Top 5 Reasons to Use Price Tag Stickers

Many businesses are already making the switch to price tag stickers (know more) in different parts of the world. Are you wondering why these handy business sticker tags/labels are trending? 

You shouldn’t worry yourself too much, we will show you why you need these handy sticker labels. If you are ready, then let’s go on.

What are price tag stickers?

Really, price tag stickers need no introduction. You must have visited a supermarket and seen that the prices are stuck to different items. Basically, they are price tags that can stick.request quote from zigpac

These business sticker tags tell customers the cost of an item. Before now, price tags used to be attached to items with a twist tie. Things have changed, now these handy sticker labels are just placed on items.

Some of these custom stickers online even come with barcodes that need to be scanned before an item is paid for. They have become so popular among businesses these days, one begins to wonder why.

Do you fall into the category of people wondering why these stickers are stealing the market? This post is geared at helping you understand what these stickers bring to the table. We will show you why you should join the bandwagon and make the switch as well.

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Reasons why you should use price tag stickers

In this section, we shall discuss a couple of reasons why you should make use of price tag stickers. Without further ado, let’s see these advantages below:

  • Clear pricingrequest quote from zigpac

It is very important that the prices of your items are very clear. When customers look at the business sticker tags, they know immediately how much an item costs. Clear pricing comes with a lot of advantages for your business.

You can add different costs to make up the final price of your items. Some of these costs include the wholesale price, the energy costs, and the building overhead cost. When you put all of these together it ensures that you enjoy a wide profit margin.

No one runs a business to lose and with these handy sticker labels, you can eliminate losses. The idea is to make sure that the stickers are very attractive, even though they don’t have to be elaborate. Ensure your stickers are bold enough to read for the customers.

If you sell products, then it is a must that you make use of these stickers. 

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  • Price tag stickers embody competitive pricing

When you have price tags on your items, you put your business at a huge advantage. Here’s a simple scenario to explain this.request quote from zigpac

Imagine your business is sited beside another one that sells products similar to yours. While you have stickers on your items to show their prices, the other neglect this step. 

Since your prices are clear to the customer, it gives the impression that your prices are cheaper. Customers are likely to buy from you because they may consider the other business to be costlier. Even if they have their prices on their items, you can take a cue and make yours cheaper.

With cheaper prices, you make your items more competitive. It is very important that your business is competitively priced at all times. This will keep your profits rolling in.

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  • In-store pricing over Online pricing

Almost every business has a store online these days. It is not so difficult to know why just about every person has a smartphone in their hands. With these phones, we have access to every store that runs a business online.request quote from zigpac

This means it is very easy to check how your prices compete with those of other stores. However, when you have a walk-in store you can make use of price tag stickers. You are bound to make a lot of sales through this method.

This is because it is way easier for customers to pay for items in a store when they see the prices. In fact, even if your competitors are online and they have cheaper prices, it doesn’t matter. 

Here’s our advice, make sure that the prices you place on each item tell the value of that item. Include all the overhead costs so that you can enjoy your profits. You should also consider the prices of your competitors, this is very important if you are going to make sales.

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  • Value for money

Every individual has a different perception of value for money. Because of this, it may be quite difficult trying to satisfy someone else’s view. This implies that you must seek a common ground for the satisfaction of all your clients and prospects.handy sticker labels

How do you achieve this? It is quite easy, ensure that your business sticker tags carry very fair prices. Don’t try to raise your prices overboard as this can be a major turnoff for most people.

It is very easy to find out how much an item costs these days so you must be mindful of the prices. Asides the fair prices on the tags, your handy sticker labels also have to be attractive. 

Being attractive goes beyond having a nice design, even though that is also very important. You need to make use of certain words on your tags. Two of these words which customers find very attractive are “offer” and “sale.”

When customers come across these words, they are likely to become attracted. Try using these words for a month and watch how fast your sales will skyrocket. 

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  • The changes in spending patterns

A decade after decade changes is experienced in almost every aspect of human existence. From dressing to food and even spending patterns, change is constant. People are more aware of the value and want value whenever they spend money.price tag stickers

This means that you must provide high-quality products and be sure that your products are not overpriced. If they are, then you can rest assured that customers would go somewhere else. Since you don’t want this to happen you need to use your business sticker tags to encourage sales.


There are so many reasons why you should make use of price tag stickers for your business. You can make these handy sticker labels by yourself or purchase them. Try using them and see the amazing benefits they bring your business. If you have any demand for custom personalized price tag stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.