Why Big Corporates Use Stickers in Their Marketing

Corporate sticker marketing is becoming more and more popular these days. You are probably wondering why big companies use brand marketing stickers

Stickers (know more) have been used for promotional purposes for a couple of centuries. Over this period, we have seen them evolve into powerful marketing tools. We will discuss a few advantages custom business stickers bring to the table in this post. 

Why do big companies make use of stickers?

This is a question that most business owners will love to get an answer to. You probably have a competitor that makes use of brand marketing stickers and you are wondering why. Why not television, billboards, handbills, or even the internet?

Why does it have to be corporate sticker marketing? The truth is that there is so much that a business can achieve using custom business stickers. Let’s check out why these companies use company logo stickers below.

corporate sticker marketing

Stickers give a business a unique identity

Since the invention of the internet, it has gradually knocked out many other forms of marketing. However, it seems not to be able to take the place of stickers even though is a highly effective strategy. 

One of the reasons why is finding it difficult to usurp stickers is the crowd using the internet. You see so many ads online, you almost don’t look at their contents anymore. That’s how crowded the space is.

Promotional product marketing stickers present you an option to be unique. The offline space is not as crowded and with stickers, it is easy to take advantage. 

corporate sticker marketing

People have an affinity for stickers

Is it strange that people just have an affinity for stickers? There are so many reasons why people like stickers so much. One of such reasons is the inner child within that is drawn to play at the slightest opportunity.

In a way, these stickers appeal to us like our childhood toys or favorite cartoons. Asides this, some of the users see business logo stickers as an opportunity to make a statement or support a cause. 

Whether you find the reason or not, nothing disputes the fact that people have an affinity for stickers. Your duty as a business owner is to ensure that your stickers capture the needs of your market and are attractive.

Meet these criteria and you are sure that people will place your stickers on their different belongings.

corporate sticker marketing

Play a similar role to vocal referrals

One of the best ways to attract people to your business is through vocal referrals. People find it easy to believe others with respect to consumer experience. This means that you are likely to patronize a company if you get a positive review from someone you know.

Applying a promotional sticker works in just about the same manner. When a person uses a sticker on any of their belongings, what they are saying is “I endorse this brand.” The more people see this, the more they want to find out about the brand.

This is the potency of corporate sticker marketing. Big companies understand this and that is why they cannot stop producing custom business stickers

custom business stickers

They make life easy for your loyalists

Each brand has a set of customers that are extremely loyal no matter the consequences or constraints. You have yours and they will always be open to talking about your brand to their loved ones. These people contribute a major quota to the growth of your business so you should appreciate them.

Most times, these people may not begin a conversation to talk about your business except when asked. However, with your brand marketing stickers in their hands, life becomes easy. They simply apply the stickers on their belongings and carry them about. You could refer to these people as mobile billboards and you won’t be wrong. 

This is one of the most powerful methods of using stickers. You don’t have to compel the customers because they don’t even know they are marketing your brand.

custom business stickers

Stickers have become more sophisticated

Once upon a time, the only stickers we knew were rectangle-shaped and large-size in nature. At that time, they were only used on car bumpers for political purposes.

Today, there are custom business stickers of all shapes, sizes, and colors. This is one of the reasons why many companies engage in corporate sticker marketing. They know that they can use these stickers to do just about anything.

The fact that you can design your brand marketing stickers as you please makes them more lovable.

custom business stickers


When you compare stickers to other advertising and promotional mediums, it is evident that they are cost-effective. Firstly, the cost of investing in stickers is far more reasonable than other advertising media.

Then the way people perceive stickers, prospects and customers alike, adds more value to them. When a person receives a sticker, instead of seeing it as a tool of marketing, they see it as a gift. Because of this, they warm up to the sticker and use it to promote the giver’s business willingly.

In fact, some people hand out the stickers they receive as gifts or the items on which they placed the stickers. What this implies for the business are more impressions which may become conversions in the end. Overall, stickers act as the perfect reminder to patronize your business all through the year.

corporate sticker marketing

They make other advertising campaigns look good

Stickers have the power to make other advertising campaigns look better than they originally are. You can attach a sticker to any other publicity campaign you are running as an incentive. Like we stated earlier, stickers are perceived more as gifts than tools of advertisement.

While being non-intrusive, stickers are able to enhance the effects of other marketing strategies. This way, it makes your overall marketing campaign look sharper and more efficient. The secret to getting the best from stickers is creativity and quality.


Corporate sticker marketing has come to stay as it has proven to be very efficient with building brands. The possibilities with brand marketing stickers are endless if you can channel them well. What else do you know about custom business stickers? If you have any demand for custom stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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