Resealable aluminum foil bags manufacturer

Resealable Aluminum foil bags (know more) comprise of aluminum metal and are outstanding suppliers of heat. Therefore, these bags serve as a means of keeping food warm and fresh for later use. The resealable aluminum foil also works well for sealing by heat and induction. Besides, Zigpac is a resealable aluminum foil bags manufacturer with different forms of these bags to suit several applications.

Features of a Bag from Foil

Preparation of the bags from foil takes place like this:

  • in thin metal leaves with a thickness less than 0.2 mm (7.9 mils).
  • Sometimes, the aluminum foil bags manufacturer could produce thinner gauges.
  • That is, down to 6 micrometers (0.24 mils).
  • So these bags have a long life.
  • Also, as they have a zip feature that creates a vacuum inside.
  • This vacuum created by the zip feature will help in keeping the food warm.
  • So, each of the bags from foil come with an open void to fill with your product.request quote from zigpac
  • Afterward, it is sealed with a heat sealer.
  • All done by the aluminum foil bags manufacturer.
  • Aluminum foil bags are highly malleable.
  • Also eco-friendly, and biodegradable.
  • They also possess fine finishing, good strength and stiffness.
  • More so, these bags are usually light in weight.
  • Also durable & appreciated for their attractive looks.
  • So, the bags from foil are available in different sizes
  • At economical prices in the market for different purposes.
  • Some of these purposes include:
  1. pharmaceutical products,
  2. chemical products,
  3. feed supplements,
  4. food products and lots more.
  • Additional purposes also include solid foods such as:
  1. coffee,
  2. tea,
  3. grains,
  4. crackers,
  5. cookies,
  6. nuts,
  7. chips,
  8. dried fruit,
  9. candies,
  10. confectioneries, etc.

There are still many other applications of these aluminum foil bags, like:request quote from zigpac

  1. Liquids such as juice, sauce, creams, etc.
  2. Powders,
  3. chemicals,
  4. bath salts,
  5. spices,
  6. fertilizers,
  7. frozen foods,
  8. pet treats
  9. and various other applications are not exempted either.
  • Also, these bags have moisture-resistant qualities.
  • Other perks include:
  1. temperature-resistant,
  2. corrosion-resistant,
  3. non-absorbent of liquids,
  4. opaque,
  5. and hygienic sterile when heat-treated in production.
  • Furthermore, these bags impart no detectable taste or odor on the filled products.
  • They have a high durability & affordability value,
  • Also, help you retain the aroma and flavor of products.

resealable aluminum foil bags

Benefits of Using Aluminum Foil Bags for Packaging

The most common use for aluminum foil packaging is in the food industry.

Aluminum foil is essential since the appearance and taste of food damage with sunlight.

This form of packaging is the perfect packaging material for:

  • pastries,
  • beverages,
  • and dairy products.

Here are some of the other benefits to be enjoyed by aluminum foil bags:request quote from zigpac


  • When aluminum foil is used in the packaging of food:
  1. it helps to seal the odor in since it is tasteless.
  2. This material is non-toxic.
  3. Also far better than opening your fridge and encountering an unbearable smell.
  4. As far as the foil is closed to the container’s sides, air will not enter the bag or go out of it.
  • Aluminum foil wrapping suitable for:
  1. people who need to store food
  2. reheating after a short while.
  3. Perfect as food packaging material
  4. Because of their ability to withstand high temperatures.
  • Packaging food with these bags very easy, which is why:
  1. it is a popular item in food industries and households.
  2. It can easily conform to the shape of whatever you wrap in itrequest quote from zigpac
  3. and packaging process takes a few seconds.
  • Additionally, these bags do not change with gas.
  • Also resistant to bacteria, light, and moisture.
  • For these reasons, your packaged food will last longer.
  • Also better in aluminum foil bags than plastic packaging.
  • When your food is packaged in aluminum foil bags, it will not come in contact with germs.
  • This is because of the bag’s high resistance to bacteria.
  • So, since the foil can be torn easily, an extra layer can be added to further ensure your food is safe.
  • Place Wines and fruit juices in containers made from polyethylene film, aluminum foil, and paper.
  • The paper serves as the container’s frame.
  • The aluminum foil offers protection,
  • and the polyethylene film keeps the container sealed.



  • Apart from shielding products from the elements:request quote from zigpac
  1. aluminum foil bags also help to save on the transportation of goods.
  2. They are fast replacing glass bottles as packaging material for beverages.
  3. This has reduced the cost of transportation
  4. as they do not weigh much or add to the weight of the beverages.
  • The price of aluminum foil is relatively low,
  • So, compared to other types of packaging materials.
  • This is why it can easily be made into resealable aluminum foil bags for diverse uses.
  • Also, the market prospect for resealable aluminum foil bags is very high.
  • Hence, engaging in the production of this material in large quantity can be very profitable.
  • Finally, these foil bags are multi-purpose, which is another reason they are in popular demand.

aluminum foil bags

Application of Aluminum Foil Bags

Packaging requirements have greatly improved over the years, with more people discovering better ways to preserve things. Aluminum foil offers:

  • good sealing,request quote from zigpac
  • good vacuum effect,
  • low permeability,
  • Also tastelessness,
  • and moisture resistance,
  • easy aging,
  • among other characteristics.

