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Good packaging material should be able to contain, identify, describe, protect, and promote. Additionally, it should keep the product clean and very presentable. In the end, the product should be safe and marketable by the time of removing the packaging/packing tape. If you want to get custom packing tape best price, welcome to Zigpac for more info.request quote from zigpac


A packing tape also referred to as box-sealing tape or parcel tape, is a tape that is sensitive to pressure. Its main function is to seal or close boxes made of corrugated fiberboard. It comprises of pressure-sensitive and coated adhesive on a backing material made of mostly polyester film.


Placement of the tape on a long (machine) direction in a cross direction for the purpose of securing the package. If you want to know more about the packing tapes, please click here.

Benefits/ Advantages of the Use of packing tape


The packaging is not just about making your product to have a pretty face – No! Your packaging design should be able to protect the product during shipment until it gets to the final consumers. Packing tape has its advantages, and they include the following:


  • One of them happens to be enabling customers to have the chance to preview products before purchase. Easy removal of the tape to unravel the package. More so, the box can be reclosed and taped again after examination by the customer.request quote from zigpac


  • This tape is also useful if the product will travel a long distance before arriving at its desired destination. Additionally, packing tape can hold products together, including bulky products. In other words, it can help packages to endure rough handling without damaging the packaged product.


  • Moreover, a packaging label helps to protect packages from their production point to the store. Taping of the box ensures the product has adequate protection before customers buy them from the store.


  • Another good thing about packing tape is that allows for the use of different printing methods. A custom packing tape will help to include vital information about the product. Such information includes an expiry date, production date, serial number, details on how to open the product, and so on.


  • Additionally, it helps to protect products from weather and water due to the type of material used.


  • Finally, it can be used by anyone because it is so easy to apply to packaged products. It also saves time because it holds packages together instantly without waiting for some time for it to dry. 

custom packing tape

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Custom Packing Tape

The tape is not just tape. It is vital that companies using packing tapes choose the right tape with the right strength for sealing their cartons.  Picking the right packing tape for your business can be a bit tricky and is not always an easy task.


Here are some factors to put into consideration when choosing a custom packing tape:

Length of the package needing the packaging tape

Long packages with contents that are heavy will require wider and stronger tapes. However, a packing tape of about 2 inches will be ideal for packages that contain lighter content.request quote from zigpac

The stability of the contents in the package

You should also consider how stable the package contents are. Contents that shift inside a package usually cause a lot of stress on the center of the package’s seal. Therefore, a tape that is wider and stronger should be considered.

For instance, Scotch 371 packing tape can be used for contents that are stable and do not shift. Excessive or unstable shifting can go with Scotch 375 packing tape. Meanwhile, Scotch 372 packing tape also serves for normal or minimal shifting.

Strength of the box or packaging tape

The box flaps of heavy board boxes usually have higher strength and tend to put more pressure on tape seals. Such heavy board boxes require tapes that have adhesives with high shear strength. If the boxes features look rough and corrugated, their washboard surfaces often require adhesives with special high tack.

There are two forms of measurement for the measurement of box strength and they are:

  • Edge crush test: This is the standardized measurement of a column of corrugated board’s compression strength. Measurement units are in ECT. Therefore, if a piece of cardboard is said to have 32 ECT, it means the cardboard can withstand 32 lbs. This is per square inch before it is crushed when the board is placed on edge.
  • Burst test (Mullen test): This serves as the force of pounds per square inch required in bursting the cardboard box’s side.

custom packing tape

The value of the contents packaged

Packing tape that is stronger and wider should be used for packages which have contents that are considered valuable. Such tapes will ensure the package arrives at its destination safely and properly sealed.request quote from zigpac

The weight of the package

It is normal for heavier loads to put more stress on the package. Therefore the packing tape for heavier loads must be stronger and wider than others. For instance, Scotch 375 packing tape best price is recommended for packages weighing over 40 lbs.

Width of the package

A tape of 2 inches is perfect for packages that are up to 24 inches wide. A 2-inch tape is perfect for packages with contents that are not too heavy or those containing sharp edges. However, if the package is more than 24 inches, you should consider a tape that is wider and stronger.

Shipping method

Individually shipped cartons usually have a lot of pressure put on them because of individual handling. Cartons that are shipped on pallets are often shipped as the unitized load that put less pressure on each carton.

packing tape best price

Weather condition

It is important to consider temperatures, moisture, and sunlight when choosing the right packing tape for shipping. This because they all have an impact on the seal of these tapes.request quote from zigpac


Final Thoughts

Packing tape is widely used in mail services, package delivery, and also general sealing and enclosing. The most common of these tapes is the brown-colored and translucent type. However, a custom packing tape best price can be customized to have patterns or messages written on them.

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