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Jute (know more) comes from the soft, shiny and long green plant processed into strong thread. This natural fiber is strong and very durable. The custom wholesale cheap jute bags seem to be the major products of this plant.

The plant ranks as one of the most environmentally friendly materials used in making bags, as compared to other materials. This natural product can easily undergo decay and cause no harm to the environment while doing so. Carrying products in bags poses no threat to hygiene, unlike other materials that are not biodegradable.

Using a Bag from Jute

  • Jute bags are long-lasting. As a product made from a natural material, the expectation is that decomposition occurs over a particular time or period. Therefore, they are 100% biodegradable and will not create any pollutant in the environment.
  • Also, custom bags do not pose any threat to hygiene even when with products in them. Since they have completely natural features and do not contain any chemicals, place food products in them.
  • These holders maintain their shiny and glossy nature for a long time and their strength can last for a while. The long span of the bag from jute implies less burden on the natural habitat of the plant, which in turn prevents extinction.
  • Cheap jute bags comprise of very strong fiber, making it possible to withstand transportation hazards over a long period. They are very resilient and can last even when exposed to water and weather for a prolonged period.
  • Aside from that, the products inside the bag can breathe easily as air can easily pass through it. This makes it possible for the products inside the bag to withstand decomposition for a long time. More so, you can use this bag for one purpose and pass it on to someone else for reuse.
  • Additionally, the bags do not melt or become moist due to weather condition. Instead, these bags have high resistance to hot weather since they conduct heat easily and allow removal of internal heat.
  • These custom jute bags are made from jute, which is a natural vegetable fiber. Therefore, they can easily be sewn into any shape and size you want. With a simple needle and thread, you can stitch or sew your own jute bag the way you prefer.

Other Uses

  • The receptacle is also affordable and can be so beautifully made that they do not actually look cheap. The dye can be used to give the holder different colorations in order to make it look more attractive. Hence, people of all social statuses can use jute bags quite comfortably.
  • They can serve multiple uses including carrying food, work gear, office files, groceries, heavy products, and even school materials.
  • Jute material can be easily customized and blend very well with other synthetic and natural fibers. Cellulosic dyes like natural, sulfur, pigment, and basic dyes can be used to create beautiful designs on the bag.
  • Recycling of jute bag takes up low energy. One can even use these bags as compost in the garden.
  • The custom wholesale cheap jute bags can also be used for promotional purposes. Logos, company names and promotional messages can be printed on it. This can make more people aware of your brand while their reusability guarantees maximum returns on your investment.

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How to Make a Jute Bag

You can easily make your own jute bag by recycling the jute materials you have at home. Without using stitches, you can make adorable jute bags wholesale for fashion and packaging of gifts as well.

Also, these cheap jute bags have customization attributes. You can decorate them using lace or some other fabric. There are a lot of creative ways to make your jute bag stand out.

All you need to do in order to make your own jute bag at home is follow these few steps:

Materials Needed:

  • Jute cloth
  • Net Lace
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • After gathering all the materials you will need for making the bag, you have to cut the cloth.
    • From the cloth, measure and cut out 8 x 19 inches. Use a pencil to draw lines to form a gap of 3 inches from the two ends of the cloth. Fold the cloth firmly at the point where you drew the lines. Then use a scale to press the folds down and make them firmer.
    • Mark about an inch of the two ends of the jute cloth. Just like you did before, firmly fold the two ends at the marked inch. Then apply some glue to the fold before properly folding the ends in the inner side.
  • Make the sides of the bag.
    • Cut out two more pieces measuring 5 x 8 inches from the big jute cloth. You can cut this from another color of jute cloth or just dye the strips. Measure out 1 inch on all the sides and use glue to stick them.
    • Take one of the 5 x 8 inches strips and place the cut at each end of the folded sides. Apply some glue on one side of the strip and stick the side of the box on it. Apply some more glue on the strip’s sides and stick the strip to the bag’s inner part.
    • Get the other strip off and apply some glue on it. Then stick it on the opposite side of the bag in order to finish off the jute’s side work.

Finally to make a jute bag

  • Make the handle of the jute bag.
    • You will need two ropes that have similar measurements to make the handle of the jute bag. Use a needle and thread to firmly stick the ropes on the jute bags.
    • Sew them tightly, making sure the two handles on each part of the bag are of the same length.
  • Decorate the jute bag.
    • To decorate the jute bag, you can use net lace. Once you get this lace, apply glue on its back then adhere it to the bottom of the jute bag. Do this for both sides of the jute bag.
    • Cut off the excess lace.

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Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

Jute is most likely the cheapest natural fiber that offers a lot of outstanding qualities. Bags are greener, sturdier, and offer a lot of ecological and commercial benefits than many other bags. For more information on how to get your eco-friendly and highly useful custom wholesale cheap jute bags, visit Zigpac.