Custom christmas EVA foam letter stickers

Christmas will not be Christmas without the decorations and presents and Christmas foam letter stickers. These presents can be in the form of ready-made gifts or crafts you make yourself. The world of works has so many materials that are available and very affordable.request quote from zigpac

One of the cheapest and most available craft materials is the EVA foam.
Ethylene-vinyl acetate, called EVA (know more), consists of a copolymer of both ethylene and vinyl acetate. This elastomeric polymer produces materials that are elastic and very flexible. The content is useful in the production of custom Christmas foam letter stickers.
Foam letters stickers from EVA have different shapes and sizes. Uses include making colorful, soft, and glittering items. Children and adults use these foam stickers for many purposes.

Properties of Eva Foam

The EVA foam material is everywhere. Supply comes in the form of sheets, rolls, puzzle mats, tapes, and so many other types. This material has frequent use in many industries and for different products.
There are so many properties that make EVA foam easy for use in making Christmas foam stickers. Here are some of these properties:request quote from zigpac
  • EVA foam as a cell serves as a substitute for a lot of materials used in production. It substitutes natural rubber, PVC foams, felts, and wood composites. Other articles that it replaces during creation are mineral wool and fiberglass.
  • Generally, it offers excellent cushioning at an affordable price. It stays firm even at low temperatures. It possesses the properties of hot-melt adhesive waterproof and provides exceptional clarity.
  • Additionally, this material maintains high resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Compared to other materials, it is resilient and absorbs impact and vibrations.
  • EVA also has a unique odor that smells very much like vinegar.
  • EVA foam is one craft that is so available, cheap, and lots of fun to work with.
  • Also, important to note is that EVA foam materials perform far better than rubber.
  • And other properties include perfect insulation and lightweight.
  • Also, they are very resilient, portable, durable, barely absorb water, and absorb impact.
  • The ease with which they are attached and removed from a surface is beguiling.

christmas foam stickers

Benefits of Using EVA Foam to Make Christmas Stickers

EVA foam is in very high demand. Apart from making of Christmas foam stickers, the material makes costumes.
Here are some of the benefits of using EVA foam to make these foam stickers:


  • EVA foam’s processing is like other thermoplastics due to uniform cell structure.
  • It absorbs colors.
  • Secure retention of its resilience and flexibility during production and processing. As a result of this feature, these stickers stay around for a long time without damage.
  • It does not take long for EVA foam to recover from any form of compression. It recovers very quickly.request quote from zigpac
  • Additionally, it is very versatile for several applications, including the making of foam stickers. The versatile nature of EVA foam makes it very easy to customize into a stiff label or a floppy one.
  • It floats instead of absorbing water, so, protecting content from water damage.
  • Due to its high chemical resistance, this foam works great for all manner of toxic situations. This means that it cannot damage by dilute acids, oils, alcohols, and grease.
  • Takes anything the environment throws its way, be it good weather, UV radiation, and ozone.
  • It is also great for making Christmas foam letter stickers because it is free from Sulphur. It barely has any odor. So, children and adults can handle it without having allergic reactions.
  • It does not scratch easily because it has a high coefficient of friction. Hence, you can place pack it with other Christmas presents.
  • This EVA foam does great even at shallow temperatures. It maintains its flexibility even at low temperatures. Because of this feature, you can send your Christmas stickers as gifts to loved ones in cold places.

foam stickers

Use of EVA Foam Stickers

EVA foam stickers are useful for so many things. Since they are versatile, here are some of the ways you can use them for Christmas:

  • Schools use EVA foam stickers to make learning fun. Since they may be in different forms, you can incorporate Christmas themes. The aim of using these stickers is to help to build children’s motor and sensory skills.
  • Other uses for EVA foam stickers abound. They come with adhesive for placing on a wall to advertise a business to increase patronage. Places to stick them include door panels and entrances of stores.request quote from zigpac
  • During Christmas season, offices, increase their looks with custom Christmas EVA foam stickers. This will get more customers into the festive mood when they visit your business.
  • Emoji EVA foam stickers warm the heart. Also, since they exist in different forms, they express sentiments. The smiley faces express joy and emotion which go a long way in brightening Christmas cards.
  • Production of the decorative stickers requires the use of soft materials. Also, the EVA foam has diverse applications apart from sticker creation. While, use of it also extends to the design of birthday cards, invitations, and presents.
  • You can package these stickers as part of Christmas gift items or place them on invitation cards.
  • You can carve out dolls like Mama Noel, Santa Claus, snowmen, the Wise Men, angels, The Birth, and lots more. These can then be hung on the Christmas tree or given out as gift dolls.
  • Designing a child’s room with custom Christmas foam letter stickers for lively ambiance.
  • Creates a warm atmosphere.

christmas foam stickers


Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. All the possible ways to use the foam stickers in Christmas. They add color, brightness, and warmth to the environment.request quote from zigpac

But, you will need to get the right combination of color and theme of these foam stickers for the room. The only way to get that is by approaching the right source. There are different places to buy from, but only one is the best if you have any demand for custom personalized stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.