Custom printed corrugated mailer boxes

Corrugated custom printed mailer boxes are quite common in the world of warehouses. Their use extends to distribution centers and shipping companies. They comprise of three layers the inside liner, outsider liner, and fluting in the middle. The two outer sheets are flatliners while the sheet at the middle has an undulated or ripple shape.

To create the board, you need sheets of paper and glue. Make use of the glue to join the paper. The result is the board. But, extra processing has to come in to make it a sturdy structure.request quote from zigpac
Custom mailer boxes comprise of heavy-duty material. This is the standard box for transport in most industries. Very strong materials go into making these corrugated boards. As such, they can withstand long journeys. The boxes maintain the quality of the products placed inside until arrival.
Custom printed mailer boxes, known as box containers provide protection. They come in either triangular form, rectangular form, square form, or circular form. These boxes have a very shiny or glowing surface, which makes them very attractive to behold.

Use of a Custom Mailer Box

The primary use of mailing with these boxes ensures the product meets the intended user. One pro about these corrugated mailer boxes happens to be the customization possibilities. As a result, most companies use it for advertising and marketing. Unlike other forms of advertising, these customized containers attract customers at a high rate.
In marketing and branding, the attraction is a good thing. Custom printed mailer boxes help to bring about more customers and, higher sale.request quote from zigpac
Using a box for mailing as packaging is not as expensive. These boxes are quite easy to come by, save cost, and can be an effective way of enhancing your products. More so, it is a great way to make customers recognize your product anywhere in the world easily.
Another benefit of these printed custom mailer boxes is the reduction in returns. The products have protection such that the chances of damage during transportation reduces. This happens when the company can vouch for the trustworthiness of their containers. So, the custom mailer boxes keep products intact throughout its journey.

They are also environmentally friendly. They do not affect products, especially during transport of edible products. The material is free from chemicals that poison the box contents. If this happens, there will be a lot of casualties. If you want to know more info about the box, please click here.

corrugated mailer boxes

The Role of Corrugated Mailer Boxes in Major Industries

Many industries have to package their products before sending them off to customers. Since packaging is a way of brand promotion, these printed mailer boxes offer a great avenue. Also, custom mail cases offer protection, customizability, durability, and flexibility.
Here are some of the major industries that almost always use printed mailer boxes:

Consumer Durablesrequest quote from zigpac

The consumer durables need hefty investment because they usually last a lifetime. These consumer durables include all manner of major household appliances. When a consumer pays a huge sum for these products, they expect properly packaged boxes.
They also want state of the art packaging. This extends to products and reduces damages caused by impact. Due to the packaging of products, consumers will display more loyalty to a brand.


The packaging of an electronic product often determines the sale. For premium electronics, the packaging has to be top-notch. It also needs sturdiness so the customer will feel confident buying it. Electronic products have sensitive materials and suffer damage if bumped while shipping.
Electronic products are competitive, hence, the packaging has to be attractive and reliable. These boxes also guarantee visual branding for electronic companies. Even retailers stress the need for high-quality corrugated packaging.request quote from zigpac

Fruits and Vegetables

The fruits and vegetable industry is one that takes its packaging serious. Because it is part of the everyday diet. Customers expect their food transported in a package-free from health hazards. Hygiene is, thus, a key factor in this industry.
Since these food products are perishable their durability is dependent on the packaging. This industry emphasizes the need for the right packaging. This is to preserve the freshness of these products. At least until they reach consumers. With the right packaging, these products stay protected from the elements.

Glassware and Crockery

Fragile products made of glass and crockery need safe transport. To ship them, they need many layers of protection while packaging them.
With the use of custom corrugated mailer boxes, a lot of impacts will be absorbed to keep the products safe. These boxes can cater to any type of road condition. Especially those in developing or underdeveloped countries. With these boxes, all manner of fragile goods is safe through bad roads to their destination.request quote from zigpac

Processed Foods and Beverages

Over time, the demand for beverages and processed food has greatly increased. A lot of people now opt for this type of food and even go as far as ordering them online. Since people now have to order for these products, proper packaging is essential.
Faulty packaging of processed foods and beverages could damage the products. Sometimes also cause health hazards. Due to the long shipping time, customers are relying on the packaging to be hygienic. The quality of corrugated mailer cases convinces a customer that the supplier is reliable.
corrugated mailer boxes

Benefits of Mailer Cases

Branding with Custom Mail Cases

Want to ensure customers remember you? The mailer case offers you that opportunity.
As your design, color, and brand remain on the boxes, customers will have you in mind.


You can advertise things such as your location and the service rendered on the mailer cases.request quote from zigpac
It is a cheap but effective marketing tool.

Stand Out with Custom Mail Cases

To ensure you are not confused with competitors, a mailer case proves handy. All you need to do is stick your logo, unique design, and color.
Thus, there is no risk of being mistaken for rivals.

Develop a Professional Image

Dress the way you want to address is what we often say. The same applies to product packaging. With a nice mailer case, customers take your brand seriously.
custom printed mailer boxes

When Should You Consider Custom Mailer Cases

  • The better shopping experience for customers
Want to ensure that packages bought from your store get to customers intact? Use a custom mailer case. With the boxes, you do not have to worry about the tamper of products.
As a result, when customers receive their orders, there is great satisfaction.request quote from zigpac
  • Extended shipping time
If it is certain that the transport of goods to customers will go beyond three weeks use them. Why use custom mail cases? To reduce the risk of damage to goods.
So, regardless of the length of shipping time, your customers have confidence.
  • Secure product packaging
Perishables and glass products in transit face a lot of issues that lead to damage. With a strong mailer case, the chance of this reduces.
No risk of moisture leakages or damage to the glass.
  • Need for greater brand awareness
To ensure that your brand remains within the memory of customers use the custom mailer boxes.
By using your logo, design and your information on the box, it is easy to achieve.
  • Solidify customer relationship

A consistent brand has a love of customers. The use of custom mailer cases is one way of securing this. Thus, they know who to look out for when buying certain products.

printed mailer boxes



At the end of the day, your use determines if you go for the custom boxes. Using them gets you a lot of benefits.

For the products in pallets, the mailer boxes are just the best for it. This is because mailer boxes can stack nicely and neatly in a pallet. This helps in maximizing the space you have available at the warehouse. For free quotes of custom printed corrugated mailer cases, contact Zigpac right away.