Custom printed sized cardboard shipping boxes

Most businesses involve the movement of commodities from one location to another. Some of these commodities can be very fragile and prone to easy breakage. The use of custom printed sized cardboard shipping boxes can prevent these fragile commodities from becoming fragments upon arrival at the new destination.

Your custom cardboard boxes have to be sturdy in order to offer protection for your products.

Use of Custom Printed Sized Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Shipping carton box is very useful when moving or shipping fragile items because they provide the needed protection. You will need this protection when moving commodities from one location to another. When used with the appropriate cushioning components, they can provide impenetrable protection against external factors.request quote from zigpac

These custom cardboard boxes also do very well when used with the right bracing and blocking supplies. The external surface of the custom printed cardboard boxes is mostly made of very thick material. The thickness of this material provides the strength required to keep the materials inside it tight and intact. If you want to know more about the cardboard box, please click here.

Custom sized cardboard boxes comprise of a denser carton structure which makes them lighter. This is helpful if the item for shipping is out of shape. The cartons easily and conveniently adjust themselves to fit the material, which is way better than the use of wood or rod.

Another thing about them includes their build to fit the size of whatever needs to be shipped. Also, the thickness of the carton can either be increased or made lighter when making the cartons.

Custom cardboard shipping boxes are made from cheap materials that are environmentally friendly. They comprise of recyclable materials.

More so, this custom cardboard boxes can also withstand the pressure of other cartoons that are placed on top of it. This is a great material that is perfect for stocking products in the warehouse.

custom printed cardboard boxes

How to Make Custom Printed Sized Cardboard Shipping Box

By making your custom printed sized cardboard boxes at home, you can save a lot of money. Apart from the fact that you are recycling another box to make a new one, you are also making a lighter package. The minimal tape will be used and there will be no need for using foam.

Here is an easy process of making a cardboard shipping box:

Materials Needed:request quote from zigpac

  • A second-hand cardboard
  • A razor blade or box cutter
  • Packing tape

Steps to Take:

Break down the box

    • You can break down the cardboard by opening the tabs on both the top and bottom.
    • After unfolding the tabs, lay the box on its side. Then cut one of its corners from the top to the bottom. This will help you unfold the box again to give you a long and straight cardboard piece.

custom printed cardboard boxes

Mark the corners

You now have a long cardboard piece laid out on the floor.

  • Place the item you want to ship on it. Let half of the item’s width be equal to the space between the item and the cardboard’s edge. So that if the cardboard custom cardboard cartons folded on the item, it will only go halfway across the side.
  • Use the box cutter or razor to cut a very light line from the top of the box to its bottom. Make sure you cut at the point where the edge of the item meets with the cardboard. Do not cut away the cardboard as the light cut is just to make it fold better.
  • Cut another line parallel to the previous one on the other side of the item.
  • Place the item on its side with one side still lying on the first cut line. Then cut another parallel line with the item lying at 90 degrees in the air.
  • Lay down the item in order to finish the 180-degree roll, with one side still on the previous line. Then make another parallel line on the edge that touches down on the cardboard.
  • Leave a space that is half the item’s width on the custom cardboard cartons, then completely cut off the excess cardboard. Do this with a box cutter.request quote from zigpac

Cut the cardboard to size

    • Push the item you want to ship to towards either the top of the cardboard or its bottom. This will make it easier to cut it down to the right size. Do not place the item exactly on the edge of the cardboard. Leave about half the item’s wide width extra at the top or bottom edge of the cardboard. This will enable you to fold up and cover the sides of the item.
    • Make sure you have about half of the item’s width on the opposite side of the item. Then completely cut off the remaining excess cardboard.

Flip and fold the cardboard

    • Remove the item from the cardboard and set it aside.
    • Flip the cardboard to the other side then fold it along its cut lines. The cardboard will easily bend to form the four corners of your shipping box.
    • Place the item you want to ship into the box, then fold it to wrap the product in.
    • Some people start taping the box at this point. You can use packing tape to tape the point at which the edges meet. Run the tape from the top to the bottom of these edges.

Six the sides

    • At one of the sides, you can see the side of your item and some excess custom cardboard cartons left. This excess will be folded to make the side of the shipping box.
    • You are to cut these exposed corners to form four tabs. To do this, use the box cutter to cut from the inside-out beginning at the item. Do this to all the four side corners.
    • Then make four cut lines at the edge outside. This should be at the point where the custom cardboard cartons fold on the item. Do this for the other size too.custom cardboard boxes
    • Most people start taping their shipping box at this point. The box can be taped in pieces, or all the sides can be taped at once. You can tape the sides with a line of tape where the edges meet.
    • Your box is now ready.

custom cardboard boxes

The goal of using custom cardboard boxes is to protect your product until it reaches its destination. custom cardboard boxesWith constant practice and the right materials, you can confidently make a shipping box you can trust. Making your own custom printed sized cardboard boxes will save you a lot of money. And if you want to get more solutions for printing & packaging & gifts, please visit Zigpac to know more.