Custom die cut vinyl stickers

Custom stickers are pieces of printed plastic, paper, vinyl, or any other material with backing paper on one side. After the peeling of the backing paper, the revealing of the pressure-sensitive adhesive part follows. The sticky part of the custom die cut stickers, or vinyl stickers has no limits to its applied surfaces. The surfaces range from lunchboxes, cars, walls, lockers, to musical instruments.

Custom stickers

The polyvinyl chloride (PVC), sometimes called “vinyl” The popularity of the synthetic plastic polymer goes as far back as 1872. It comes in either a rigid or flexible form. The total production of PVC in every industry totals up to 40 million tonnes of PVC. If you want to know more about PVC, please click here.request quote from zigpac

In its pure form, the die cut sticker is a white and brittle solid that is not soluble in alcohol but a bit soluble in tetrahydrofuran. It has become a favorite for commercial use by many companies because of its economical nature. More so, PVC or Vinyl is sturdy, highly elastic, weather-resistant, affordable, durable, versatile, and a perfect insulator.

The most ideal material for the production of a sticker is PVC.  It has a smooth printing surface that makes it possible to print labels with high quality and multiple colors. Compared to other types of custom stickers, they neither fade nor tear easily.

They have stood the test of time as the most consistent, self-promoting, and affordable method of advertisement. Printing custom stickers on PVC or Vinyl makes them waterproof, resistant to scratches and fading, as well as easy to customize. PVC or Vinyl also makes it possible to have these stickers in many finishing options, including gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finishes.

Benefits of using Custom PVC or Vinyl Stickers

Die cut stickers have extensive uses, which include advertisement, decoration, product identification, and informational purposes. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you use these custom stickers:


  • Mobile advertising

One of the main reasons you should use custom die-cut stickers is their suitability for mobile advertising. They can really stand out on vehicles with the attention-grabbing design that makes them stand out. Once your address and phone numbers are on the body, it becomes easy to promote your business.request quote from zigpac


  • They are long-lasting

Using these vinyl stickers for lettering or designs is great for storefronts. You can ensure accuracy before printing to have perfect lettering on your storefront. The stickers are also very easy to replace without lessening their value.


  • Great for promotional purposes

These custom die cut stickers offer endless benefits in terms of promoting businesses. Their use includes familiarization of people with your brand and even use them as warning labels in industries. Since they are economical and effective, vinyl stickers can promote and pass on information about fundraisers, small-scale businesses and events.


  • Customizable

It is quite easy to custom these stickers with logos, images, slogans, and even letters in order to deliver messages. Customization extends to reduction of the size of your die cut stickers, the fonts made fancier and the lettering changed easily. By doing these, your stickers can be affixed to products or items of different sizes and shapes.

die cut stickers

How to Make a Custom Die Cut Vinyl Stickers

Die cut vinyl stickers are made mostly through a digital process. Although the process is a little longer than other types of stickers, the result is always worth it.


Here are the steps needed to make your stickers:

Tools Neededrequest quote from zigpac

  • A scanner
  • A computer


Steps to Take in Printing the Front of the Sticker

First Part

  • Scan the image you want to custom stickers to be on into Photoshop.
  • Open the image then create a new file for it in Photoshop. To make a sticker that is 4-inches high and 3-inches wide, make the document 4.25-inches high by 3.25-inches wide. A space of 1/8-inches will be required from the artwork in order to make the die-cut. Then 1/8-inches of bleed that goes past the die-cut and will later be trimmed off. An extra 0.25 inches account for this.
  • Ensure that you are in CMYK mode then set the resolution on a minimum of 300dpi. The background should be transparent because the sticker will be printed on clear vinyl.
  • It is likely that the white background of these custom stickers will have stains like stray marks, blood, drips, and sweat. Use the ‘magic wand’ tool to select the white background and add all the closed gaps to the selection.
  • After selecting all the gaps and background, go to “Select Menu” and click on “Inverse”, then Delete. Drag or Copy and Paste the image into the new file to have a background that is clean and transparent.

Second Part

  • You have to create a line to show the printers where exactly to cut each sticker. In order to get this done, create a new layer above the layer of the image. Highlight the new layer and hold Command then click the image layer icon to select the image precisely.
  • In order to expand the selection for the cutting of a die-cut line of 1/8-inch. To do this, choose “Modify” from the “Select” menu, then click on “Expand”. Since the resolution is 300dpi, expand the selection by 38 pixels so that it will be equal to 1/8-inches.
  • Go to “Edit” and click on “Stroke”. Make the stroke 2-3 pixels for a file of 300dpi. You can choose a color like magenta so it will stand out. This will mark the die-cut line and the edge of your sticker. You can label the layer as “Diecut”.
  • Save the file as TIF (layered) and that’s it. Title it “Sticker-Front.tif”.

custom die cut stickers

Steps to Take in Printing the Back of the Sticker

  • For custom-shaped stickers, flip horizontally the front sticker file as well as the die line.
  • Include the graphics in black and white, paying attention to 1/8-inch bleed and safety guidelines.
  • Save the file using the file name “Sticker-Back.tif”.


You can then send this artwork to any online store and place your order. Then wait for the delivery of your beautiful stickers to your address.die cut stickers



Conclusively, custom dies vinyl cut stickers are fit for whatever designs you have in mind. However, for best results, order for your custom die cut stickers from professional label companies. These companies use advanced printing machines and software to quickly design bulk decals.

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