Best dog food green packaging bag suppliers

Pet owners will always choose organic pet food that has a clean label and well-protected in dog food green bag for pets. Many innovative ideas are out for a dog food bag that will protect the food from pests, vapor, moisture, and oxygen. The best dog food packaging bag suppliers concentrate on providing bags that will keep the food secure, tasty, and nutritious.

Use of a Food Bag for Pets

A food bag for pets made from woven polypropylene plastic. However, non-woven plastic-lined paper with thin plastic coating inside, and unlined paper contribute to making these bags. Lined paper bags have no use though because they have paper and plastic layers and cannot be recycled.request quote from zigpac

An ideal dog food bag should stand up proudly on shelves so that customers can easily spot and buy them. A food bag that lies flat on the ground or shelves will not be noticed easily. It is also dangerous because it may turn wet, stepped on, and dirty, which in turn will detest users.

Dog food packaging bag suppliers aim at making the bags stand out for better patronage.

To make the food bag for pets attractive, these bags should need customization and beautiful graphics to promote the brand. More so, the pack needs neat design in an organized manner to avoid getting the bag too crowded.

Modern brands of dog food bags are lighter than older models and brands. Moreover, the heavier the bag, the higher the cost of transportation. A heavy bag does not really protect the dog food (know more) from contamination by pests, moisture, and other contaminants.

Another important feature of a good dog food bag is that it should be resealable. When it comes to feeding your dog, there will certainly be regular trips to the food bag. Hence, it is important that this bag is resealable so that air, insects and other contaminants won’t get in.

Having a re-closable feature on your food bag for pets will make it more user-friendly. In addition, the food will last longer and remain fresh for as long as it is in the bag.

Types of Pet Food Bags

Pet food meant for use for the packaging of all kinds of pet food. The best type of bags are the ones that provide excellent protection, good palatability, enhanced self-support, and aroma shield. Dog food packaging bag suppliers like Zigpac usually include zippers so that the bags can be opened and closed easily.

There are four major types of pet food bags that are available in the market. They are:dog food packaging bag suppliers

Primary Dog Food Bags

  • Flat Bags or Pouches

Dog food Flat bags, also known as pillow packs, sealed on all three sides and laid flat on the ground. Often used to package small volume of pet food and sometimes hung on a display.

This exciting packaging solution often manufactured with clear PET/LLDPE or a barrier like foil. These bags are very easy to use, and some come with a zipper option for resealing of the bag. They are, however, perfect for treat samples, single servings, special promotions, and portion-size bags.

  • Stand Up Bags or Pouches

This has been the favorite bag in the packaging market for a very long time. What people love most about this type of bag is its versatility. This practical pet food packaging solution has a lot of features that are customer friendly.

A standard stand up pouch comes with a zipper, a tear notch, and sometimes, a hang hole. This bag always comes with two large panels at the front and back meant for printing vital information. The most important feature of this pouch is that it stands up.

This bag comes with mainly two types of bottom gussets, which are the Doyen bottom and the Plow bottom. The doyen’s bottom used when the pet food does not weigh much, often 2oz-1lb. Meanwhile, the plow bottom used when the pet food weighs from 2lbs and above.

dog food green bag

Secondary Bags

  • Gusseted Bags or Pouches

A gusseted bag is one that has an extra piece of material added to the bag’s sides or the bottom. Sometimes, the extra piece of material can be added to both the sides and the bottom of the dog food bag. The addition of this piece creates more space in the bag that can contain a larger volume of pet food.

These bags can be made out of different types of materials, but mostly paper and plastic. You could have a dog food green bag depending on the material you food green bag

They have 5 panels on which pet food owners can advertise other products which are products by their brand. The promotional value of these bags is very high as most pet businesses can place promotional items in them.

With gusseted bags, your pet food and treats will sit on the shelf very comfortably on its own. The bag’s design easily stands out on a retail shelf, irrespective of how crowded the shelf might be. You can use the entire surface of the bag to tell a story about your brand.

  • Block Bottom Bags or Pouches

Block bottom bags, which are also referred to as flat bottom bags. They have side panels made from a different web of material from the front, bottom and back of the dog food bag. This gives the bag an edgy look and can hold a lot of information.

These unique bags are designed to get people to notice your products at all angles. With the 360 degrees of real estate featured on these bags, you can print a lot of things. Logo, company information, feeding instructions, nutritional contents breakdown, related products, and lots more can be printed on these bags.


Final Thoughtsdog food bag

Pets are a very important part of households and deserve the very best food and treat. You need to use the most flexible dog food bag that will protect the flavor, aroma, and standard of the food. A dog food green bag is a more sustainable way to feed your dog while maintaining a safe environment. If you need the best dog food packaging bag suppliers, visit Zigpac.