Manufacturers of take away boxes for food

One of the most convenient and delicious inventions ever made is the box for food take away.  Zigpac is one of the best when it comes to take away boxes manufacturers They include prepared meals or some other food items that a person buys with the intention of eating it elsewhere.request quote from zigpac
Moreso, box for food takeaway given by restaurants and other establishments. With different dishes and cuisines on offer.
Most business owners do not realize that some customers use their food packaging to grade the standard of their food. Packaging has a way of telling your customers how unique and different your brand is. Furthermore, when compared to others.

Materials Used as Take Away Boxes

Modern living does not afford a lot of people time to cook at home, especially on workdays. The take away box is a super convenient and delicious invention. And you take away could have different boxes which can affect food and, your health.

Apart from just having an eye-catching appearance, the box for food take away should also protect the food. And take away boxes can be made of different types of materials.

Take away boxes manufacturers are aware that what may be harmless. To a particular food may be detrimental to another. And it is, therefore, very important to choose the right material to use for food packaging.

Here are the benefits and limitations of commonly used take away boxes so you know the best for your business:



      • Firstly, you can use aluminum to bake and also serve food.
      • Secondly, with this material, it is easier to handle heavier dishes.
      • Most notably, aluminum conserves heat.
      • Also, the material is durable.
      • It works great for both hot and cold foods.request quote from zigpac
      • Finally, it repels oil and grease


    • It is not microwaveable.
    • It is not as eco-friendly as the other options.



      • Its lids are hinged and it has tabs that interlock.
      • Second place, it has different varieties, the laminated and the non-laminated foam varieties.
      • Foam is a lightweight material.
      • In the same way, it is perfect for both hot and cold food.
      • There are options for perforating the lid.
      • The design makes stacking easier.
      • Very good insulator
      • Making foam take away boxes do not require as much energy as the other alternatives.


    • It is a non-microwaveable.
    • It is not very environmentally friendly

take away box

Compostable Paper


      • Works great for businesses that are environment-conscious and eco-friendly.
      • There are options for fold lid or hinged lid.
      • Made of green, biodegradable, and renewable materials.
      • Totally microwaveable and can be stored in the freezer.


    • If they are not properly recycled, they could lose their environmental benefits.request quote from zigpac
    • Quite expensive compared to alternative products.



      • Conserves heat very well.
      • It is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or Styrofoam.
      • It is a grease-resistant.
      • There are options for paper take-out boxes that are heat lamp tolerant.
      • Some paper take-out boxes are microwaveable.
      • It has a lot of green and eco-friendly options.
      • It has a collapsible design that does not take up as much space as other options.


    • It does not have compartments, unlike alternative products.
    • Furthermore, it is Not quite suitable for heavy food, as it may fold or bend.
    • When not properly coated, it tends to absorb grease and other remnants of food.

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      • First, it is cut-resistant and cannot be easily damaged.
      • Likewise, it is non-absorbent.
      • Also, it is crack and leak-resistant.
      • Similarly, it can be made safe for both microwave and freezer use.
      • Plastic is a sturdy material and can carry heavy food.
      • There are transparent options that work great when used in displaying food.

Limitations:request quote from zigpac

    • This option is not as eco-friendly as the others.
    • Quite pricey.



      • Generally considered pure and safe for food packaging.
      • Moreso, their characteristics include non-porous and impermeable. Also, does not allow harmful external elements to get into the food.
      • In addition, it creates a safe haven for food by keeping it fresh for a long time.
      • Also does not contain any harmful chemical that may enter the food. Especially when exposed to heat.
      • 100% recyclable.


    • Very pricey.
    • Very brittle and fragile, which could cause a lot of loss for the company if not handled cautiously.

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Using of take away boxes for food from packaging manufacturer

Packaging for takeaway food can come in different forms. The perfect container should be elegant. Also easy to stack and transport, stylish, strong, secure, well designed, and branded. This should perfectly suit the food. For instance, the box for hot food should differ from those for cold food.

The best way to promote your business by using the box for takeaway is to avoid plain or generic branding. Although this is cheap and does its job without anyone complaining. It does not promote your brand. Your box for food take away should have your business logo and a uniquely-tailored design with brand name and colors.request quote from zigpac

The health of your customers should be top when deciding on the kind of box to go for. More so, some people tend to concentrate more on their food order than the box or container their meal is served in.

For instance, your chosen take away box should be compostable. Also needs to be free from molded fibers, fluorine, and harmful chemicals. And if you want to know more info about the takeout container, please click here.


There are friendly measures to reduce waste. By the disposable box to take away materials. Most of these materials are disposable. So, they end up in waste bins, landfill, or composting. Washable plates, bowls, cups, and even napkins.  So all should be used to package food to reduce waste.

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Tips for Business Promotion using Take Away Boxes for Food

Many restaurants, be they quick service, fine dining and casual. Capitalizing on the many benefits of takeaway boxes. There are different styles and types of takeaway boxes manufacturers in the market. And it is important to know how to maximize one of these boxes to promote your business,

So, here are some tips for promoting your business using these boxes:

  • Always get the order right
  • In addition, consider brandingrequest quote from zigpac
  • Facilitate easy ordering
  • Most importantly, maintain the safety of the food
  • Make sure your packaging is sturdy
  • Set up an area for takeout
  • Spice up your menu
  • Finally, use the right personnel

Final Thoughts

Also important, you should consider the conservation and transportation of the food. You need someone you can trust with your package needs.

Equally important, you should take into consideration the conservation, preservation and transportation circumstances. The food will be subjected to. You need someone you can trust with your package needs.

If you want to get quotes from manufacturers of the box for food take away, please feel free to contact Zigpac. We can help you in creating quality boxes.