. This catalyst will increase the polymer’s molecular weight and then makes it water-insoluble (incapable of being dissolved in water). The polymer then precipitates out of the water, forming a shell around each droplet of oil or encapsulating it.
  • The reactor is then stopped, the microcapsules collected, then they are washed to remove unencapsulated or unreacted materials.

The capsules will be placed in a tank, then mixed with adhesive and water base to form a thick slurry.

best scratch and sniff stickers

How To Make Your Own Custom Scratch and Sniff Stickers

The smell, which was overlooked for a long time in the advertising industry, has now become a very important marketing medium. What was once an expensive option for many advertisers has now become more affordable, especially if you make it yourself. This budget-friendly method of making your custom scratch and sniff stickers yourself is also quite simple and involves natural products.

Here are the few steps you can take in order to make your custom best scratch and sniff stickers:

 Items Needed:

  • Labels
  • Printable file for stickersrequest quote from zigpac
  • Essential oils
  • Printer
  • Ink


  • Firstly, choose from your device, the sticker or logo you want to use for the scratch and sniff sticker.
  • Print it out on your labels, by running the labels through your printer. Depending on the size of paper and sticker size, you can print out up to 30 stickers on one label.
  • Choose the oil you intend to use in scenting the stickers.
  • Put a drop of the chosen oil on each of the labels.
  • With your finger, rub the oil in until it covers the whole surface of the label. Avoid rubbing it for too long so that the ink will not bleed.
  • Set the oiled labels aside to dry. Some oils tend to discolor the white part of your labels.
  • When the oil is well dried, you can cut out the stickers to attach anywhere you want.

best scratch and sniff stickers


Finally, custom best scratch and sniff stickers emphasize the need for nasal information and are such request quote from zigpacgreat ideas in modern advertising. More so, customization of scratch and sniff stickers into any shape, size, and design is possible. If you want to get custom stickers best price, welcome to Zigpac for more info.