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The Making of Epoxy Logo Stickers

Square clear epoxy logo resin sticker (know more) is a type of resin that is superior to all other resins because it barely shrinks while curing. Also, it has so many uses industrially because it has more mechanical properties than other resin types. But, compared to other kinds of resins, they possess higher chemical and thermal resistance.request quote from zigpac

Many businesses patronize Zigpac for their customized epoxy logo sticker because of their high quality and great customer service. Moreover, all you just need to do is send us your business logo and we will have your stickers to use as you please.

In addition, you can have your logo stickers custom-made by Zigpac in any shape, size, and design you want. Moreso, there are many samples you can use from their online stores to get an idea of what you will like. Therefore, you can also have them attached to pieces of jewelry, clothing, office furniture, or wherever else you want them.

Making Epoxy Resin Logo Stickers

Epoxy logo stickers can be made into different shapes, colors, and sizes. An all-time favorite kind these stickers are the clear epoxy resin stickers that stand out when used on business logos. You can then stick these logos to your shirts, stationery, desk, jewelry, gift items, and many other places.

If you have a big business and will like to promote it using epoxy resin stickers, check out Zigpac stores. They specialize in making all manner of high-quality stickers, and you will love their collection of square epoxy stickers. This company can also deliver your logo stickers wholesale at a price that will not break the bank.

You can also choose to make your epoxy logo stickers by yourself, especially if you just started the business. It will still be very nice, and the process is fun, especially if you follow the instructions carefully.

Here is an easy way to make your resin logo stickers:

Tools Needed to Make Epoxy Resin Logo Stickersrequest quote from zigpac

  • A couple of images
  • Hole punch or a pair of scissors
  • White adhesive and a paintbrush (the paintbrush should be washed in water before it gets dry)
  • Well-marked small measuring cups
  • Stir sticks (to be used when mixing the resin)
  • A surface that is firm and non-stick to work on
  • Hand gloves

square epoxy stickers

How to Make Epoxy Resin Stickers

Step 1: Cut the Logos Out

  • Either use scissors to carefully cut out the epoxy logo sticker or just punch the logos out.
  • Use white adhesive to seal all the sides of the logos, especially the cut edges. Make sure you coat the logo evenly and thoroughly to give them a vibrant look and their true color. If the coating is uneven, the resin may seep through and cause your logo to have an oily-like stain.

Some people omit this step because they do not mind their images having a more translucent oily look.

  • Then, place all the square clear epoxy logo resin stickers you have sealed on the non-stick and firm surface.request quote from zigpac

Mix the Resin

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in mixing the resin. Only about 5 to 10mls of resin need to be mixed for a small project. You do not have to add extra hardener as the resin can cure properly on its own without it.

You can mix it twice if the manufacturer says so. If you follow the instructions all the time, you will get the right results all the time.

  • Then use any applicator you choose to apply the resin across the surface of all your epoxy logo sticker in a very thin coat. Do not apply the resin outside the logo’s cut edges in order to get the desired doming effect. If seepage occurs, do not bother coating the second side since you are working on a non-stick surface.

Feel free to add another coat of resin to your logos so that they will be more domed.

  • First, place your logos in warm weather to cure for about 8 to 12 hours. They do not cure fast in the cold. After this, you can coat the back if it was not coated before.
  • So, to turn them into stickers, simply run them through a sticker maker.
  • That’s all. You can use them when they are cured. They are very durable, water-resistant, and suitable for use as jewelry.

If the logos are too small for you to coat with resin, you may do the coating before cutting them out. You can also resize the logo on your computer and print them out so you can have them bigger. Cutting out the logos first is a better option and will give you a better domed-look.

epoxy logo stickers

Mistakes to Avoid Making with Epoxy

If you decide not to buy your epoxy logo stickers from Zigpac’s stores, you should know the properties of epoxy well. This will help you to understand this resin better and avoid making some common mistakes.

Epoxy tends to shrink, yellow, harden, dull, and curl over time, but remains popular because of its affordability. It also requires neither humidity controls nor vacuum degassing.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid making with epoxy:request quote from zigpac

  • It is commonly misunderstood that epoxy logo sticker may come off because of the poor adhesives used in making it. This, however, is not often the problem. The real cause is that epoxy resins tend to shrink over time, then they curl and lift off the surface.

Meaning the square clear epoxy logo resin stickers will eventually come off when the epoxy starts shrinking and curling despite the quality of adhesive used.

  • Another mistake to avoid is wrongly measuring your epoxy stickers. Always start small as you can still spread the epoxy evenly later on. Always use a graduated measuring cup when measuring epoxy resin.
  • Some people use dirty or dusty surfaces for their epoxy stickers. This is very wrong as it will not allow the epoxy resin last long. Be sure to clean the image or epoxy logo sticker you intend to place the epoxy on and let it be dry.
  • Poor mixing of the resin could cause a sticker to have a lot of problems. The sticker could get dirty very fast, and it could quickly lose its hardness. Curing problems may also result from mixing up and not understanding the instructions regarding weight and volume.

clear epoxy resin stickers


In summary, epoxy resins are known for their strong adhesive properties, versatility, and durability. Having square clear epoxy logo resin stickers for your business is one of the easiest ways to promote it. You can go as far as giving them out to people in order to create awareness of your product.request quote from zigpac

These stickers are really easy to make if you have the time to do so. You should even be able to make them perfectly after a few tries. Alternatively, you can have them professionally made by Zigpac at a very affordable price.

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