Custom printed cosmetic bags

Cosmetics are now a major part of the modern woman’s life. Women tend to go everywhere with their cosmetics. These cosmetics can be so many that it sometimes becomes quite difficult to find one when you need it then, the need for custom printed cosmetic bags arise.

Having one of these custom printed cosmetic bags makes your life a lot easier. Apart from putting your cosmetics in them, these custom cosmetic bags can also be used for storing other items.

Uses of a Bag for Makeup

Choosing a container to keep your makeups is important for organizing your cosmetic items. A properly organized make up can make one save time and avoid unnecessary stress. With custom printed cosmetic bags (know more), your cosmetics are no longer a problem.

This bag helps to organize your make up in one place. It also helps to protect other stuff that you carry about from getting smeared accidentally when you are in transit. With a good container in place, you will not have to worry about your cosmetics staining your clothes.

Another good benefit of a bag for makeup is that it helps to separate and organize different cosmetic products. With a cosmetic bag, make-up can be arranged according to their use, function, and size. For instance, the lipsticks can all be kept together, while the eyeshadows can be stored together.

When your makeup is neatly arranged, you will easily reach anyone you want to use without wasting time. Apart from helping to save time, they also help us to save space, instead of having your cosmetics littered around.

Custom cosmetic bags come in different sizes, shapes, and colors; there are so many options available. With this variety, it helps to make a fashion statement.

One can use these bags to match with clothes and shoes they are wearing. Hence, making it not just a cosmetic carrier but also a fashion item. Also, some kits are small to even fit into most handbags.

If you do not want to carry an extra bag, you can carry the makeup holder in your main bag.

How to Choose the Best Cosmetic Bag

A lot of thought should go into choosing a makeup holder that will be perfect for you. With the right bag, your items will be easier to locate and use. Here are some points to consider before choosing a cosmetic bag:

Know the kind of custom printed cosmetic bag you will like to have

You need to know if the cosmetic bag is for everyday use or just for travel purposes. The size you go for will depend on your routine.

A smaller bag with one compartment will be best if you need a bag you can throw into your purse. A larger bag with many compartments will be best for travels so it can take your entire makeup. Professional makeup artists will require larger bags to hold their entire kit when they go for jobs.

Figure out how sturdy the bag should be

Generally, cosmetic bags used for daily makeup comprise of soft-styling and do not have durability. If these bags are for travel, choose one that has a hard exterior. Bags with hard exteriors will protect the cosmetics in them from breaking in a vehicle.

Choose the right materials and design for your cosmetic bag

Some cosmetics come in liquid form and could break inside the bag, thereby damaging the bag or leaking out. It is important that you choose a bag that is waterproof. Such bags come with waterproof fabric such as polyester, nylon, and vinyl.

Dividers are very important for cosmetic bags meant for travel purposes. Multiple compartments will keep your bag more organized and help you do your make up faster. Even daily cosmetic bags need compartments to separate some items and help you locate individual cosmetics faster.

Additionally, the bag you choose should have a lining that is easy to clean since mess is inevitable. A mess can come from your powder, lipstick, eyeliner, cream, liquid products, or some other cosmetic product. Choose a bag with a liner you can easily clean up with soap and water.

Cosmetic bags with vinyl lining are often very easy to clean and care for.

custom printed cosmetic bags

How to Make a Cosmetic Bag

There is a fun and easy way to make a custom printed makeup holder for storing your cosmetics. Here are the few steps to take:

Materials You Will Need

  • 2 pieces of fabric for the bag’s exterior (7½ by 5 inches)
  • 2 pieces of fabric for the bag’s lining (7½ by 5 inches)
  • 1-9 inch of zipper
  • Fabric glue
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Thread

Steps to Take

  • Get one piece of the exterior fabric, one piece of lining fabric, and a zipper. Keep the exterior fabric with its right side up, with your zipper placed upside down on the fabric. Then place the piece of lining fabric on top with its wrong side up.
  • Ensure good line up before you pin all the layers into place. Stitch them together along the top.
  • After making the stitches, flip the two layers over so you can layer and stitch the zipper’s other side. Place the exterior fabric with its right side up, then place the zipper on top (with the fabric now attached). Then place the lining fabric on top of it with its wrong side up. Pin this and stitch it along the top.
  • Flip the two fabric lining pieces to one side, with the exterior fabric layers to the other side.
  • Leaving a gap of about 2 inches, sew the lining along its sides and bottom. You will need this gap when the cosmetic bag is turned inside out.
  • Unzip the zipper a bit beyond halfway before sewing the exterior fabric’s sides and bottom. This time around, do not leave any gaps.
  • Grab the exterior fabric by the 2-inch gap left earlier and pull it through. While doing this, the lining will stay right where it should be. Just use the tip of a pair of scissors to push the bottom corners of the bag out.
  • Your custom printed cosmetic bag is ready.

cosmetic bag

How to Organize Your Cosmetic Bag

A well-organized cosmetic bag will make you feel free and save you from unnecessary stress. Here are some tips for organizing your custom cosmetic bags:

  • Always use plastic bags inside your cosmetic bag

Separating your items is a great way to keep your cosmetic bag organized. You can place some of your items or products in small plastic bags that are sealable. Since some products are fragile and liquid, place them in a plastic bag to avoid staining your bag.

Alternatively, you can use smaller cosmetic bags with zippers to place inside larger bags.

  • Make sure you pack items that are multipurpose

Include products that have multipurpose functions in your bag to avoid jamming your cosmetic bag.

  • Get mini brushes for the bag

Always use brushes instead of your hands. Use travel-size brushes because they have shorter handles and take up less space.request quote from zigpac

It is necessary to have a cosmetic bag that is perfect for daily use, travel, gift, and any other purpose. Custom printed cosmetic bags uses include: handy to have and for safe stuffing with a lot of cosmetics. If you will like to learn more about these custom cosmetic bags, visit Zigpac.