Custom logo recyclable garbage bags

A custom recyclable garbage bag is also known as a disposable bag used to store rubbish, most trash pouch logo comprises of plastic. Advisable use for lining the insides of wastebaskets or containers to prevent coating in waste products.

Recycling plastic bags help to reduce the amount of energy and raw materials used. They also help to reduce pollution and wastes produced, while providing other benefits. Custom logo recyclable garbage bags used to advertise a particular brand or business.request quote from zigpac

Features of a Container for Trash

Trash pouches mostly blue or black in color and used in different parts of the world. Homes and businesses conveniently dispose of wastes in these bags. When filled, seal the pouch and keep appropriately outside for waste management workers to dispose of.

Often semi-transparent bags used for putting wastes for recycling. The distinguishing blue color of these recyclable garbage bags makes it easier for recycling programs to identify them.

 Furthermore, the design of the custom garbage bags logo for promotional purposes is simple. Having one of these custom logo recyclable garbage bags can go a long way in bringing in more customers.

Plastic bags are great for handling garbage in a sanitary manner. Strategically keep the bags on the side-walks in the streets by attaching them to a garbage holder. With disposables placed on sidewalks, they sanitize the streets and make them healthier to live in.

Wrapped up trash minimizes odor and environmental pollution. Though plastics are not entirely safe for the environment because they are non-biodegradable, they are the best for garbage packaging. Business owners and consumers cannot do without these pouches.

Garbage bags are conveniently handy and functional for specific purposes. When in plastic form, they are easily disposable and also quicker to open, stock, and double up.

Plastic garbage bags are stronger than paper bags. This is because plastics are water and moisture-resistant and can hold up more trash and weight than paper bags. Aside from this point, reusable cloth bags and paper bags take up more space and easily get heavier than plastic bags.request quote from zigpac


In addition, plastic garbage bags are durable and can withstand weather fluctuations. We all need products that will give us good value for our money, and plastic garbage bags will do so. More so, these bags are less vulnerable to wear and tear and are also resistant to most chemicals.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Recyclable Garbage Bag

  • The Material used to make the Garbage Bag

Manufactured trash pouch comprises of polyethylene plastic material either low density or high density. Low-density polyethylene plastic is often stronger, thicker, and more flexible than the high-density ones.

Polyethylene plastic is a petroleum-based polymer that is suitable for trash pouch. This is because, depending on the strength and thickness of the pouch, they will not tear easily.request quote from zigpac

  • Color of the Garbage Bag

Recyclable trash pouches made using recycled plastic waste (know more) like polyethylene PE. Hence, they can be dyed into different types of colors, which is quite easy to do.

There are a lot of reasons people pick trash pouch with black or dark grey colors. Most times, the color of the trash pouch could also demarcate the different kinds of bags. Blue bags are often used to show recycling bags, while green bags are often used for compost.

The black color of the garbage bag helps to protect privacy. When the trash pouches are transparent, people will easily see the contents of the bag. A non-transparent pouch will keep your thrash hidden. 

  • Size of the Garbage Bag

Waste bags come in black color and transparent form, differing in shape and size. Small garbage bags are often 0 – 9 gallons, while normal ones are 10 – 29 gallons. The larger garbage bags can be 30 gallons and beyond.

The size of your trash pouch often depends on the side as well as the shape of the garbage can. When used in a standard kitchen, a trash bag of about 13 gallons will be perfect.

recyclable garbage bag



  • Strength of the Garbage Bag

If your bag has ever burst while being taken out of the trash can, you know the mess it creates. This often happens when you have a full garbage bag that is not strong enough to take the load. Sometimes, the bag could be too thin and get torn by a sharp or hard piece of garbage in it.

In order to prevent such messy disasters from happening, the recyclable bag you choose for your trash should be strong. They should also be sturdy and have the ability to stretch without tearing apart. The pouch you choose should be able to resist a couple of punctures from the items inside it.

Addition to getting a strong and sturdy trash pouch, you should not fill the bag up too much. A bag that is too full will have higher chances of getting torn. Also, you can make air openings in the trash can to prevent creating a vacuum while taking out the bag.request quote from zigpac

  • Get Fresh Smelling Garbage Bags

Trash stinks, especially when it is filled with kitchen waste.  There is some new pouch that could help mask this smell and make your environment smell better.

Trash pouches that come with scent could help mask the smell emanating from your trash can. These trash pouches can help to control the stench for a couple of days until you can throw it out.

  • Custom Recyclable Garbage Bags

You can also get your garbage bags specially designed for your trash can so they fit perfectly. Having custom logo recyclable trash pouch will give your environment some more class. You can place these bags in any part of the house conveniently.

garbage bags


Reasons for Using Recyclable Garbage Bags

Recyclable trash pouches are often used for packaging plastics and food scraps which are often recyclables.

  • Help to reduce waste
  • They reduce oil consumption
  • They encourage sustainability and are environmentally consciousrequest quote from zigpac
  •  Save energy
  • They are long-lasting
  • They are convenient, efficient, and comfortable
  • Items do not easily fall out of the bag


In conclusion, the plastic recyclable trash pouch remains the best option for packaging and transporting wastes to their appropriate destination. It will not cost you much to get your custom trash pouch logo imprinted to promote your business. To know more about customizing your garbage bag, contact Zigpac.