Custom PU leather sticker

Poly-Urethane stickers (PU leather stickers) are highly attractive and appealing. People can easily recognize them. These Custom PU stickers are mostly fade & scratch proof in nature.  They also stick to any surface. If you want to know more info about the domed sticker, please click here.request quote from zigpac

The term polyurethane has different abbreviations from PUR to PU for short. It is a polymer comprising of organic units. Urethane links join these units. They can be either thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers, with the latter being more common.

Some properties of PU stickers include strength, resistance, simple use and watertight. Use of PU dome sticker is popular on iron and steel, wood structure or furniture, and other surfaces.

They have a striking yet smooth look and enhances your branding and corporate graphics. Moreover, even being a PU sticker, it looks more like an integral part of the appliance you manufacture.

Use of Custom PU Leather Stickers

The PU dome sticker is conventional in the manufacture of several products. Some of them are high-resilience, microcellular foam seals, and rigid foam insulation panels. It is also useful in manufacturing sturdy wheels, gaskets, and automotive suspension bushings.request quote from zigpac

Additional products include tires, surface sealants, surface coatings, synthetic fibers, and condoms. Some others are carpet, hoses, and hard-plastic parts, the standard in electronic instruments.

PU sticker performs well in terms of hardness, strength, resistance, and tear strength.

Uses include providing protection to surfaces. Surfaces like desks, laptops, phones, stools, and others will retain their new look years after you peel the sticker off.

The stickers also help in branding items such as handbags to purses, phones, laptop bags, skateboards, or workstation. These stickers are good for personalizing items like jackets, shirts, jeans and so on. Their use also extends to shoes, bags, cellphones, phone cases, and kids’ backpacks.

Other uses for Custom PU leather stickers include price tags, brand protection, etc.
pu sticker

Properties of Custom PU Leather Stickers

Although PU dome sticker is not exactly genuine leather, it has a lot of desirable properties. Some of them are:

Weather Resistance of Leather Sticker

The custom PU sticker should be able to resist different elements of weather like rain and changes in temperature. This property will make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. They are known as waterproof.request quote from zigpac

You could stay out in the rain with these stickers on your bags, jean shirt or trousers, or other items. These stickers help while working in construction firms without the labels getting inflamed. There will be no fear of the weather condition at the time having any effect on how your label looks.


You can conveniently print your company’s logo or any other design you want on these leather stickers. This design can remain on the leather for many years without fading. The PU material print will make the words, images, or logo visible on them for many years.

For instance, many pairs of jean trousers come with these leather stickers. Wash these jean trousers in cold, warm or hot water over and over again without the stickers suffering ruin.

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Leather Sticker Adheres to Many Surfaces

Most of the time, clothing has these stickers on them and remain there until conscious removal. They are also known to contour well to steel surfaces which is why they are used on automobiles. They can give your automobile a new and stylish look.

Additionally, you can wrap these stickers around anything knowing that it will not damage the surface. Your plastic, metal, or paint finish will remain intact without any signs of damage. Also, there will be no adhesive residue left on the surface upon removal of the sticker.

It is known to work best on solid surfaces that are smooth, dry, and non-textured. You can mold them over sticks, curves, or on curvy surfaces and they will remain there without coming off. 

pu leather stickers

Ease of Customization

PU leather stickers are also very suitable for customizing into different shapes and styles. You can cut them up with scissors and they will not fray at all. They can also be printed on, sewn with a machine or by hand quite easily.

In addition, with these stickers, you can customize any item you want to like your motorcycle, shirt, laptop bag, and purse.

Durabilityrequest quote from zigpac

In addition, these stickers are long-lasting and can take heavy-duty usage. It can remain on a surface for many years without losing its adhesive properties. More so, these stickers do not stretch so they maintain their original shape year after year.

Ease of Use

Using these stickers is really easy and, most times involves removing the backing paper and sticking to the desired surface. Just two steps and it is ready to use. There is no long procedure or step involved in attaching it to any item you want to customize.

Removing the sticker is also pretty easy as all you will have to do is to slowly and carefully peel it. You can use a hair drier to heat it just to dissolve the adhesive and make it easier to remove. They are easy-on and easy-off.

These stickers are user-friendly, simple and very effective to use by children and adults alike.

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These leather stickers are also suitable for both home and commercial use. It can be used in interior decoration, as well as adorning houses, clothing, and costumes.

When used as protective covers for laptops or other items, they are very protective. They will ensure that there is no scrape or scratch on whatever they are used to cover.

Super Lightweight

These stickers are very lightweight and do not add any noticeable weight when placed on any item. They do not make your bags, clothes, or mobile devices heavier. You can also ship a lot of these stickers to another location without worrying about exorbitant shipping costs.

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Finally, PU leather stickers have a lot of advantages over many other sticker types. A PU dome sticker could last you so many years irrespective of weather condition. Fortunately, getting a high-quality PU sticker is not so difficult. If you have any demand on custom personalized stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.