Top Promotional Gift Ideas to Have

To successfully promote your business, you need quality brand recognition strategies. There are many creative promotional product ideas (know more) you can use to make your brand stand out. With the best-branded gifts, your brand can get the attention it so deserves.

Giving creative promotional products to your clients will capture their interest. The kind of products you give will tell your clients whether you are fun, creative, or innovative. The best-branded gifts are those that will portray what your business is all about.

Here are the top promotional product ideas to have for your business:request quote from zigpac

Top 29 Promotional Product Ideas

Top 6 Promotional Product Ideas

  • Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are practical and fun items to use. You can have them screen printed, heat pressed or embroidered with your company logo. Apart from businesses, you can also use them for events, parties, and sport teams

  • Portable Phone Charger

Clients who are always on the go will appreciate charging docks or portable chargers. When branded, more people will become aware of your brand as they admire these charging docks.

  • Customized Playing Cards

A lot of people play card games. You could customize the back of your playing cards with your company logo and pictures in front. The stylishness of the cards will be admirable and catchy.

  • Toiletry Bag

If your client is someone who travels a lot, you can gift them with a toiletry bag. You can monogram on a nice bag material like leather, waterproof, or canvas. Women, in particular, should be the target of these brands toiletry bags.

  • Calendars

You can create unique company-branded calendars or get someone to design them for you. To be more impressive, you should print the calendar on high-quality paper.

  • Yo-Yo

A branded yo-yo is a creative promotional item that will attract people. It could help start conversations when people come to your booth to watch you do tricks.

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Second 6 Promotional Product Ideas

  • A Succulent or Terrarium Garden

This is a desk accessory that will help to brighten a person’s day. Whenever your clients see this, they will think of the growth both of you can achieve. Since succulent and air plants do not need much maintenance or water, clients will love them.

  • Character Rubber Ducks

You could order for a couple of rubber ducks and brand your company brand on them. These ducks could come in different forms to suit your target audience. Be sure to brand whichever personality you choose for the face of your duck.request quote from zigpac

  • Gourmet Food Basket

Before giving out the personalized gourmet food basket, ask clients about their allergies. Try to get other food options like vegan and gluten-free food. Your food basket can consist of cookies, chocolates, sausages, and cheese logs.

  • Reflective Items

This is another creative set of promotional items with a design that draws attention. Since these reflected materials are mounted on a Velcro, they are quite versatile.

  • Wellness Wristbands

There are wristbands medically proven to stop migraines and headaches. Engraving your company logo on such a wristband will tell clients that you care. There are stylish ones that are aromatherapy-infused to grant relief from different ailments.

  • Key Chains

If you get some key chains branded, you can give them out. Most people need to have their car keys or home keys handy at all times. With beautiful key chains, you can reach out to a lot of clients and get some more.

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Third 6

  • Cup Covers

People need cup covers to protect their drinks from the elements in a clever manner. This is an important giveaway for outdoor events and corporate parties. These covers have a large printable space which you can place logos and addresses on.

  • Collapsible Water Bottle

This versatile item works great as a promotional product for many brands. The collapsible water bottle folds down to fit into small spaces like purses. It can keep you hydrated as you go about your daily tasks.request quote from zigpac

  • Hand Socks

This is a functional keepsake that you can personalize for your product. As a promotional gift, new parents will appreciate cozy sleeves for their little one.

  • Wrist Water Bottles

Wrist water bottles are promotional product ideas that people will like to wear. When you get these wearable water bottles branded, they will be like a billboard for your company.

  • Inverted Umbrella

This remarkable umbrella has a special design that opens and closes in reverse. By so doing, you can contain the wet side of the umbrella and keep it away from you. It is also easy to open this umbrella from inside cars and doorways while staying dry.

The branded umbrella could come equipped with a branded shoulder strap. It makes for a thoughtful promotional item.

  • T-Shirt in a Can

This promotional packaging will go a long way in compelling people to buy your product. You can wrap the entire can with your brand colors, logo, and details. The branded t-shirt can only fit into the steel can when it is compressed in a cylindrical shape.

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Top 6 Promotional Product Ideas

Promotional product ideas such as this one will let customers know how creative you are.

  • Disaster Kits

Disaster kits often come in drawstring bags stuffed with branded items. They include wet wipes, flashlights, first aid kits, blankets, masks, and other items. This is a great giveaway for natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

  • Drones

This is another savvy tech device that clients can operate from their phone. The best-branded gift makes use of easy programming language and is very creative for Tech companies.best branded gifts

  • Headphones

Getting your clients a pair of headphones will go a long way in making them remember you daily. Each time they use these branded headphones, they will think about you in a grateful manner.

  • Straws

These unique, extra bendy promotional straws are suitable marketing tools. Since a lot of people use straws almost every day, they are highly recommended. Once your brand and give out these products, more people will know your brand.

  • Golf Balls and Tees

There are some clients who prefer to conduct their businesses on golf courses. Consider branding these creative promotional products with your company logo. If you run a local business, you can even invite your clients for a round of golf on you with this best-branded gift.

  • K-Cup Coffee Sampler

Clients who use Keurig machines will thank you for this best-branded gift. With each fresh brew of coffee, they will think of your company in a fond manner.

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Final 5 Ideas

  • Security Alarm Charging Cable

We live in a world where we use our mobile phones so much that we need to charge quite often. Hence, a lot of people tend to charge their phones in public places. This means you have to keep an eye on your gadgets else they may get stolen.

To curb this, you could charge your phone with a security alarm charging cable. This simple device is a lifesaver that comes with an adapter and USB cable. When disconnected, it gives an audio alert that is audible enough for you to hear.

Companies can decide to brand this awesome device and give out to their clients. This is a very creative idea for creating awareness of your promotional products.

  • 3-in-1 Stylus Penbest branded gifts

Having a multi-purpose stylus pen can make you stand out in the crowd. This 3-in-1 stylus pen is lightweight and slender. It can transform into a phone stand to hold your phone whether it uses a case or not.

At the top is a twist-action stylus pen. You can brand this remarkable pen with your company colors and logo. They will make great giveaways.

  • Light Up Cups

These unique glasses work in sync with phones. They are usually used for sports teams. Each time a team scores, the fan’s phone will light up.

  • Coffee Table Books

The books you choose should make reference to your client’s personal interests. They could also be about a city, state, country, or even industry that your client comes from. Your clients will be glad to display one of your books in their work environment or on their desk.

  • Phone Screen Cleaners

These easy-to-use phone screen cleaners are great since almost everyone has a phone. Once clients stick them to the back of their phones, other people will notice and admire them. To use one, you peel it off the phone, wipe down your screen, then stick it on your phone again.

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How to Select the Perfect Promotional Product

If you are not sure of the best-branded gifts for your brand, you can consider the following tips:


  • Try not to overdo it:

Your client should not get gifts that cost more than they spend on your products or services. This is overdoing it and will lead to losses.best branded gifts


  • Personalize your items:

Try to know who you are giving your promotional items out to. Creative promotional products that are meaningful to ‘Mr. A’ may not mean anything to ‘Mr. B’. Consider your client’s hobbies and likes, then gift them with items they can make use of.


  • Do not give out gifts only during holidays:

Gifts should not only be for holiday seasons. You can send out gifts whenever you come up with promotional product ideas. This will tell them you care about them and their business at every time of the year.


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