Custom printed spiral bound notebooks are notebooks that have spiral bindings holding them together. The spiral is made with painted wire that runs through the perforated pages of the book. All the pages are punched or perforated using a perforating or binding machine.

Custom spiral bound notebooks have been around for a very long time. They were formerly called loose-leaf spiral notebooks (know more), with their pages held together by a coil of metal wire or spiral. These custom spiral notebooks are durable and are used for many purposes today including a journal, recipe book, etc.

Uses of Spiral Notebooks

The way you choose to bind your custom spiral notebooks will determine how they will stay when you open them. When your spiral notebooks use spiral binding, they will open flat and make it easier to flip through pages.

Also, bound pages can be easily removed. This usually leaves some thin strips stuck between the spirals. However, these strips of paper can be quickly and neatly picked out of the spirals.

Custom printed spiral bound notebooks are possibly the most common and cheapest type of paper notebooks. They are also easy to use and maintain. It is most likely that these reasons are responsible for students being the primary users of these notebooks.

The notes have their covers made from thin cardboard, flexible plastic, or polypropylene. They are often more secure than other types of notebooks because the pages are independent of each other. These pages are either wide-ruled or college-ruled.

Furthermore, they come in a range of sizes, with the most common being the 70 to the 200-page range. Different sizes of spirals are also available for custom spiral notebooks of various sizes. Some of the bindings are wide, while some others are narrow.

Spirals that are tightly wounded are usually more durable and stay in place more than the wide spirals. The most common size for custom spiral bound notebooks is 8 ½ by 11-inches. Typically, broader and bigger spirals are used for bulkier notebooks so ease flipping.

It is, however, better to opt for spirals that will not smoothly go out of place with frequent use. Besides, utmost care should be taken while handling notes with spirals irrespective of their sturdiness. 

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How to Make a Custom Spiral Bound Notebook

With a good custom printed spiral bound notebook, one can easily put down, in writing, his or her thoughts. Making these books is not difficult and can be done in just a few steps:

Materials Needed:

  • 1/8-inch hole punch
  • 16-gauge stringing wire
  • Craft blade
  • Filling paper (printer paper, lined paper, sketchbook paper, or any other paper)
  • Glue and brush or glue stickrequest quote from zigpac
  • Metal Ruler
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Patterned paper
  • Thin cardboard
  • Wire cutters

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Step 1: Make the Cover

Cut 2 pieces of cardboard paper down to your desired size
    • Cut the cardboard for the custom spiral notebooks with a sharp craft blade and a metal ruler. It is better to use the thin cardboard found on the back of a cereal box, a pad of paper, or chipboard.
    • If you decide to use old paper pads, first pull off the back cover and then cut it into two halves.
Cut out some colorful paper you can use to wrap the coversrequest quote from zigpac
    • The paper has to be about an inch longer and an inch wider than your notebook’s cover. You may use any kind of paper you want.
Decorate the cover paper as you please
    • If you used fancy paper for the custom spiral notebooks, you do not have to decorate it any further.
    • You can, however, draw your designs on printer or construction paper, and even color them.
    • Be sure to decorate the front cover more than the back cover. You may add an image or title to your front cover.
Glue the paper to the inside of the cardboard
    • Hold the paper with its blank side to face you.
    • Brush the cardboard with a thin layer of glue stick or liquid glue. Then glue the cardboard to the paper. Place this carefully so it stays at the center.
    • Use a credit card or ruler to smoothen the paper from the middle to the outside of the cover.
Clip the paper’s cornersrequest quote from zigpac
    • Cut off the corners of the paper down to the cardboard with a metal ruler and a blade. This will get rid of bulk and make the paper to lay properly.
Glue the paper’s edges to the cardboard’s inside
    • Make the cardboard’s blank side face you while its covered side faces downwards.
    • Add more glue coating on the back of the paper, then tightly fold it over the cardboard’s edge. Press it down and smoothen the paper’s edges from the cover’s edges inwards, as required.
    • If there is any glue seepage, wipe it off.
Cut some paper to use for the inside covers
    • Cut 2 sheets of paper each with ½ inch (1.27 centimeters) longer than your notebook’s cover widthwise and lengthwise.
    • If you used a fancy cover, try using solid-colored paper, and if you used plain cover, try patterned paper.
Use glue to adhere the paper to each of the covers’ backs
    • Make sure the paper side of the cover is facing down.
    • Use glue to coat the cut paper, and press it on the cover to cover the plain cardboard. The paper will also help to overlap some parts of the edges that were wrapped.
    • Afterward, smoothen down the paper and wipe excess glue off.
Try to seal both the front and the back coverscustom spiral notebooks
    • Use either an acrylic spray sealer or a waterproof decoupage glue topcoat to spray the front and back covers.
    • Allow the sealer to dry before you continue to the next stage.

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Step 2:  Cut and Punch the Paper

Cut down about 20 to 40 sheets of paper to the covers’ size
Create a guideline and template for punching
    • For vertical orientation, measure out 2 millimeters from the paper’s left edge with a ruler and pencil.
    • For horizontal orientation, measure about 2 millimeters from the paper’s top edge.
Punch a hole along the line’s centerrequest quote from zigpac
    • Use a thin nail for the custom spiral notebooks, 1/8-inch hole puncher, or 3-millimeter screw punch to make a hole in the paper.
Make more holes that are evenly 2 millimeters apart
    • Make other holes for the custom spiral notebooks from the middle hole. Let there be a space of about 5 millimeters at the top of the paper and the bottom.
Punch holes into the remaining sheets of paper
Punch holes in the front cover and the back cover

Step 3:  Assemble the Book

Stack all the papers together
    • First, place the back cover on the work table, with its face down.
    • Place the papers on top of the back cover.
    • Place the front cover, with its face up, on top of the stack.
    • At this stage, you can insert sticker sheets or folders into the notebook.
Hold them together with binder clipscustom printed spiral notebooks
    • Make sure all the holes for the custom spiral notebooks properly align then place binder clips on the top, bottom, and right-side edges.
Wrap a thick 16-gauge stringing wire around a pen
    • The number of times you wrap the pen will depend on the number of holes you have on the custom spiral notebooks. For 20 holes, you have to wrap it 20 times and use wire cutters to cut off the excess wire.
    • Squish the coils together from time to time to get a nice and tight spring.
Gently remove the wire from the pen by sliding it off
    • Stretch the wire of the custom spiral notebooks gently until it becomes the same length as your book.
 Poke the wire through each of the holes
    • After poking the wire through the first hole, keep twisting it until it comes out through the last hole.
 Bend the ends of the wire, at both ends of the book, inward
    • Also, you can bend this wire ends inwards with needle-nose pliers.
    • Trim off excess wire, if any, with a wire cutter.custom spiral notebooks

There! Your custom spiral notebook is ready.

If you want to get quotes of custom printed spiral bound notebooks, feel free to contact Zigpac right away.