They are used more extensively for food packaging. But still offers many other applications in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil Packaging

Aluminum foil is used in:

  • packaging,
  • safely transporting,
  • and also storing medications.

This form of packaging offers total insulation against:

  • germs,
  • gases,
  • also light,
  • and moisture.

Consequently, medicines need to be protected from the elements after they are manufactured.

This protection could last for many years as exposure to these elements.

Could alter the properties of the medicines.

All kinds of medications, including;request quote from zigpac

  • pills,
  • injections,
  • lotions,
  • capsules,
  • liquid,
  • creams,
  • and powder medications preserved using aluminum foil.
  • Automotive Composite Aluminum Foil Packaging

The demand for automotive aluminum foil packaging is increasing in the automobile industry. This industry uses:

  • the automotive air conditioner
  • with composite foil aluminum packaging
  • and the automobile radiation with composite foil packaging.

The former is used in:

  • manufacturing the air conditioning system of automobiles.

Meanwhile, the latter is used in:

  • manufacturing automotive radiator tanks,
  • evaporators,
  • and car condensers.

They are in high demand in many China automobile companies.request quote from zigpac

  • Electrolytic capacitors

They work great for:

  • electrolytic capacitors
  • because of the corrosive native of their material
  • especially when working under polar conditions.
  • This foil comes in different thickness
  • to meet the needs of different atmospheric conditions
  • Cosmetics

Aluminum tubes offer targeted dosage possibilities to help maintain the hygienic properties of cosmetic products.

aluminum foil bags manufacturer

How to Personalize Your Resealable Aluminum Foil Pouches

After making your aluminum foil pouches yourself, you can easily decorate it. Aluminum foil pouches are more attractive and will project your fashion sense.

You can use:

  • stickers to decorate your bags orrequest quote from zigpac
  • transfer some print on it.

Such as:

  • Logos,
  • images,
  • letterings,
  • and other designs for a beautiful look to your bag to make it classier.

You can also dye your aluminum pouch and the materials to any color you like.

How to Wash Your Foil Bag

Foil is very easy to wash and care for. When your aluminum foil pouches get dirty, you can remove it in lukewarm water with a little detergent.

Your bags can also be dry cleaned.

After this, you can dry it naturally in the sun or a dryer. Foil is light, so it will not take so long to dry completely.

When the bag is dried, shake it to remove wrinkles that formed while washing it.

aluminum foil bags manufacturer

What to Look Out for Before Buying A Resealable Foil Bag

Before you go out to shop for a vacuum storage bag, consider the following factors:

  • Size

The size of items you want to package ought to determine the size of vacuum storage bags you choose. Your bags could be small, medium, large, or extra-large. Most people prefer to buy bags in a set of different sizes to help keep their storage more organized.

If you want to store bulky items like puffy quilts and pillows, it is important that you buy an extra-large bag. Your bedding can be in a large bag, underwear in a smaller one, and your shirts in a medium-sized one.

  • Durabilityrequest quote from zigpac

Although plastic bags have:

  • puncture and
  • easy tear features,

So, a good quality vacuum bag will not break easily.

This means:

  • you need to be careful to buy a high-quality storage bag
  • so that it can be durable.

With a durable bag:

  • you can also store your items inside the bag
  • and keep the extracted air out of it.

It then lies nice and flat, so you can neatly store it away in your closet, or other storage areas. So the items stored inside a durable storage bag will be:

  • safer and
  • better protected from the elements.

resealable aluminum foil bags

Secondary Factors

  • Reusability

Having reusable aluminum foil bags will save you a lot of money.

It will also be very convenient for you to be able to use your storage bag more than once. However, to achieve this, your vacuum storage bag has to be very strong to be reusable.

The stronger bags are often more expensive than the lighter ones. So, this extra expense is a worthwhile investment as:request quote from zigpac

  • you will be able to use your bag,
  • empty it,
  • and reuse.

It will also save you the time and money used in getting a new sealed bag.

  • Design

Different storage bags have different methods of sealing and compression. For some of them, you have removal of excess air from the bag with a hose, while some use a portable pump. You have to choose a design that works best for you and will get all the air out of the bag easily.

  • Budget

You do not have to break a bank to purchase the aluminum foil bags. There are many options to choose from an aluminum foil bags manufacturer, so you can pick one that falls within your budget. Cheap does not always mean low quality, and expensive bags may not always give the best results.

Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

These resealable aluminum foil bags have applications:

  • in many other industries like aerospace,
  • vehicle construction,
  • transport
  • and logistics industries.

So, you can visit an aluminum foil bags manufacturer like Zigpac to customize your aluminum foil bags.