Tattoo Sticker

Tattoo sticker also called temporary tattoos, is a kind of fake tattoos that look real. If you want to show your personalized and do not decide to make a permanent one, the tattoo sticker is the best choice for you. Nowadays, you can make your own temporary tattoos with the cooperation of custom temporary tattoos manufacturers. Custom temporary tattoos manufacturers provide different sizes, colors for you to make your own temporary tattoos, and allow you to design your own custom temporary tattoos pattern, and print it on the temporary tattoo paper for delivery.

Zigpac provides high-quality tattoo stickers, and our custom temporary tattoos are realistic and removable. We have various custom tattoo sticker templates for our customers, you can select one of them or make your own temporary tattoos directly.

Nowadays, Zigpac provides custom temporary tattoos wholesale and retail service for our customers, and has a discount for you when you buying the amount of custom temporary tattoos. With our custom temporary tattoos service, you can make your own custom temporary tattoos patterns, and we will print them on temporary tattoo paper.

We are continuously trying to provide more kinds of personalized custom temporary tattoos for our customers. Our advantages are the various custom temporary tattoo templates, advanced custom temporary tattoo printing technology, affordable price, and efficient delivery.