Custom metallic metal car stickers

Custom metallic metal car stickers, also known as a metal nameplate. They comprise of metal labels or placard. Known for their security and readability. So, due to the increased durability and resistance characteristics provided. So, they have limitless uses.request quote from zigpac

Also, have re-writable use in applications. For example:
  • confirmation of receipt,
  • asset relocation,
  • inspection.
If you want to know more about the nameplate, please click here.
These stickers are a durable, flexible solution that stays in place over time. Due to its characteristics, they serve as the first choice in environments. Metal car stickers have fire resistance, corrosion resistance. And also have high-temperature resistance ability.

Use of Metal Stickers

  • Metal car stickers help convey messages by:
  • promoting your company brand,
  • also to communicate critical product information.
  • the information conveyed includes serial numbers,
  • safety/warning, as well as 2D barcode information.
  • They also have durable features.
  • They can serve as an essential component of asset tracking systems.request quote from zigpac
  • This enables organizations to record, and
  • watch moveable assets in the organization.
  • Metal stickers aid in maintenance monitoring.
  • Also may reduce repair and replacement costs.
  • That is when used for asset monitoring.
  • Custom metallic stickers work as valuable loss prevention tools.
  • This is because they allow organizations to keep tighter control over assets.
  • These assets are rarely in the same location.
  • As a result, this helps to deter theft of high-value assets.
  • Assets labeled with these metals have less theft frequency, or
  • A transfer without authorization.
  • Organizations that have control over their assets
  • They can schedule use across departments.
  • They also reduce the need to buy extra or duplicate assets.
  • Most metal car stickers have resistance to chemicals.
  • Also solvents, and abrasion.
  • Also can withstand exterior exposure in harsh environments.
  • It is resistant to extreme cold, heat, and UV rays
Using these labels is very easy. All you need to do is write down your information in the blocks with the aid of a paint pen or permanent marker. You can clean it with isopropyl alcohol to change or update your information.
custom metallic stickers

Common Materials Used in Making Custom Metallic Metal Car Stickers

There are a lot of materials used in making custom metallic stickers. Each metal has:
  • different strength,
  • reactive properties, and
  • weather-ability.
You should consider before selecting your car sticker. The substrates listed here will provide the foundation you will need:

Stainless Steel for Metal Car Stickers

Commonly used substrates for
  • plate fabrication,
  • and metal etching.request quote from zigpac

Features include:

  • Very durable and,
  • stain-resistant to most environmental taints,
  • moisture-related damage, and
  • corrosions.
  • It has a natural metallic sheen and clean finish 
  • gives you a lot of value for your money.


This is the second most used car sticker base metals. 
Features include:
  • Firstly, it is cost-effective.
  • Aluminum is malleable,
  • very light, and
  • the least dense pure metal features.
  • Also has a natural coloration.
  • It is ideal for stickers that need intricate detailing, shaping, and etching.
custom metallic stickers

Brass for Metal Car Stickers

Features include:
  • Most luxe and decorative metal sticker
  • with distinct coloration.
  • Color ranges from gold to scarlet.
  • It is malleable and
  • durable from its copper and zinc-alloy base.
  • Makes it great for professional and commercial uses.

Bronzerequest quote from zigpac

  • The copper-based item features:
  • mixed with aluminum, tin, or manganese.
  • It helps increase its strength 
  • reinforce resistance properties.
  • It has a dark substrate used in metallic stickers
  • applied on aesthetics.
  • Also helps brand features.

Cold-Rolled Steel (CRS) for Metal Car Stickers

  • Also called cold-formed steel.
  • This common production technique
  • makes use of low temperatures. 
  • change steel in its finished form.
  • This substrate is maintenance-friendly 
  • tough for use in different metal stickers.


  • This is an alloy
  • it is nickel-dominant
  • made of mostly copper and nickel.
  • increases durability,
  • strengthens sturdiness,
  • has anti-corrosive properties.
  • It contains traces of metal.
  • Metals include silicon, iron, and carbon.
Great for stickers that should hold up to rain, wind, and other environmental elements.request quote from zigpac

Nickel-Silver for Metal Car Stickers

  • Firstly, it is a cost-competitive substrate
  • secondly, has soft properties.
  • Then, It has used for aesthetics
  • Finally, because of its shiny looks and silver sheen, it is popular.


