Custom clamshell blister box

A clamshell comprises a one-piece container of two halves joined by a hinge. This hinge area allows the structure to close properly. A custom clamshell blister box has different types of plastic materials.

Moreso, clamshells have similarities to blister packs. Production involves molding the main material into any shape.request quote from zigpac

The Clamshell blister box or packaging has high importance in many industries. So, though pricy, it offers a lot of benefits to small and big businesses alike.

Also, custom clamshell blister box protects products against external factors. They include contamination and humidity, for a long period of time. Moreso, they allow easy and effective packaging of consumer goods, food, drugs, and other products. These boxes have so many great qualities as they are inexpensive, durable, and tamper-proof. If you want to know more info about the clamshell box, please click here.

Some Facts About Custom Clamshell Blister Boxes

  • Basically, a custom clamshell box helps to protect your product between two hinged sheets of plastic.
  • Besides, they enfold the item on both sides and has heat-sealed edges.
  • Additionally, the clamshell blister box has all its edges sealed. Thus, it is tamper-resistant and theft-resistant.
  • If left unsealed, clamshells are both re-closeable and re-usable. This is why some industries do not sell these boxes.request quote from zigpac
  • Custom molded so that they follow the contours of whatever item placed in them. They can also serve as clear plastic materials that help to hold some loose items or pieces together.
  • Also, the clamshell blister box is the best and most effective option for packaging heavy products or items that are theft targets. Such items include electronics.
  • When it comes to merchandising, a tri-fold clamshell box can be very versatile. They can easily hang from a hook, or stand on a shelf by themselves. This tri-fold or footed clamshells can also be made to sit upright amongst other displays or at club store pallets.
  • Most of these boxes come with printed insert cards. These cards are often designed in compelling graphics. They include product information and can draw attention to the products. Meanwhile, the clear plastic also provides excellent visibility to customers. It in turn still sells products easily.

Pros of using Custom Clamshell Blister Boxes

The custom clamshell box has a lot of pros, which far outweigh its downsides. Although they may not be perfect for some businesses, most businesses find them very convenient. Here are some of the pros of these beautiful boxes:

  • On full display.request quote from zigpac
  • They offer tamper-proof packaging.
  • Great as protective packaging.
  • Display of boxes by both hanging and standing.
  • Easy to customize and can fit into your products’ form.
  • Inclusion of customizable cards, as well as inserts.
  • Capable of nesting on shelves or racks.
  • With these packaging, your customers will have the impression that your product has more worth.

clamshell blister box

Use of Custom Clamshell Blister Box

Clamshell boxes are known to fold onto themselves. They sometimes come with cardboard or paper insert in them. These inserts contain information on the product and other marketing material.

For small businesses that prefer this packaging option or just want to try it out, the benefits are immense. Here are some of the uses of custom clamshell blister boxes:request quote from zigpac

  • Transparent clamshell boxes keep products in full view for a proper examination by customers. But, this makes customers more inclined to patronize your brand. In addition to that, some products sold in a blister pack are drugs, rubber bands, cell phone, USB, CD, phone charger, electronic cable, etc.
  • Moreso, a clamshell box holds the medicine in a cardboard or a plastic sealed case. These medicines are often packaged to avoid mix-ups. Also, it prevents irregularities. You can get a couple of medicine belonging to different individuals and there will be no mix-ups.
  • Besides, these clamshell boxes are excellent for smaller and lighter items. They help to reduce the chances of missed or double doses. For drugs, at certain times this wonderful tool will help you keep to your medication timing. The small compartments of the box secure the products within. It also protects items from getting damaged in transit.
  • Customized clamshell boxes have special designs to fit the product on sale. But, it needs sealing in order for it to remain hygienic. It can be rectangular, square, or otherwise in shape based on the design of the product or item.request quote from zigpac

Benefits to Business Owners

Summarily, here are the major ways clamshell blister boxes can benefit business owners:

  • Opaque box protects light-sensitive products against ultraviolet rays and humidity. The perfect packaging is blisters. It has a hang hole that enables hanging and easily puts the box on display.
  • Furthermore, the good thing about opaque boxes is shelving.
  • Custom clamshell blister box has the name bubble pack or pre-formed plastic packaging. It gets products into the hands of consumers very fast due to its clear-clamshell box display.
  • In addition, they add value to your products.
  • Also, they help to display whatever product you are selling.
  • Moreso, they prevent theft of products.
  • Most importantly, they protect your products.

custom clamshell box

Products Packaged in Custom Clamshell Blister Boxes?

Many industries use clamshell blister packaging for their different product categories. Moreover, some of the products that are often packaged using these boxes include:

  • Automotive
  • Club stores and key retail chains
  • Electronicsrequest quote from zigpac
  • Health and beauty, as well as cosmetics
  • Home improvement, including hardware and tools
  • Household Goods
  • Office and craft supplies
  • Sports and recreation equipment
  • Toys and games

How to Seal Clamshell Boxes

There are different options that are available for sealing clamshell boxes. The main instrument used in doing this is a hand-held direct heat sealer. This sealer offers excellent tamper resistance and protects from theft.

The sealing method used to seal the clamshells – plastic heat-sealing method. By using this method, you will fuse the edges or flanges of the box together.

Using the box is quite easy. It offers merits which most other packaging boxes do not. So, it can be said to be trustworthy and a good means to take care of branding.

clamshell box


Final Thoughts

Custom clamshell boxes are great boxes with benefits for the seller and the buyer. They offer customers the opportunity to shop without guessing what’s in a package. For sellers, products get sold faster as customers can see the content.

The major advantages of the clamshell box are high visibility, top-and eye-catching appeal. Therefore, to get this for your product you need a reliable supplier.request quote from zigpac

So, if you have any demand on custom personalized boxes, feel free to inquire us at Zigpac. We have a lot on offer for these boxes.