Custom kraft paper notebooks

The interesting thing about this custom kraft paper notebooks is the kind of paper for making the outer cover; also known as the kraft paper. The kraft paper is produced through a process called the kraft process. Also, the pulps made from the kraft process is stronger than the ones produced from other wood pulping processes.request quote from zigpac

Kraft process (know more) reduces the lignin content of the woods, which is the main reason for the strength the paper possesses. Kraft notebooks are usually brown due to the fact that the kraft pulp has a dark coloration.

Types of Kraft Paper Used in Making Notebooks

Kraft paper is a kind of paper or cardboard that is produced from the chemical pulp produced in the kraft process. This strong brown paper is unbleached and has a virgin wood pulp of at least 80 percent. The kraft paper used to make the outer cover of notebooks come in different types, which are:

Sack Kraft Paper

Sack kraft paper, also simply called sack paper, a type of kraft paper that is porous in nature. Its elasticity is high and it is very good at resisting tear. This type of kraft paper is specially designed for packaging products that demand high strength and durability. They are therefore suitable for making the cover of custom kraft paper notebooks.

Printed Kraft Paper

This type of paper is very versatile and of high quality.  Often customized and used for branding, packaging, wrapping, and displaying products in stores. Printed kraft paper can be branded and used to wrap food orders as a cheap way of advertising.

Black Kraft Paper

This is usually used for school projects and, because it is durable, as the backing for picture frames. Its dark color makes it suitable for use as a light barrier and for craft borders.request quote from zigpac

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper in Notebook

This type of paper is in high demand by many industries because of its durability. This paper industry’s heavy lifter is tear-resistant and suitable for heavy-duty applications. Its fiber is clean and it is very affordable, which is why it is preferred for packaging, wrapping, and more. It is also really easy to print on so it is great for branding, hence they are great as custom kraft paper notebooks.

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

This paper is eco-friendly making it the preferred choice by industries for packaging, dunnage, and void filling purposes. They are also used as bottom wraps in newspapers, tray liners, and also for boxes. You can also use them in making kraft notebooks.

custom kraft notebooks

Spinning Kraft Paper in Notebook

This paper is very strong with a comparatively low grammage of about 40 g/m2. It, therefore, requires the use of a machine that has excellent direction strength as well as cross-machine elongation. 

Absorbent Kraft Paper

The absorbent kraft paper that comprises of a high degree of porosity controlled absorbency. Such absorbent kraft paper has low kappa hardwood kraft for good formation and uniformity.request quote from zigpac

Candy Wrapping Kraft Paper and Twisting Kraft Paper

These kraft papers are thin and usually offset or flexo printed. They often need a lot of strength as well as highly oriented fibers. The twisting paper usually comes opaque and super-calendared.

White or Bleached Kraft Paper

This type of kraft paper is often darker than other types of wood pulps. However, bleaching is easy. When fully bleached, its use extends to making high-quality papers requiring whiteness, strength, and resistance to yellowing.

Other uses include packaging and doing other things that require strength and durability. It has a clean and crisp appearance, which makes it popular for use as tablecloths in restaurants.

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Benefits of Using Kraft Paper for a Notebook

  • Kraft Notebook for The Production Process

Kraft paper process is better than that of regular paper production. It is stronger than regular paper. The pulp made through the kraft process is sturdier than those made through other pulping processes. Pulping processes like acidic sulfite processes tend to further degrade cellulose, thereby weakening the fibers. Even mechanical pulping processes tend to leave almost all the lignin together with the fibers.

However, kraft pulping makes sure most of the lignin in the wood is removed. Note that for a paper to be very strong, the lignin should below. Lignin has a hydrophobic nature which interferes with the request quote from zigpacformation of hydrogen bonds between the cellulose in the fibers.

  • For Packaging

Kraft paper’s features include durable, flexible, and has a coarse texture, which protects whatever package. Also, it is not heavy so it does not add to the shipping costs by adding weight to the package.

  • Kraft Notebook For Business

Kraft envelopes, cases, and notebooks last longer. This is because Kraft has durability and hard-wearing features compared to other paper materials.

You can even use these papers to make business cards that are environmentally friendly. Its natural high quality will make your business cards look simple and universally appealing. Its unique look will also draw more attention from people.

Clients who are environmentally conscious will love your effort in protecting the environment and patronize you more.

  • For Wrapping Gifts

Krafts are so versatile that their use extends to wrapping gifts. They are more conducive to use than colored and textured papers because of the ease to design and embellish. It is also a more affordable option for wrapping gifts at events.

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Steps in Making a Kraft Notebook

In between the kraft paper are white sheets of horizontal rulings. The bonding occurs with the aid of glue, spiral rings or staple pins. This notebook has different styles and sizes depending on its use.request quote from zigpac

Some of the kraft notebooks have a hook to fix a ballpoint. Some others are made to have a little pocket inside them. Imagine having a notebook that has space for taking notes, a pen hook, a pocket, and sticker papers attached inside!

The pocket can carry your Identity cards, passports, and another flat sheet – Is that not amazing? Making of the kraft notebook has no location restrictions. With that, you stand a chance to give it any style you want.

The most uncomplicated style to make is the one in which the pages are together with the aid of staple pins. To make this note, all you need are the kraft paper, blank printing sheets, a stapler, and a cutter. Also, have in mind the size of the kraft notebook you want to make.


Afterward, horizontal print lines on the blank white sheets, place together and fold them in half. Then using a cutter, trim the edges to the size you want. Sandwich them inside the folded kraft paper and staple everything together.request quote from zigpac

Your notebook is ready. You can take all the notes you want with your custom kraft paper notebooks. If you have any demand on kraft paper notebooks, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.