Custom decorate felt craft stickers

Custom felt craft stickers are significant for the promotion of businesses, children artwork and passing particular information or message, and more. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and production involves different materials. One of these materials is the felt material.request quote from zigpac

Among all the materials for the production of stickers, felt labels are the best. Production of the felt material involves compressing fabric using heat, moisture, and high pressure. Because of the process used in making it, this material is strong and very durable. If you want to know more about the felt, please click here.

Felt stickers, unlike other labels, have high resistance to humidity and moisture. Use of these stickers can be for indoor and outdoor purposes. You can confidently use them for your desired purpose with no fear that they will get ruined anytime soon.

Properties of Felt Materials

Felt in the sticker itself is a material that is dense and non-woven without any weft or warp. This textile material is made by matting fibers together and then condensing them before finally pressing them together. They are made using either natural fibers like animal fur or wool or using synthetic fibers like petroleum-based acrylic.

Felt materials have a lot of uses in every industry and sector as seen in the sticker. This naturally beautiful and extremely versatile material can be almost anything you want it to be. It has the following unique properties:

  • It is very durable and does not wear out for decades. When it eventually starts showing signs of wear, it still retains its physical properties. Easily polished.request quote from zigpac
  • It cuts very clean and leaves behind a clean edge. The edges will not require finishing.
  • Felt does not fray or ravel.
  • Made hard or soft to suit different uses.
  • Used both indoors and outdoors due to resilience.
  • It is also very resilient and does not lose its strength and other properties for many years. It can be compressed and released so many times without getting deformed.
  • Wool felt is chemical resistant and a natural flame retardant.
  • Wool felt is an eco-friendly and renewable resource.
  • It serves as a perfect sound insulator and vibration damper. It is used in the production of musical instruments mainly as a damper and in industries as vibration or sound damper.
  • An excellent thermal insulator.
  • Felt can be very absorbent and retain a lot of fluids without deteriorating or losing its physical properties.
  • It can also be made to be water repellant.
  • Another awesome property of felt is its astonishing wicking ability.

custom felt stickers

Pros of Using Felt Stickers

Furthermore, for print packages and designs, custom felt stickers produce better bright images and colors. Felt stickers have an outstanding image quality that makes it an excellent platform for publishing high-resolution photos. You can pass your message across a wide range of people at a price that will not stretch your budget.request quote from zigpac

The process for production makes the glue stick better to whatever surface glued on. Most importantly, easy removal of the felt craft stickers makes it a good option without any sticky residue left. That makes it easy to remove it from one surface and attach it to another.

Also, felt craft stickers are perfect for decoration, in creative arts, and for children’s art projects. Their beauty and flexibility make it easier for every age group to customize to personal taste. Also, the message printed on felt stickers last longer than most materials used for the production of other stickers.

How to Use Felt Stickers in Decorating Cards

Felt materials are much loved for their cozy feeling. With this material, you can easily explore your more creative side when decorating books, gifts, or even greeting cards.

The custom felt stickers here will be used in decorating gift cards. They will be Superman Felt Stickers but in different beautiful colors instead of the conventional red and yellow colors. It is pretty easy and children can make it too.

Supplies Needed:

  • ½ lbs. of Felt Scrap Pack (you will need the sticky back pieces)request quote from zigpac
  • Sharp scissors
  • Heavy colored cardstock
  • Markers

Steps to Take:

The ½ lbs. of felt scrap pack is the main supply you will need for this craft. These felt scrap sheets come in different colors, sizes and have an adhesive backing. There is no need to buy so many individual sheets of felt scraps.

Alternatively, you can buy the felt sheets and the adhesive sheets separately. A die with which you will paint the felt material after carving out your desired shape will be necessary.

felt stickers

Here are the steps you should follow in making a Superman custom felt craft sticker:

  • Since you have these felt scraps in many random sizes, you can cut out whatever shape of the sticker you want. If you want to make a Superman Felt Sticker, then you will have to cut out a shield and a letter “S”. You can use any other letter you like.
  • You can cut out as many of these shields for felt stickers and “S”s as you want from the colored scraps you have.
  • If using the separate felt and adhesive sheets, remove the adhesive backing and stick to the cut out felt.
  • Trim the edges of the “S” and the shield shapes to perfection so they will look neat on your cards.
  • Peel the adhesive backing off the letter and place it at the center of the shield. Then do the same for the other letters and shield.
  • After placing the letters on the shields, start making the cards you will stick them on.
  • Fold a heavy cardstock piece in half for felt stickers to form a greeting card. You can get a couple of heavy cardstock pieces in random colors and use them to make these greeting cards.
  • Use a marker to write out simple messages on each of the cards. The color of the card will determine the color of the marker you use so that the message will be readable.
  • Then, take the adhesive backing off the back of the shield stickers you cut out. You can place one or more of these stickers on each of the greeting cards, depending on their sizes. If you are placing more than one sticker on each greeting card, you can make them in different colors.request quote from zigpac
  • Your greeting cards are good to go in just a couple of minutes.


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