  • Zinc changes color after some time.
  • It also reacts to chemicals.
  • Also, it reacts to moisture
  • Reacts to other environmental factors.
  • It is quite soft
  • and also malleable.
  • Also responds well to decorative
  • as well as embellishments, iconography, and more.

metal car stickers


Things to Consider When Choosing a Metallic Metal Car Sticker

It is important to know the factors to consider. When for selecting a metal car sticker. Apart from the right and long-lasting other factors include:

Adhesives or Fasteners

  • You should know the part of the car you want to mount the metal sticker on.
  • The part of the car you adhere to the sticker.
  • Also determines how long it will last without falling off.
  • The adhesive backings for car stickers will bind the metal stickers. That is to the car.
  • They also help to influence the workable dimensions.

Dimensions of Metal Car Stickerscustom metallic stickers

  • It is important to relay the length, height, and shape of metal car stickers. That is while ordering.
  • With these variables, you can know the substrate that works for the dimensions.
  • Equally important, you should also decide on the details.
  • That is, to add to your finished product. For example like rounded corners or scalloped edges.

Environmental Conditions

  • To ensure the durability of your sticker, you will need to consider the wear-and-tear.
  • Consequently, that is what your sticker will be subjected to.
  • Will the part of the car you place the sticker have exposure.
  • That is, to water, chemicals, air, or oils? You may want to review placing the car sticker in winter.
  • In the same way, this is because of excessive snow. As well as other forms of precipitation.


  • Depending on the part of the car you apply the metal sticker on.
  • It may be important to laminate it. Some other protective coating can also be used.
  • This is to increase the durability of the sticker and its lifespan.
  • You could also add finishes for visual effect.
  • This way, the sticker will stand out more.

Product Material of Metal Car Stickers

  • The kind of substrate you choose for your metal sticker depends on what you intend to use it for.
  • If it will be placed outside the car and exposed to the elements. It should be made of stainless steel.
  • This metal base is anti-corrosive and elemental-resistant.
For placement of metal stickers inside the car, choose:
  • malleability and color
  • over durability.
metal car stickers

Design your sticker

    • Firstly, design your sticker using any image, design, text, or logo you like.
    • Secondly, run the Microsoft Word software and open up a new document.
    • Next, insert a text box,
    • Then, right-click on it,
    • Eventually, add text.
    • For an image, click on the textbox
    • and insert a picture from either clipart or a file.
    • Choose the picture you want.
    • Insert it in the text box so you can easily move the image around.
    • You can also easily adjust it to any size you want.
    • Alternatively, you can scan any physical design or photograph you have.
    • Into the computer then format it on Word.custom metallic stickers

Remove the backing of the metal sticker

    • When you want to use the metal sticker,
    • Finally, simply peel off the protective liner of the paper.
    • You can then adhere the sticker to any flat, dry surface you want.

Metal Stickers Are Durable

These custom metal stickers are shatterproof, unlike mirrors. Your children could play ball outdoors without fear of breaking your sticker. With these metal stickers, you do not have to worry about the damage and your money wasted.

Car Stickers Are Reusable

The adhesives placed on these astonishing car stickers are very sticky. Hence, whenever you get bored seeing these stickers in a particular location, you can easily place them elsewhere. In addition, the stickers are repositionable and perfect for rental properties.

They do not mess up the place at all. They leave no leftover adhesives on the wall so you can take them off and place them anywhere you want. There will be no reason to have to clean up the entire room while installing and removing these car stickers.


This makes it safe enough to be placed on the walls of to ’s cars. The stickers can also be placed on bus walls and other places where transport is. You can be assured that the stickers will not in any way cause any damage or harm anyone.


Conclusionmetal car stickers

Custom metallic metal car stickers serve as the perfect choice for premium brands. That is when you need something promotional or branding purposes. If you want to get quotes of custom metal stickers. Please feel free to contact Zigpac right away. And also we can supply you the custom car tire lettering sticker!