Types of Promotional Bag Fabrics

Reusable bags (know more) are gradually taking over the world of business promotion. This means you need to know how to choose your promotional bag fabric. Plastic promotional bags can do wonders for your business image. In this post, you will learn how to choose branded bag fabric and a few other important tips about these bags.request quote from zigpac

Choosing the right fabric for your promotional bags

There are so many things to consider when you plan to design plastic promotional bags. One of the major factors in choosing promotional bag fabric. Many business owners get it wrong when it comes to choosing fabrics.

You cannot really blame anyone considering the fact that there are so many types of fabric out there. The fabrics can either be natural or synthetic. Natural fabrics include cotton and jute while synthetic include woven and non-woven PP. 

So what should you consider when choosing branded bag fabric? There are four key factors and they are discussed in the next few paragraphs.

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  • Brand values

What values does your brand represent? If you don’t have this decision from the onset, then you shouldn’t even be talking about branding. Are you targeted at the young folks or are your products more inclined to the aged?request quote from zigpac

The kind of creativity, color combination, and message on your retailer’s shopping bags will be determined by your brand values. If your business is geared towards the aged, for example, you can’t have too many colors on your bags.

Colorful bags will appeal more to children and youth. Another aspect of brand values you should consider is the green movement. Are you in support of this movement or not? Your promotional bag fabric will determine this.

Let’s share a little secret with you. Many people are beginning to see why they should be more careful with the environment. As a result, they are more drawn to a business that shows that they care about the environment.

You are likely to improve patronage numbers by showing this off as one of your values on your reusable bags. In this case, you will be looking at using natural materials in producing your bags.

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  • Purpose and function of the promotional bag determines the fabric

This is another important factor to watch out for when choosing a fabric to design plastic promotional bags. You need to figure out who will be using this bag and what it will be used for. Without this information, you cannot easily figure out what promotional bag fabric you need. request quote from zigpac

Of course, this is not the aim of your promotion. This factor requires a bit of tact and subtlety since you cannot start asking your clients one after the other. You will have to make intelligent guesses based on the kind of products and services you provide.

Some of the key questions to guide your guesses are:

  • Do you sell items that require a waterproof bag? If you do, then your reusable bag has to satisfy this need, it has to be waterproof.
  • Are your clients going to need a bag for bulk items? If your answer is yes, then you need a fabric that is sturdy and durable. This will also work if you sell sharp items.
  • Would the bags be used for documents and leaflets? These items are not bulky or sharp so they do not require so much investment in durable material.
  • Are children the major users of your bags? If your answer is yes, then it means you need a bag that is machine washable and dryable. Children can be really playful so you expect the bags to get dirty often. The fabric you need for this is one that can wash and dry easily in a machine.

From the above question, it is evident that you can streamline your choices very easily regarding branded bag fabric. Focusing on the need of your clients, in relation to your business, is the key to making these guesses. 

You will be able to choose easily between natural fabrics or artificial fabrics based on the answers you provide for your promotional bag. If you feel you cannot answer the questions on your own, you can discuss it with your team. It is always better so you can come up with viable solutions to make your promotion get efficient results.

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  • Price

We cannot discuss the factors to look out for when choosing any item without mentioning the price. Pricing is always an important determining factor in any project. In the case of choosing a fabric to design plastic promotional bags, you need to know what fabric you need first.

When you have decided on the fabric, then you can now work on the price to suit your budget. Most times, the same promotional bag fabric might vary in cost across vendors. If one vendor doesn’t suit your budget, you can get another vendor.

On the other hand, you can switch fabrics if you feel the one you chose is too pricey. Even though the price is important, note that it may not be the ultimate determinant when you consider the long term gain.

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  • Design of the promotional bag should determine the fabric

This is the final straw that breaks the camel’s back, the final piece to complete your puzzle. As you prepare to get promotional branded bag fabric, you need to be decisive and intentional about your artwork. Just like we mentioned earlier, your artwork must be related to your brand and values.request quote from zigpac

In this section, we would focus more on the finishing of the design branded bags. There are a couple of printing methods, each one works better for a certain type of fabric. Therefore, the fabric you choose is determined by the print finish you want.

Screen printing is great for jute, cotton, and non-woven PP. It helps you to present the most detailed kinds of designs. Heat transfer is best for top-notch photo quality and it is great for the same bags mentioned above.

The final method is the full-color print which is great for both non-woven and woven bags. it presents detail for both graphic and digital artwork.

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Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

There is a lot to consider when you want to choose your promotional bag fabric. We have shared a few tips about choosing your fabric for plastic promotional bags. The tips we shared above should help in choosing your branded bag fabric. If you have any demand for the custom promotional bags, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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