Top Xmas Gifts for Stationery Addicts

Finding a stationery Christmas gift for your loved ones who are stationery addicts can be a huge challenge. Sending out gifts for Christmas is very important but sending out the right gifts is more important.

A Xmas notebook gift may seem weird but when you send one to a notebook (know more) lover, that person would be glad. In this post, we will take a look at the different stationery gifts you can send out this Christmas.

Gift Suggestions for your Stationery Addicts this Christmas

It is not strange to find people seeking for ideas regarding what gift items they can send out at Christmas. Christmas is regarded as the most anticipated holiday of the year worldwide. One of the universal Christmas traditions is sharing gifts, what’s Christmas without gifts?xmas notebook gift

If you have stationery addicts as loved ones, then you know that making up your list is more challenging. You have to seek out the perfect stationery Christmas gift depending on individual preferences.

Finding a Xmas notebook gift may take a while which will slow down sending out all your gifts for Christmas. The question that begs to be answered remains, what are your best options?

stationery christmas gifts


Most stationery addicts naturally love to be organized, especially those who work with routines. Take a close look at the individuals you plan to send this gift to. You will notice that they have daily to-do lists or some measures to keep them organized throughout the day.

Handing them this organizer makes their life easier as they will simply fill in details about their daily activities. The selling point of this organizer is its cuteness and durability. It is definitely a great gift to hand out this Christmas.

stationery christmas gifts

Magnetic keyring holder

Are you wondering how a keyring will make sense to a stationery addict? It is simple, keyrings are one of the best ways to ensure that our keys are organized. Like we stated earlier, it is difficult to find a stationery lover who does not like to be organized.

The magnet in this keyring makes it more likable. It can be placed on any metal surface but most people prefer the door of the fridge. One of the reasons we recommend this key from Trendebut is how durable it is.xmas notebook gift

The keyring can hold up to 30 keys at the same time. It is a great option when you have to keep a spare key to be picked up by someone else.

Here’s another reason why a stationery addict will love this gift. The keyring can be used as a makeshift holder for paperclips. It has a very strong magnet and a fourteen-day return policy if you don’t like the item.

This is one stationery Christmas gift your stationery addict would fall in love with.

stationery christmas gifts

Cute planner stickers

Many people find it difficult to plan each day. This is why these planner stickers were invented in the first place, to ease the stress of planning. The good thing about these stickers is that you can customize them.

Once you do, they have become the perfect stationery gifts for Christmas. When you get stickers from Zigpac, you are sure that they of the highest quality possible. The printing process is also top-notch so that the stickers are durable and serve the purpose.

If the stickers are not printed on premium quality materials or the printer quality is poor, the stickers don’t last. All of these were considered in the printing of these cute stickers that help in planning.

stationery christmas gifts

They might not be a Xmas notebook gift but they sure have their advantages. So you can trust the stickers, here is a breakdown of how they are made:request quote from zigpac

Step 1: Adhesive vinyl is put into a latex printer

The process is self-explanatory as it involves putting top-quality adhesive vinyl material into the printer. Though this process is not cumbersome, it requires a lot of precision as efficiency is important.

Measuring the material before placing it into the machine is important. It is advised that the two sides of the material touch the two extremes edges of the latex printer. There is a tendency for each side to shift from movement.

Step 2: Many stickers are printed simultaneously

This is necessary to ensure speed as many orders come in at about the same time. There are two advantages to this process:

  • It saves time so multiple customers can receive their orders at almost the same time.
  • It saves money and maximizes materials. Instead of a client paying for bulk materials when only a few stickers are needed, the costs can be shared.

Step 3: Cutting the stickers

This is after the printing has been done. It is necessary so that loading the plotter can be easier. The stickers have to be left to dry for between one and two days.

xmas notebook gift

Step 4: Loading the plotters

The plotter cuts the stickers into the appropriate shapes and sizes. This process requires loading the plotter with the dried stickers.xmas notebook gift

Step 5: Cutting stickers to standard shapes

This is the final stage where the plotter completes the cutting of the stickers to custom or standard shapes.


We cannot complete our discussion about gifts for Christmas for stationery addicts with mentioning notebooks. A notebook is the ideal stationery Christmas gift for any lover of stationery.request quote from zigpac

There are so many types of notebooks. But we think the best thing to do is present a custom Xmas notebook gift.

Choosing your notebooks will depend on several factors. The first of these is the size which is a function of what will be written and who is writing. Another factor is the type of binding used which is mostly a function of the size of the book.

Finally, you should decide on the cover how you want to equip the cover. The options include elastic straps, snaps, zippers, and magnetic buckles.

stationery christmas gifts


Even though finding a stationery Christmas gift may be challenging, our list above must have helped to narrow your options. A Xmas notebook gift is a wonderful option while you can choose from the other numerous gifts for Christmas. Did we leave anything out? Share them with us in the comments section. If you have any demand for custom cheap printed notebooks, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.xmas notebook gift