Custom Hologram Stickers

Hologram stickers, also known as hologram labels has the visual effect of containing a 3D image. The procedure of custom hologram sticker printing is very difficult, so most of the custom hologram stickers are used for security purposes. Therefore, hologram sticker or hologram labels are also called security stickers and security labels.

Hologram labels help companies identified their brand security. Printing the hologram labels on your products will enhance the brand authority and promote the buying confidence of customers, and ensure positive brand influence. An identified pattern is crucial for security hologram stickers. Nowadays, custom hologram stickers wholesale and retail service can nearly satisfy the all needs of security hologram labels.

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What Is Hologram Sticker?

Hologram sticker is a kind of anti-counterfeiting sticker that made by 3D images used for security purposes, as it has a difficult printing process that can only be printed from original hologram sticker by specialist equipment. And many counterfeiters are deterred by the high printing cost.

Hologram overlay is usually used to identify special certifications such as ID cards. Printing hologram stickers need a unique image, if you want to print for your stuff cards, your company logo is the best choice that can be identified immediately.

Hologram sticker is not easy to be replicated, so it is always used for some security intentions.

What Is The Use of Hologram Sticker?

Hologram stickers are usually used for security purpose. All of ID cards have hologram overlay to help people quickly authenticate them. Not only the ID card, hologram decals can be used on any products that need protection from counterfeiting, such as gift vouchers, membership card, etc.

What Is Hologram Printing?

Hologram printing is a kind of advanced printing technology that make hologram decals on a glass plate which has been treated with iron oxide before being coated with photoresist. Then there will has a chemical reaction between the material and the special set lightwaves. Krypton-argon ion, helium-cadmium, and ruby are the usual laser types that are used to printing hologram decals by hologram manufacturers.

Can Hologram Be Copied?

Hologram labels is a method to protect product from counterfeiting because of its copy-difficult printing technology. It is difficult to copy a hologram stickers. As the development of hologram printing techniques and introduction of new materials for the hologram decal making process, it is increasingly difficult to copy hologram decals.