Plastic air cushion packaging bag

An air cushion packaging bag (know more) is a bag of fabric or plastic. It can be filled with air. This air cushion bag is for use as:

  • A cushion or safety devicerequest quote from zigpac
  • It allows you to protect large numbers of products quickly.
  • Also stops objects moving around in the post.

A plastic air cushion bag is useful for:

  • secondary packaging,
  • protective packaging,
  • for safe transit,
  • and cargo securing solutions.

Features of Container Protector

There are two ways to fill air into a container protector:

  • blow with a pump.request quote from zigpac
  • with air cushion packaging machines.

Most air cushion bags have a check valve which:

  • either increase
  • or decreases the cushion.

Use of bags extends to:

  • protection of weak items during transit.
  • protection of weak things (such as wine bottles)
  • and electronic products (such as mobile phones).
  • other important things the protector works with include light bulbs,
  • Also, food, drugs, agriculture products,
  • Finally, cosmetics, chemical products, and courier.

Plastic air cushion packaging bags feature:

  • cells or rows of bubbles that have trapped air locked in
  • this air is locked between lawyers of polyethylene film.
  • Has low density, linear-low density, or are co-extruded.
  • The bubble material provides protection from shock and vibration
  • Also offers surface protection, interleaving, void-filling, and wrapping functions.

Air cushion bags also have used in:

  • E-commerce industries for protecting and sending delicate items via courier.request quote from zigpac
  • For instance, air cushion bags can be used for transportation.
  • Also the packaging of hard disks.
  • The bag protects the hard disks from any jerks, drops or damage.
  • They can also serve as void filling airbags.
  • For filling in the empty gaps in cartons, boxes, bags, etc.
  • It ensures there is no space in the product.
  • That will make it shrink or cringe.

Container protector is:

  • always durable,
  • you can stand or stack other products on them without them breaking.
  • Also, they are shock-proof,
  • puncture-resistant, strong,
  • resilient and eco-friendly.
  • Consequently, they are suitable for all packing,
  • bracing, and void fill applications.


  • they have a clean attractive appearance,
  • a tamper-proof nature,
  • and lightweight formation.
  • When used for packaging, container protector are professionally sealed
  • have a unique ability to withstand unexpected conditions.

plastic air cushion bag

Benefits of Plastic Packaging Bag

Here are some benefits of using an air cushion packaging bag:

  • When shipping items that are lightweight and don’t occupy much space.
  • There will be air space in the box.
  • The air cushion easily and quickly fills up this void.
  • While also preventing packaged items from moving around.
  • Since they do not add any tangible weight to the shipment.
  • Businesses can save on the cost of shipping products.
  • They cost less than packing peanuts which are bulkier.request quote from zigpac
  • So suppliers can save on packaging expenses.
  • Also, they can be placed anywhere.
  • To offer total protection to packaged products.
  • You can place them above, below, and around the product.
  • Their non-sharp property will make them a cushion.
  • Even the most delicate item without scratching it.
  • These packaging bags also protect the products.
  • By bracing them away from the rigid sides of the box.
  • These pillows, if properly placed around the products, will keep them in place during transportation.
  • In fact, they tend to almost totally immobilize the product within the box.
  • Additionally, plastic air cushion packaging bags are very convenient and easy to use.
  • They come in assorted sizes.
  • Which allows you to properly fill voids in order to better protect your products.
  • These bags not known to mess up any place.
  • This air cushion is also very versatile, so it can be used to package different materials.
  • Irrespective of how fragile or lightweight the product is
  • This packaging bag will help package them for shipment.
  • An air cushion packaging bag can also be reused.
  • For packaging other items or repurposed creatively.
  • You can easily re-inflate it by blowing it up and sealing with tape.

air cushion bag

Materials that Require Plastic Air Cushion Packaging Bags

Air cushion packaging bags work;

  • very well for a lot of shipping applications
  • particularly great at packaging items
  • use for small and lightweight materials. Irrespective of the materials made of.
  • Since they are not abrasive, they can properly cushion delicate materials such as:
  1. ceramic,
  2. glass.
  • They can easily fill voids in packages that contain small, smooth and lightweight items.
  • These bags can also be popped.
  • Since the film used in making them is quite thin and filled with air.
  • Hence, they are unsuitable for products that have sharp edges and products that are heavy.
  • These bags may not provide the needed shock protection.
  • For products like small figurines that are extremely delicate.

Applications of Packaging Bags

A plastic air cushion bag, though very versatile and perfect for shipping, is not suitable for all applications. Applied in the following ways:

  • Inflatable bagsrequest quote from zigpac
  • Shipping container cushioning
  • They serve as protective and void filling materials;
  • such as:
  1. block and brace,
  2. wrapping,
  3. corner protection,
  4. and interleaving.
  • They are also great for top and cross layering.
  • Water-resistant seat cushion.

plastic air cushion bag

Factors to Consider in Selecting the Right Air-Cushioning Bag

With the many alternatives for protective packaging available. You need to:

  • carefully evaluate options for your specific product.request quote from zigpac
  • consider some variables when choosing your plastic air cushion bag.
  • these variables should go beyond performance objectives.
  • Also, consider the cost of the bag.

Here are a few more variables to consider:

  • Compare the performance of different air-cushioning options.
  • Check for the security of their cell seals.
  • Their durability, and reviews on whether the air has leaked out before.
  • Consider the size of the bags.
  • Environmental concerns.
  • Some products feature industrial scrap.
  • While others combine about 40% post-consumer waste with pre-consumer waste.
  • Know the exact application you are getting the bag for.
  • The structural components such as:
  1. lamination,
  2. coextrusion,
  3. monolayer film, etc.

Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

When you need to package fragile goods as a protective packaging measure, get a plastic air cushion bag. A good air cushion packaging bag will ensure that your products arrive at their destination. In perfect condition. To know more about air cushion, visit Zigpac.