Custom personalised wax seal stickers

Sealing wax label is a material of a seal which, after melting, hardens quickly to paper, ribbons, and other stuff.  Subsequent, the custom personalized wax seal stickers then form an inseparable bond. Moreover, this is by far a better way to seal instead of the old-fashioned melting spoons and stamps. And Zigpac request quote from zigpaccan supply you wax seal stickers what you really want.

Another important thing to note is that the adhesive backing allows you to adhere to the wax seal decal to your bags, boxes, cartons, products, and stationery. The result is a rare and beautiful finish.

In addition, a wax seal label saves one the time and effort in hand-sealing an envelope. Furthermore, It has an adhesive backing for easy and fast application. Most times, it comes with an engraving on the other side of the metal that looks like a coin. If you want to get info about sealing wax, please click here.

Use of Wax Seal Stickers

  • Firstly, people use wax seal stickers, most commonly for stationery and product packaging. A sealing wax bead is best for making custom wax seal stickers. More so, it comes in different colors and finishes.
  • In addition, within our homes, these custom personalized wax seal stickers are similar to some short notes stuck to a refrigerator or other surfaces. The purpose is usually to pass information or form a hall of fame. Other uses include holding signs in place for future references.request quote from zigpac
  • Apart from our homes, wax seal stickers are in a business environment and school premises. They are used in place of thumb-pins most of the time.
  • Another significant advantage of this decal is that it is very easy to use and saves a lot of time. All you need to do is get your preferred wax seal sticker, then tear off the protective paper at the back. Place it immediately on the part you intend to seal or decorate, then use your finger to smoothen it out
  • Moreover, the importance of custom personalized wax seal stickers includes sealing envelopes, invitations, personal correspondence, party, and wedding invitations.
  • In addition, other uses for these long-lasting stickers are sticking seating charts on a surface, name tags, love letters, and many more.  Furthermore, these stickers are good for placement just about anywhere you will like to decorate. If you have any request or question, feel free to contact Zigpac for help!

wax seal stickers

How To Make Custom Wax Seal Stickers

Furthermore, We live in a time and age where living without email seems unimaginable. However, finding a letter or an invite in your mailbox is quite momentous. Therefore, if you would like to create your wax seal stickers, there are fast and simple ways to do so.

Here are 4 different ways to make the perfect wax seal sticker for your envelops and letters:

Method 1:       Using a Sticker Sheet and Hot Glue Gun

Materials Needed:

  • Melting wax
  • Wax heating tool. You can choose one of the following:
    • Wax hot glue gunrequest quote from zigpac
    • Wax melting spoon with a tealight candle
    • A wax melting pot with a tealight candle
    • Wax stick with a wick in it
  • A wax stamper
  • Glue: You can choose one of the following:
    • A glue stick
    • Double-sided tape
    • Liquid glue
    • Adhesive runner tape



  • Firstly, get an already-used wax seal sticker sheet. To work on its sticky side, place the non-stick surface on your work table.
  • Light the tealight candle if you intend to use a melting pot or melting spoon. If you are using a hot glue gun, plug it in and set on low temperature.
  • Melt the wax onto the seal sticker sheet.
  • Put the stamper on top of the wax in the usual manner.
  • As soon as the wax dries, take it off the sticker sheet. You can stick the wax seal to your envelopes or invitations.

custom wax seal stickers

Method 2:       Candle and Spoon

Materials Needed:

  • Candle
  • Spoon
  • A cutting knife
  • Sealing wax beadsrequest quote from zigpac
  • A seal stamp
  • A wet towel or cool water



  • If you would rather make use of a candle and spoon, first cut the sealing wax for the sticker into tiny pieces. These pieces should be about 0.8 – 1cm in order to easily control the amount of wax for each seal. If you choose to use sealing wax beads, two beads should be alright for a seal.
  • Each of the sticker sealing waxes can make about 8 seals for a standard size wax seal of about 20-30mm.
  • Subsequently, drip the wax and slowly stamp on it so as to avoid having air bubbles.
  • But, before removing the seal stamp from the imprint, first, apply some more force on it. This will make the imprint clearer. However, this should not be done at the beginning, else the seal will get thinner and look bad.
  • After this, do not rush to do the next stamping. Allow the wax sticker seal stamp cool down for a short while. When the seal is getting too hot, it takes too much time for it to form the desired shape. A wet towel or cool water can be used to cool the stamp down after you do each stamping. This will save you a lot of time.
  • In addition, you can then use a metallic marker to polish the part of the seal that is raised. This will make the design stand out better and is sure to impress whoever receives it.

personalized wax seal stickers

Method 3:       Using an Electric Hot Plate

Materials Needed:

  • A wax seal stamp
  • Sealing wax
  • Foil paper
  • An electric hot platerequest quote from zigpac


  • Place the sealing wax inside the hot plate’s holder.
  • Connect the hot plate to a socket to heat it up.
  • Allow the sealing wax melt for around 3 – 5 minutes. This meeting time is a bit shorter after the plate has been warmed up.
  • Slowly and evenly drip the wax on the design area, making sure to avoid air bubbles forming on the wax.
  • A small coin size of 15-20mm sealing wax will be sufficient for a standard size wax seal stamp of 25-30mm.
  • Slowly stamp on the melting wax to avoid the formation of bubbles on the imprint.
  • Allow the stamp and seal to cool down for about 10-20 minutes.
  • Increase the force applied on the stamp so that it will imprint clearly.
  • Take the stamp off slowly.
  • Allow the stamp cool down for some time before working on a new seal.

custom wax seal stickers

Method 4:       Order for Your Personalized Wax Seal Stickers on Zigpac

This is the easiest way of getting your custom personalized wax seal stickers. Zigpac provides excellent service by designing, producing, and making your wax seal stickers. Also, their stickers come double-sided with a tape attached to its back. All you need to do is peel off the tape and stick to the envelope or invitation card.request quote from zigpac


Feel free to contact Zigpac for help!